S.T.A.R. Philosophy

This section of the website is dedicated to those many people across the planet who are living the S.T.A.R. philosophy. It is their stories, in their words, telling how they are having everyday experiences in a state of grace.

S.T.A.R. : When one aligns with the will and love of the divine Creator

SURRENDER to the tranquility of knowing human divinity
TRUST in wholeness to express
ALLOW human divinity to evolve
RECEIVE with appreciation and gratitude

The Essential Qualities of the S.T.A.R. philosophy

WHOLENESS (human divinity)
PLAY (the now moment)
EMBODIMENT OF THE EXPANDED GOLDEN RULE (do unto all creation as you would have all of creation do unto you)

PHILOSOPHY: The activity through which we see creation through the eyes of the Creator.

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Collection of Stories from the
S.T.A.R. Seeds of the Month

Patti Finley
Ontario, Canada

“Only by working together can we achieve success – together.

PattiAs a teacher, I have regularly witnessed some students who didn’t achieve what they had hoped, become visibly upset, look downcast and become critical and judgmental of themselves. As a result of this witnessed behavior, students have regularly been taught to refrain from considering themselves a failure if they lacked strengths in some areas, as we all have strengths and weaknesses. Despite my efforts, some student’s behaviour did not change. It left me wondering what else could be done to help these students see themselves in a different light.

Recently while reading the co-authored book entitled S.T.A.R. Philosophy Fascinated Observers Guide by Kristy Sweetland and Nina Brown, I realized that the idea of becoming a fascinated observer might be just what my grade 5 students needed. So during one of our character building lessons, I introduced them to the idea of what it would be like to become a “fascinated observer” not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of our lives. Great discussion ensued!

We discussed that we all have weaknesses, but the challenge is not to judge or criticize ourselves for these weaknesses. Instead, we can observe where we currently are at, accept it, as we cannot change what has already happened, reflect on what we need to do to improve and then put those strategies into action. This has given my students confidence to risk where they may have been afraid to before, because now they have a healthier perspective on the meaning of lack of success. We realize this is only a beginning, but we are moving ahead with baby steps, enjoying this new found path we have recently embarked on!

Walter Reifslager
Santa Fe, New Mexico


WalterinJackson-croppedNina has kindly invited me to offer a few ideas on the topic of community for this S.T.A.R. forum. Many know Nina as a human lighthouse of inspiration and connectivity. Beyond her earthly identity, this great one has long ago mastered high-level galactic diplomacy. She knows “worlds” about community of many scales and octaves. And as is her way, she lovingly encourages all to play in illuminating ideas worth remembering.

A natural law. As with the S.T.A.R. principle, Community is a fundamental law in Creation. Community can be understood as conscious and unconscious participation in aligned group relationships. Community is core to our life experience, beginning with each of our many soul families spanning universes and intimately connected to our most primordial identity.

Before each incarnation we choose a physical family, and then on first breath here our human being joins the vast planetary community we call mankind. Life after human life, we have grown into and out of countless communities: families, sets of friends, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, cities, political, religious and even sports affiliations, state and national citizenship, and more.

We each exist simultaneously as a cell in many different nested and overlapping community organisms. Naturally, participation in these group realities deeply influences our interpretation of life and our sense of self. For many, associated group consciousnesses may virtually define a personal identity. Such communal existence is natural in all cellular organisms, small and great.

So we find each community to be an organic being whose actions and subtle fields profoundly affect its cells. Community helps deliver, amplify and transmute personal karmas, and by cosmic laws community can ultimately help deliver the wholeness we seek. Each community in Creation has an organizing orientation or purpose, with some of course being more personally evolutionary and life-supporting than others. More on this point in a moment.

Community soups. We are more or less conscious of societal events around us, and these overt tribal goings on help shape and give meaning to our individual identities. But there are even more powerful community influences than the surface activity we notice. Every moment of every day and night, we are each immersed in pervasive fields of collective consciousness, to which our personal energy fields attune, respond and react.

Each community organism of which we are a part generates its own pulsing mix of shared frequencies. Waking or sleeping, our awareness is awash in powerful layers of community consciousness we may not know are resonating within us. Invisible, penetrating fields of community frequencies continually influence us. These include cultural codes, common values, consensual feelings, and deeply held group dogmas and other beliefs. In fact, such shared subtle fields impact us more directly than events we actually take note of.

Here in Earth’s dense dimensional bandwidth alone, we all evolve in countless rich soups of shared human realities spun and stirred by countless community organisms. And beyond this local world are our own often forgotten cosmic communities. These less earthbound associations continue to profoundly influence the experiences of both our human and higher identities.

Conscious community. For many awakening beings on Earth today, the idea of community connotes intentional, spiritual community. There is an innate impulse to awaken together. We seek service, camaraderie, support, validation, strength in numbers. We seek the unity we know can be found in community. Whether or not our spiritual community experiences have yet delivered what we think we want – spiritual community does offer a rich, concentrated way to grow and learn.

The last forty plus years of daily spiritual practice, learning and remembering has given my family the opportunity to help establish a number of consciousness-based communities, including in the Texas hill country, the corn fields of the midwest, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Gratifying? For sure. Instructive? You bet. Harmonious and fun? Much of the time. The realization of higher intentions? Well, we might celebrate, “Glasses half full.”

For me these days, enjoying the fruits of community lessons learned means seeking deeper alignments with others. It means co-creating more open spiritual community environments – places not necessarily defined by shared practice or dogma. Up next are life-supporting communities to be birthed in Santa Fe, Maui and Southern California, places supportive of those awakening in their own ways to their own divine identities.

So many are here now to serve. True service requires an awakened consciousness. And spiritual community offers a golden opportunity for both service and awakening, for modeling in small ways a new civilization that can emerge in the grace of this glorious planetary being.

Community and S.T.A.R. Conscious community operates by inherent natural laws, including S.T.A.R. principles. These laws of community virtually guarantee us an accelerated and amplified human experience which can support awakened service. Granted, growth in community rarely yields what we imagined or expected – but growth is undeniably accelerated and amplified. And the opportunity for fulfillment is always there.

S.T.A.R. principles ensure that community participation will allow us to receive enhanced evolution through the surrender, trust and allowing inherent in group evolution. However, what benefit or other result we receive in each community experience is determined by at least two things. What do we choose to surrender to, to trust, and to allow? And perhaps even more important, how consciously do we surrender, trust and allow?

First, the what. Most deeply, we each desire to transcend our illusory human separation and regain the experience of cosmic unity. This truth illuminates what our highest self intends us to receive in each life and through each community participation. In light of this universal goal, ideally we should first surrender to and trust in the compass of our own inner divinity – even when navigating an outer group dynamic.

But do most community members instead find themselves surrendering to a set of dogmatic beliefs, beliefs validated and sanctioned by the community’s cultural code? Do they often entrust their own spiritual sovereignty to others by letting group mind do their thinking for them? Do they allow peers or leaders to dictate important life choices? If so, what is received may be quite a mixed experience in the karmic accelerator known as community.

Even more fundamentally, the how. How conscious are we in metabolizing the energies of the core and extended communities of which we are members? When we operate in a lazy or semiconscious way in spiritual and other communities, perhaps from simple fatigue, habit or spiritual laziness, we miss the chance to receive remarkable gifts of shared awakening. When semiconscious, we are deeply influenced by the group field, but less constructively. The toxicity of the collective unconscious becomes our own emotional fog.

Conscious participation in community is one of the greatest opportunities in the cosmic play, and certainly on this planet. This means consciously surrendering – through our own self-referral higher awareness – to highest group purpose and wisdom. It means deeply trusting our own higher discernment in navigating group dynamics. It means allowing higher outcomes to transcend our pre-conceptions in communal life. Now we receive, in this bold and loving way, the synergy of group dharma… rather than merely the intense mixed bag of group karma. So in the choices we make in conscious living, the “intentional” in intentional community is renewed again and again.

S.T.A.R. laws apply whether we are awake or asleep at the wheel here in Earth’s high-traffic freeway system. Billions of souls have now “opted in” for this cosmic rush hour, and during rush hour especially, awake is better! Conscious attention to our own community experiences, including in our choices of surrender, trust and allowing, means we receive what we intended – smooth, fast progress on the drive home.

Higher community. With awakening consciousness, we also begin to open to our own multidimensional communities beyond our merely human collectives. We have some memories of our soul families, perhaps the deepest communal frameworks of our individual and shared experience of Creation. Soul family is a primordial, expansive, yet intimate community. It profoundly uplifts and enriches our human and other journeys within relative Creation.

Nested between our cosmic soul and human identities, between our soul family tree and the family of man, are myriad other permutations of our individual natures playing in countless cosmic communities. In the multi-dimensional Creation we manifest, community is infinitely complex and rich. Even in higher and distant realms, community is the name of the game. Each of these is a community reality: our archangelic physiology of divine administration, our membership as cells in the physiologies of solar and galactic beings, and our simultaneous incarnations in elevated star civilizations and more refined heavens.

One near and dear community is worth remembering again and again, especially in this rare moment in our local cosmos. The physiology of Mother Earth is Herself a sentient, enlightened communal organism. Each human vehicle is a literal cell in Her sentient totality. Her cosmic purpose and orientation is completely aligned with the individual awakening of all of Her cells, including our human bodies occupied by our cosmic souls.

So we surrender to Mother Earth’s divine wholeness, we trust Her loving embrace of each human cell, and we allow Her cosmic frequencies to fuel us and Her cosmic intelligence to guide us. We turn to direct communion with Her totality, rather than mere unconscious assimilation of the collective unconscious of the struggling human communities who are Her parts rather than Her whole. Through Her divine wholeness, we sojourners receive our birthright of mastery, of loving service and awakening in a human body.

So let us enjoy supporting one another in the communal fun of awakening, yet again. Let us joyfully receive the sweet blessings of conscious service to the community known as Creation, by continually surrendering to, trusting and allowing the play of our own divine wholeness.

James McMath
Santa Fe, New Mexico

jake1 (2)Note from Nina: In S.T.A.R. Philosophy, in the section Authors Statement to the Universe, I share that S.T.A.R. is organic and will morph in fascinating ways as others play with the philosophy. James McMath has done just that in this article, as he expands on my definition of S.T.A.R.: Seeing creation through the eyes of the Creator.

 Green Star Banks

“In order to change an existing paradigm,
you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.
You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller



The impending paradigm shift that many of us often refer to is essentially about how we perceive our environment. The old worldview, for the most part, perceives nature as hostile and as a force that needs to be tamed and harnessed. Hence, we have been using our scientific knowhow and ingenuity to discover how to best control and subjugate nature to best suit our material needs.

But, as the environmental impacts of our scientific resourcefulness has gotten more and more sophisticated, we are discovering that nature is actually quite complex and that everything in our fragile ecosystems operate in a synergistic and interconnected manner – essentially functioning as a single living organism! Every piece in this interlinking ecological puzzle is therefore of intrinsic value and serves a crucial role for maintaining the health and viability of the whole. Hence, we are steadily shifting away from a suppressive, dominance worldview and incrementally moving towards an interactive partnership paradigm that values the uniqueness and essentiality of all life forms!

In economic terms, a quantum shift is taking place, as we begin to honor Earth as Source rather than as a resource, as a Community rather than as a commodity, and as a Miracle rather than as a market! And from this new holistic worldview, it is submitted that we are about to create a new biodynamic economy that is far more prosperous and healthy for ALL of our earth family! And where would be the best place for this green renaissance to start? In our banking and lending institutions – by learning how to sustainably invest our monetary resources towards eco-friendly, proactive outcomes!


Our new company, Pristina Natural, (http://www.drinkpristinawater.com/) is specifically designed to accelerate the pace of paradigm shift by introducing nature-based regenerative technologies that innovatively employ the earliest progenitors of life: water and probiotics. Our planet is over 4.5 billion years old. Crystalline water and beneficial microbes date back over four billion years. The earliest complex organisms, plants and animals, emerged less than one billion years ago. Without crystalline water and beneficial probiotics, virtually no life form could functionally survive! All living organisms are comprised of over two-thirds water, and within every host cell there are multiple colonies of beneficial microscopic organisms. These truly are the fundamental sustainers of life!

Pristina Natural submits that once these new organic sciences begin to demonstrate highly advanced levels of environmental homeostasis and proficiency, then new accelerated levels of productivity and prosperity will decisively demonstrate that sustainability is the eco“logical” way to go! These regenerative approaches will not only be good for all organisms on the planet, but they will also prove to be far more profitable than the conventional suppressive modes. In summation, working in alliance and partnership with nature will ultimately create a profoundly new definition for “prosperity”, not just for a few, but for ALL OF LIFE!

When Sabine and I first started Pristina Natural, we realized that we were encroaching upon a whole new way of doing business through, if you will, “quantum prosperity”. We realized that our new company would be one of a multiplicity of new innovative green enterprises. And once our burgeoning business began to take root, in what banks would we place our steadily-increasing revenues? The last thing that we wanted was for our financial resources to be reinvested in “old paradigm” ventures that were contributing to the degradation of the planet, rather than promoting its health and viability. Then we realized that we were sitting on the fundamental progenitors of life that could feasibly create hundreds, if not thousands, of new green enterprises. Once our revenues were high enough, then why not create our own paradigm-shifting banks? Hence, we came up with the name Green Star Banks.


These new paradigm-shifting banks would be based on the fundamental successes of non-profit credit unions and consumer advocacy organizations. First of all, credit unions are primarily owned by the depositors and are operated in a manner that reinvests its revenues back into the local economies. The depositor’s dollar is thus invested locally and it stays local! The next question arises as to HOW would these local dollars be reinvested?

Consumer-advocacy groups are continuously testing and rating the overall quality and longevity of various consumer products and services. Local banks primarily provide loans for homes, automobiles, and local businesses. So why not provide loan incentives for green products and trades that are qualitatively designed and implemented? Based on these sustainability standards, the depositor would know that his or her hard-earned dollars were going towards building the local economy and creating jobs that are based on green, proactive standards that help to insure the health and viability of current and future generations!

We wanted to include the acronym “S.T.A.R.” in the company name, so we devised a rating system based on a 5-Star standard – with 5 being the highest rating and 0 being the lowest. For example, a set of quality standards would be devised for automobiles using rating systems employed by programs such as Consumer Reports, JD Powers, and Edmunds, with a cumulative point standard being applied to various vehicle categories. One model may receive an overall average of 3.46 stars, while another model in a similar category may receive 4.17 stars. In this review system, a vehicle receiving less than 2.50 stars would simply not qualify for receiving a loan from the Green Star Bank. Whereas, the higher the star rating of a vehicle, the better the loan terms and percentage points would be offered to the buyer. This rating system would not only provide incentives for the customer to seek out the highest quality vehicle, but it would also foster incentives on the part of the auto manufacturer to pursue the highest qualitative standards in the design and production of the vehicle. Similar loan rating systems would be employed for other consumer products, homes, and businesses as well.

In order to keep the depositor dollars local, the Green Star Banks would also only offer loans to buyers who live within a certain distance radius of the community wherein the bank is located – for example, within a hundred mile radius. The Green Star Banks would also operate like the non-profit credit unions, wherein the depositors are the primary owners of the bank, elect the executors of the bank, and are the recipients of the dividends recirculated back into the local economy for community-based job creation. Respectively, the local banks would elect their regional directors, and the regional directors would in-turn elect the national directors, and the national directors would ultimately elect the international banking parliament. In the end, the banking company is a grassroots organization that is democratically owned and operated by the depositors with an underscoring company imperative to promote community-wide prosperity based on ecologically sustainable principles and practices.

This is just one example, among many, of how human awareness is collectively shifting our institutions away from the suppressive, dominance paradigm and steadily moving us towards sustainable homeostasis and quantum prosperity FOR ALL! The pivotal and sometimes foreboding challenges of our time warrant new levels of creative solutions and innovative resourcefulness far beyond any other point in history. What a wondrous and transcendental time that we all live in! As the angelic messengers best expressed it, “PEACE ON EARTH, AND GOODWILL TO ALL!”

René Fugitt
Manistee, Michigan

IMG_4427_0050“Wisdom is knowledge or information that has no emotional charge and has been accepted as personal truth, which allows us to align our will with the will of our creator “ from S.T.A.R. Philosophy by Nina Brown (page 16).

After reading S.T.A.R Philosophy and practicing its principles I naturally began asking myself a myriad of questions. By embracing STAR philosophy with friends and family we are naturally being in Oneness in this journey of expansion. For those of you that have embraced S.T.A.R. wisdom do you feel it is viable to create new ways for teaching and learning using S.T.A.R. philosophy in schools? Is it possible that fostering S.T.A.R. classrooms could inspire new ways of communicating through the heart where relationships between and among one another could prosper in new ways and grow? What if parents and teachers embraced S.T.A.R. philosophy as a covenant to bring forth peace and harmony within our schools? What flavor would S.T.A.R. take on as our children begin to explore and embrace being a S.T.A.R. child. A philosophy does not constrain but rather fosters continual growth and expansion of pure loves presence within all of us.

Is it important to have this conversation with principals, teachers, parents? Is it more feasible to begin this conversation with our families?

People and communities are in relationships in a variety of ways. Could practicing S.T.A.R. philosophy be an impetus for building communities of light focusing on our divinity. If so, this would naturally increase the vibrational reality of all! The New Earth beacons us to create together. The power of “with” is when love flows forth through one heart connecting with another becoming One heart; God’s heart the heart of creation is Ahkala.

As we embrace living in the now state of being, we are naturally moving beyond fixed structures. As I began to envision using S.T.A.R. philosophy with our children and in schools I felt an overwhelming loving peaceful presence. We have creatively worked with S.T.A.R. philosophy within our daily lives. During this process we are nurturing and expanding the field of all possibilities. There is now present a power point of light emanating from S.T.A.R.. It is focused enlightenment that is holding the space of creation to expand and extend love. The power of this phenomenon is felt and known deeply.

With deep abiding love and gratitude,
My heart to your heart…Ahkala

Pradeep Vijay
Melbourne, Australia

 S*T*A*R* Company: A Business in Alignment with Creation

Traditionally, the word business has been primarily associated with the idea of making profits, creating wealth etc. Most of the existing business models on planet earth are self-serving and focus on growth by exploiting resources and taking advantage of Mother Nature. The new earth needs a new business model which is aligned with the S*T*A*R* philosophy. Business has to be seen as a means of creating freshness, sustainability, love and compassion towards all living beings and finally as a tool to give back to existence in a state of thankfulness. An example might be to incorporate a principle like one third of the profits should be kept aside for social responsibility and taking care of our fellow beings in creative ways, this principle by default sets in motion profitability.

The very idea of starting a company or a business has to come from a state of surrender, which means you surrender your limited vision and perspective to your human divinity, for it to open up unlimited, beautiful and expanded visions. The intent of starting a company or business is to prosper and serve in a state of prosperity.

Once surrendered, the vision to serve and to be in alignment with All of Creation becomes crystal clear and business ideas get generated from the field of all possibilities. Trusting the vision and ideas created plays an important role. The ideas and the vision, on which the business will be started, might look non-traditional. Trust in one’s innate knowing is the driving force. To do something which is not given by society or the so-called business experts might be really challenging to begin with. But the magic happens when you trust your sovereign self and your visions and ideas in a state of surrender.

Allowing the magic to manifest is to be patient and to accept the process. It takes time and effort before the profits can be seen in any business. During the business cycle, instead of focusing on money as a single point agenda, money should be seen as one of the many ingredients. Here by being patient and allowing the vision to manifest means the emphasis is on every single entity involved in the business and going with the flow of each experience. As the intent of the business is to serve in prosperity, the manifestation of the business will be in prosperity.

This kind of a business model, where you start your business by surrendering your limitedness to gain access to unlimitedness, trusting the process, allowing things to manifest with ease and grace results in the magic. The magic will be very unique and the outcome will have the energy signatures of surrender, trust and allowing. Naturally, receiving the profits and fruits of the business will create thankfulness and gratitude towards All of Creation because you realize you are aligned in Oneness with All That Is.

Gary Cone
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

During the lead time preceding the much anticipated December 21, 2012, I was very involved in Mayan Studies, Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Agents for Conscious Evolution training, hosting a local Birth 2012 group culminating with a Birth 2012 Celebration complete with live streaming of the world wide celebration. Bob and Noel, Barbara’s traveling ambassadors for Birth 2012 across the country, at my invitation made a stop in Oklahoma City.  We had a wonderful community gathering promoting awareness and celebration of the birth of the New Human. It was all so exciting.

Then the lights went out, the celebration was over, and a feeling of emptiness ensued that knocked the wind out of my sails. The question in my mind was, “What now?”During that inspirational time, I expanded my private practice to include other healing practitioners fulfilling my ten year dream of establishing a Holistic Healing Center. I invited five other healers to join me, and they all accepted. It just seemed so perfect and divinely guided.They were a part of the 2012 Celebration. It was great fun. We were on our way! In March of 2013, we had a fire in the mechanical room of our building. Smoke permeated the 80,000 sq. foot office complex, the HVAC and electrical infrastructure was decimated. We were not allowed back in the building except to retrieve necessary files or sensitive documents. It looked like a war zone and the smell of smoke permeated everything.

We could not begin operation again for another week. The building was on life support for the next eight months, and my business plummeted along with the limping structure. I had signed a three year lease on a large space to house the expanded Center. By June, one of the practitioners left me with the burden of the remaining lease. It was a low point for me. My dream was crumbling down around my head, and by the following October two other practitioners left. I felt abandoned by the Universe. I felt sure this was the path I had been led to follow, and it was not unfolding the way I had envisioned.

In an attempt to reconnect, to recover, to find some direction, I enrolled in a class given by James O’Dea, Cultivating Peace. It proved to be a wonderful experience, but still I felt an emptiness that needed to be filled. I joined an international group via Google Hangouts, focused on techniques and technologies intended to raise the consciousness of those on the planet. It was a  wonderful group and personal experience for me. It was during one of our weekly meetings that Marleen Konig, September’s S.T.A.R. Seed, introduced us to the S.T.A.R. philosophy. I immediately ordered the book and upon its much anticipated arrival began to read and absorb the S.T.A.R. philosophy. It was exactly what I needed. The S.T.A.R. philosophy was simple, but as Nina says, “not easy.” Creating time each morning to read “Be The Love” out loud followed by meditation with the four pillars was necessary for me in remembering what had always been True.The results were magical. The once empty place within was filled with the knowledge of my divine human birthright and the connection to Source was reestablished. The experiences over the previous year were clearly valuable and obviously necessary stepping stones to and preparation for S.T.A.R.: surrendering to my wholeness, trusting in that wholeness to express perfectly, allowing the unfoldment without investment in the outcome, and opening to receive as Nina says, “the imagined and chosen potential with the passion of gratitude and appreciation.” It was the technology for living fully I needed to remember.I have been able to negotiate with my office complex to downsize my space and lease agreement to accommodate my singular private practice. I was invited to provide mental health services for a large restaurant group. I feel revitalized, and I am loving sharing S.T.A.R. Philosophy with my clients and others when the opportunity arises.

With the practice of the S.T.A.R. philosophy, I am more able to stay present to each moment fascinated by what will “show up” next.

Dr. Sam Berne
Tesuque, New Mexico


Seeing Eye To Eye With The Dolphins

Recently I used the S.T.A.R. philosophy on the way to Hawaii to lead my yearly Wellness Retreat-Dolphin Swim. A few days before the event, my friend who lives in Hawaii sent me a text: “In my forty years of living, I have never seen a hurricane land on the Big Island. Two hurricanes are headed this way, and could hit right at the start of your dolphin swim retreat.”

My first thoughts were: Surrender, Trust, Allow, and Receive. I immediately contacted my group and assured them that if we could surrender to the tranquility of our divinity, trust in the wholeness of our expression, allow spirit to work through us, and receive the gratitude from this situation, the retreat would go as planned, and we would have an amazing week. As I kept following the weather reports, the Hurricanes crept closer to the Big Island. The day before my scheduled flight, my airlines called and cancelled my flight. Others had their flights delayed or cancelled. Surrender, Trust, Allow, and Receive was my message, like a beacon of light.

As I scrambled to re-book, I finally found a flight on Sunday night to Kona.  Surrender, Trust, Allow, and Receive. I was very grateful to make that flight, as my retreat was starting the following morning.  The next morning as we all gathered for our meditation, everyone had arrived safely. The ocean was calm, and the weather was beautiful. We had an amazing week with our dolphin friends, and people did some amazing healing on themselves and Mother Earth. As we ended the retreat, I reminded our group of how we all utilized the S.T.A.R. Vortex.  When we move into a state of grace – the outcome shifts! What a powerful and amazing experience!

Blessings be,
Dr. Sam Berne

Marleen Koning
Bilthoven, Netherlands

marleenIn a split second I made the conscious choice to stay on the planet and be whole  — why?

Just a few days before my last birthday, while crossing the street on a pedestrian crossing, a car nearly hit me. I saw a car with an open roof suddenly appearing from a parking lot near the railway station in the small town where I live. I asked my higher self if I had to stop or walk further. The first thought that came up was “stop,” and so I did. The two young people in the car that nearly hit me didn’t stop. I was flabbergasted. I felt grateful that I was still alive and in this physical human body and free from any physical injuries. As a sovereign being, I know that I create my reality. It became clear to me that I had made the conscious choice to stay on the planet to fulfill my universal mission.

My universal mission is something important I have to do in this human experience on earth. Over the last seven months, as I have embodied the S.T.A.R. philosophy, I feel strongly that it is my calling to share what I have learned and experienced with others. It will take surrendering my human intentions to the field of all possibilities to fulfill my calling.

My primary message is how to apply the S.T.A.R. philosophy to ascend from feelings of lack and the perception that I don’t have enough money. This area of my life that was out of balance when I found the S.T.A.R. Philosophy  book showed up in November 2013. Simplifying my life and going back to the basics was not enough to get out of the unconscious fears and debilitating thought patterns. I have learned that we can heal all fears in ourselves with self-love—one of the four Essential Qualities of S.T.A.R. philosophy. I have worked very intensely to get out of poverty consciousness and to totally surrender to the Divine within. I surrendered to the unknown. I can now trust that all that I need, including money, will come, in perfect timing. I allow it, in magical and unexpected ways, to come into my life, and I have appreciation and gratitude for what I will receive, with no expectation of outcome, knowing that it will always be the perfect manifestation of the divine human that I am.

My daily mantra is “I allow the universe to provide me the amount of money that is divinely perfect for me to be in universal service.”

I decided after some months working with S.T.A.R., to completely surrender my will to the divine and live each day by my own sovereign divine guidance. I am staying on the planet because I choose to be of universal service, and I want to spread the S.T.A.R. philosophy into the world. This need to serve has to do with creating in alignment with my soul.
I feel and know after many initiations and a long spiritual journey that my higher self wants to participate in the tasks of creating the new earth. We can manifest the Golden Age of Divine Love together. We might not know the outcome, but it will happen by restoring human divinity and planetary consciousness to its original state of oneness. To achieve this outcome is something I choose to stay and participate in!

Barbara Jacksha
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Barbara Jacksha  for NinaMy recent, intimate journey with S.T.A.R. began with a fit of sneezes — outside by my garden where pollen blew off juniper trees like smoke. Frustrated by my allergies, I looked up and said to the Universe, “I want to learn to heal myself.” At that moment I felt an energetic shift, and I knew that I’d set something important in motion. Without knowing what that something would be, I surrendered to it, trusting that whatever came would be for my highest good. Within two weeks I developed double vision. Within about a month, I learned that I had a tumor pressing on my brainstem.

What a blessing that I already knew about the S.T.A.R. philosophy — Surrender, Trust, Allow, Receive — and had been working with it in my daily life. After the diagnosis, I knew with certainty that being the ‘fascinated observer’ and living the S.T.A.R. philosophy were key to embracing and making the most of this experience, whatever it would bring.

I received opposite opinions from the two neurosurgeons who evaluated my situation – one advised against surgery as far too risky, while the other advised surgery and seemed very confident of a full recovery. My personality self didn’t know what to do. But as the fascinated observer, I saw the gifts I’d received in this conundrum — the first doctor’s fearful talk prompted me to look at my own fears, and the opposing opinions helped me see that the true answer about how to proceed could only come from within me.

Turning to S.T.A.R., I surrendered my decision, put my intentions out into the field, and trusted that I would know what to do when the time was right. I continued surrendering, trusting, allowing — did extensive journaling, sound healing, and deep inner work for about two months. By allowing the field to do its magic in its own way and time, I received almost daily breakthroughs of understanding. And I had two spontaneous, off-the-charts energetic healing experiences. The morning after the second of those experiences, I suddenly knew with great clarity and calm that I would have surgery, and that I would be just fine.

S.T.A.R. continued to be my guiding light after surgery. At first I could not swallow, half my face was paralyzed, and my vision was double. But as the fascinated observer I could trust that these were simply the temporary symptoms that the doctors believed them to be. With this perspective, I could better surrender to the healing process and allow it to unfold as it would. The physical challenges were many, but having the fascinated observer’s knowing in my core made going through the healing stages infinitely easier.

It’s been about a year since my surgery, and while I’m still recovering, I can only look back on this experience as the best worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Living the S.T.A.R. philosophy through every stage, I have opened and expanded and grown in ways I can’t put into words. And only my heart can truly speak my gratitude for this opportunity and for S.T.A.R.

Kathleen Dale Byrnes
Paxton, Massachusetts

kathleenHad an amazing start to 2014…..on the very first Friday morning, as I walked toward my car to go to work, from somewhere within the breeze I heard a calm voice say “All is well” “Trust.” As I started to contemplate just what that was, everything went into slow motion. The voice spoke again saying, “It’s up to you now” and I watched as my body flew into the air horizontally, my right leg was even with my eyes, and then my left leg flew higher than my body, stopped, and I watched and heard my left ankle crack three times and flop to the inside of my foot. Still in slow motion, I hit the ground and realized three things…..I was completely calm, I was not in any pain, and my head had not hit the ground, if it had my skull would have cracked. Magically, I was wearing a coat I rarely wear which has a very thick hood which cradled my fall. And then I made a declaration…from deep inside me came the statement,”I am one with the All-Prevailing Healing Powers of Love!!!”
As I lay on the ground trying to assess what had just happened and how was I going to get some help, a wave of realization washed over me saying that I was being offered a chance to step beyond the 3D definitions and experience something new. The voice was my guide and I chose to trust.

Now, I did not have any health insurance, but hey, this was definitely an emergency so off to the hospital in an ambulance I went. X-rays showed the ankle fractured in three places, on the left joint bone, the right joint bone and the bone in the back of the heel. What the heck, if I’m gonna do something, might as well go “all out,” right? By the way, still no pain. The fine folks in the Emergency department put on the cast, gave me scripts for two kinds of pain meds, and told me to see a hospital orthopedic surgeon within a few days, which I did. During this appointment he explained that I would need surgery within the week when he would insert a metal plate and six screws on each side of the ankle and in six-eight months if all went as planned they would be removed. This was not something I could subscribe to easily. But seeing as I had to wait for the Mass Health coverage to be authorized, I had time to consider all my options. Well bureaucracies being what they are, nothing happened quickly, but in the meantime I kept focusing on what I wanted this healing story to be, which meant no surgery. Multiply times every day, while also making the requisite phone calls to properly proceed with insurance, I repeated the proclamation I made on the day of the event, “I am one with the All-Prevailing Healing Powers of Love” and envisioned my body as amazingly capable of unlimited options, generously intelligent life form that it is, quantumly moving thru my left leg and ankle, spinning and weaving the appropriate light waves needed to assure no surgery.

It actually took five weeks for an expedited authorization to come through, and during that time frame some phenomenal things happened. The people who comprised the medical team of the orthopedic physicians group were all deeply concerned about my recovery because of the insurance delay. Their office manager made some inquiries and told me how to apply for a scholarship to apply to their services and they offered me six months of medical care for free. Really? Really. Then when Mass Health came through, it was backdated to January 1st 2014, which meant that the ambulance ride would now be covered (this bill amounted to $1010). The surgery was scheduled and I met with the doctor the day before for “pre-op.” This started with a new x-ray to see precisely where my ankle bones were after this extended amount of time (that seemed like a really good starting place to me!) and during this timeframe I felt a sense of comfort and relaxation permeate my consciousness. It was amazing to me that I was not even thinking about the surgery as we waited for the doctor to arrive with the “films.” But when he did arrive, and he put the x-rays up on the frame so we could all see them, it looked as if the bones had aligned themselves……there were no gaps, no tears, no holes. Then he looked at me and said, “In about 5% of these types of fractures, time mends things so there’s no need for surgery. You are in that 5%.”
Yup…….just as I had envisioned, no need for surgery.

At this point I would like to address how I have been able to stay calm and “go with the downstream flow” through all this. Late last winter I received a message, while sleeping, three times in one week. It was very clear and very simple, much like the voice of the above account. The message was this, “S surrender T trust A allow R receive.” Since this came during the week of my birthday, I took it as a special gift from Loving Life to use as a focus tool on my path of unfolding and it has been very, very useful as I went deeper and deeper into the alchemy of my inner work. When I first received it I had no idea how to make use of it. However, staying willing to questions my inner Guidance opened a gate to a pathway rich in resources readily available for the asking. With all the new and potent energies we received in 2013, and all the changes that came from “out of the blue,” I have applied the S.T.A.R.” light tool” as I moved forward. Fundamentally, it is about learning how to be consciously present in each “now” moment. The answers to the original questions such as “What does Surrender mean in this context?” “Trust what, or whom?” “What am I Allowing?” and “What will be Received?” shape-shifted many times as I progressed through Life’s offerings. However, one thing definitely remained constant, that being how I felt when I took the time to apply the S.T.A.R. tools. Truth be told, I felt lighter and less dense, more comfortable in my own skin, my thinking was clearer, and I was more at ease with the process of Change overall.

Then, just before the Winter Solstice, an author and book was brought to my attention (although interestingly, I can’t recall the details) that just plain “flipped me out.” The author is Nina Brown and her book is S.T.A.R. Philosophy. This magnificent text is a handbook to Higher Consciousness and an invitation to “step up to the plate” and claim our true identity as the Sovereign Creators of our lives remembering ourselves as the Divine Beings that we are so we can make manifest our Golden Age of Divine Love.

I highly recommend it.

Agnès Hémery
Baubigny, France

 Indigo World

agnesI give you right now an illustration of S.T.A.R. by what is happening to me: I have been enduring for more than a month a breakage of the inside part of the knee called the meniscus: it is serious, painful and prevents me from walking properly and there is no sign of improvement: the only remedy doctors can think of, is an operation, which of course, I totally refuse (Meniscus ablation is a new craze among surgeons over here). At the same time, I have been engaged in the process of going over the photos of all my paintings which I have executed for the last 30 years in order to have a book edited on my work by the end of the year, it is a long job.

So, I conclude that the Universe, by preventing me from traveling around, wants me to concentrate on this work: I Surrender to his decision, I Trust his choice, I Allow this immobilization to give me more time for that book and I hope I will Receive later on the reward.

Of course the dark side of this is that I must cancel my spring trip to the US: I would so much have liked to see you and Maria! I do hope that it is just postponed and that I will have recovered for a trip in Autumn.

agnes2Let There Be Light

Ever since I was in age of reasoning, it has been my philosophy:

Everything that life puts on our path corresponds to what is best for us and for our evolution, so even if the events happening seem “bad” at first sight, they in fact, are a means for us to learn something, they are sort of trials out of which we can get out honorably only if we learn the lesson it carries. (Surrender)

A strong faith in the universal cosmic intelligence (although, like everybody there are sometimes moments of doubt and worry; we are poor little humans aren’t we? (Trust)

The most difficult part is to “let go” (Allow) and all my life I have been working on that and I observed that every time I did let go, then miraculously step 4 surged: The reward, the gift, the “miracle” takes place (Receive)

Nina, the way you have given the right words to a Universal Law is fantastic, because it will help very much people who were not familiar with invisible laws and forces: it is clear, simple and TRUE! It so happens that I have been keeping a diary of events in my life (sometimes even small things) that illustrate this and later on, maybe in 2 or 3 years I intend to write a book on all this. But for the moment I concentrate on having this monograph of 30 year’s painting done. I wish Time was much extended!

P.S. I also wanted to tell you something important that I realized concerning my knee problem: In fact, thanks to this I have met fantastic people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise: In my desire to try and avoid an operation during these last 4 months I have been consulting all kind of holistic therapists, who are in fact helping me a lot with the comprehension of other things in my life. They turn out to be a great help on other aspects than the knee, which are essential to me! the pieces of the puzzle are progressively putting themselves in order. Isn’t that fantastic! I think this is the Reward of having trusted the Universe in what was happening to me!

Alison Stratman

alisonSeveral years ago, I began to notice signs of dementia in my husband. His mother had Alzheimer’s, so I imagined the worst. But wait – we are now living in a new energy where we can create a new way of being, where the old rules and expectations no longer apply.

So, just perhaps, we could create a most benevolent outcome even for Alzheimer’s.
My husband was adamant.  He was not going to live and die as his mother had.

As we worked with balancing techniques, color, light and sound therapies, and enlisted the help of gifted healers, it became clear, that while all of these things were slowing the disease, it was still progressing.  As his sole caregiver, I had a choice.  I could worry, go into fear, and take on his energy as mine. Or, I could become the fascinated observer, com-passionate and caring,  but also detached, calm and peaceful.

I chose to be the fascinated observer, but I asked Spirit for support – medically, emotionally, and spiritually. Two days after I made this decision, my husband suffered a medical emergency unrelated to the Alzheimer’s. After a period of hospitalization, he was sent home under hospice care. We now had medical, emotional, and spiritual support! But could I, in the difficult weeks ahead, stay in neutrality, the fascinated observer, and not get pulled into the pain, drama, and fear of terminal illness and death?

This is what I discovered. In a place of calm neutrality, I opened to ways of making those last days meaningful and beautiful. We had amazing discussions about the wonder of leaving the physical body and going on to the next adventure.  I intuitively knew when to administer medications and how much. And I felt a deep peace and calm even when he was suffering severe pain. I was able to honor his journey, his choices, but not take any of it as mine. Yes, there were moments of frustration, anxiety, even fear when I forgot to stay centered and in neutrality. Then, I realized I had become the fascinated observer of myself. I decided to have no self-judgment about these lapses. I was doing OK!

At the end, I felt only exquisite love and joy, the fascinated observer of his dying process for sure, but also the fascinated observer of myself, walking through an experience in a way that makes me proud and happy with who I am.

Jennifer Elsner

jenniferWhile S.T.A.R. is unique, the benefits of surrendering, trusting, allowing, and receiving are not new to me. These ways of choosing to be have been beacons to me—in different ways and at different times—during my adult life, a little Eckhart here, a dash of Marianne there, in The Bhagavad Gita and even that time I followed a guide as we hiked in ‘dangerous’ territory. As a fascinated observer, I’ve discovered many examples and tools that bring greater peace and joy into my life. What I treasure most about the S.T.A.R. philosophy is its ‘how-to’ sequence, and specifically as I apply it in travel situations.

I often recall a story Nina shared (in her book? on her blog? does it matter?) about a trip she was taking via plane. In typical fashion, her plane was delayed, there was not sufficient information being supplied, fellow travelers at the gate were getting restless and tension was building around her. She chose to use S.T.A.R. and long story short, she made it home, on schedule, and maybe if I’m remembering correctly, she was upgraded to first class? Regardless of the accuracy of my memory of Nina’s experience, I use her example when I fall prey to impatience with bad drivers, the bureaucracy of air travel, driving in rush-hour traffic… need I go on? You get the picture. Anytime I’ve applied S.T.A.R. I feel relief.

Does it matter that things turn out as I wanted? Not so much it seems. The beauty for me is not that S.T.A.R. magically provides me a ‘happy ending’ but it’s a tool that gives me a process. Like a touchstone, when I reach for it comfort and love, generosity and confidence—to myself and others—shows up. The S.T.A.R. sequence takes me on a journey out of my head, beyond my expectations, and into the area of looking for the gift in the moment.

Merita Bat Shoshan

meritaI have been following you since the very beginning of the S.T.A.R. Circle: Google Hangout. It started just after I left the hospital after having injured a shoulder tendon (it felt like a heart problem at the beginning). I knew then that it was time for change and the S.T.A.R. Philosophy came just in time. I am a true follower, I must say.

I just surrendered to my higher self and things started to happen: my art work is showing at a gallery for no charge, I had a work shop going, lots of new connections with people, and now a singing workshop. It feels like my soul is calling for FUN and to do just what I love doing. The rest will come…. which is the hard part to swallow, since I am almost out of cash. But, I believe, trust, that it is just around the corner. Especially when I told my Divine Self that I GIVE PERMISSION to allow the support to materialize NOW. My ego was putting brakes on there.

But the most amazing thing, dear Nina, is that I just came home from giving a workshop on healing/singing. Twelve people came, and it went beautifully. This is the first time I have given one. I sang to the participants and this wonderful voice came through, then we sang together for an hour. I just came home, opened the computer and had an e- mail from Tom Kenyon. There was this “Songs of the Magdalen.” (tomkenyon.com) I listened to it and recognized that it was what I had sung today. You are the first one I am telling this to. My connection with Mary Magdalen is very strong, but this was so moving. I had thought I was going to sing the dolphin’s voice.

merita2I have been very calm through all this change. People think that I am mad, not caring that I am going quickly down hill, without any source of financial support. But, some come and ask how is it that I can be so peaceful about it. I refuse to take a survival job again. It is time for FUN, and I am sure you understand that. I love your humour, and your giggling, just like a teenage girl. Isn’t it wonderful this new type of grandmothers? I sing, I dance, I paint and sculpt. Keep going Nina, it’s important to clarify the S.T.A.R. new tool. It takes time and practice. Yesterday it was important to explain that the trusting must go beyond the ego. The ego really does not trust all this stuff and keeps bringing up all the negative situations of the past. Thank God for the Fascinating Observer.

Post Script: I can’t tell you how excited I feel. You should add this to the newsletter. You know how the Sea of Galilee was for me the place that brought me peace. We were there together and I showed you my BIG DREAM. Last Friday I received an invitation (on Valentines Day, no less) to come to this gathering of healing sounds in this village just above the place I took you to, the sacred space on earth where Jeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus) lived – Kfar Nahum. I walked around and felt literally taller, a feeling of belonging. The village is called Almagor – which means NO FEAR (or maybe FEAR NOT). Right away I asked if there were any houses available, and the answer was positive. This is it, I knew, the time to move is now. Three days later I was back, saw my little next home and dared to say YES. Everything is falling in place. Friends are supportive, mover is available, boxes just appeared, friends who live in that area are anxious to organize work shops together.

Nina, SO MUCH FUN!!!! I am moving on the 2nd of March, my birthday is on the 14th and I am so grateful for this gift. It is a gift from S.T.A.R. From Myself. I have enough money for the movers and a couple of months rent. BUT….I surrender, I trust, I allow, I receive…and since I AM WORTHY of all this…I ACCEPT IT. Just listen to this: the new landlord’s daughter is a curator in a museum (HA!!!!), In that short visit to find a home, I already met a couple of artists and they were so friendly.

OK, my children are really angry that I am moving away from them (they live 15 mn from me now) and I will be one and a half hours away. I am not just a mother, grandmother, etc. I am the most important Being in my Life. And they think I am totally irresponsible and crazy for moving without any security. So, they refuse to help. It hurts, I must say, but it’s all from love and worry.
I will keep you posted on these amazing miracles.
PS: The philosophy of S.T.A.R. does not imply that the ego-personality will glide through the University of Earth in total comfort with all dreams and intentions manifesting exactly as imagined. The newness of this philosophy is that the ego-personality surrenders the dream to one’s wholeness accepting that all is well in all of creation.

Kristy Sweetland

kristyMy S.T.A.R. story begins when I met Nina Brown at a wellness center in Santa Fe, where I worked in the front office and she was a client. I quickly became fascinated by her and looked forward to those moments we had together before she was seen for her appointments. After one of our ten minute soul discussions I went on-line and ordered her book, Return of Love to Planet Earth.  After only a few pages, I knew I was hooked. Though so different in detail, it was my own story, which– as I have heard from so many– is the power of her writing.

A few short months later she gifted me her next book,S.T.A.R. —A NOW State of Being,  asking me to take notes and keep track of any ah-ha moments the reading inspired, as well as questions it may have elicited. Grateful for her trust in me, I casually opened the literary gem not knowing it would pull me so powerfully into its quantum portal. I loved it! I dog-eared nearly every page, highlighted nearly every sentence, and filled the margins with questions, comments, and exclamation points. Having a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and a private practice in transformational coaching, I was no stranger to spiritual writing, but this one became part of me instantaneously. I saw its potential in grand form: S.T.A.R. coaching, courses, support-groups, entire universities filled with the stuff of S.T.A.R…

I couldn’t wait to blab all of it to Nina and did so the next week when we met for lunch. It was clearly a tool for learning to step out of suffering, into that place of pure divinity. It was medicine for my soul.

When we met, becoming so excited I could hardly breathe, I explained to Nina my thoughts, aspirations, and dreams born from the experience of reading this book. I launched into the big vision, which seemed to be what the book inspired in me. After about fifteen minutes of my ebullient babbling, Nina casually picked up her phone and said, “I wonder if the Universe will play with us in this moment?” and dialed. The next thing I know, I’m on the phone with Ja-lene Clark, the owner of the publishing company, Gather Insight. After a fifteen minute discussion with this incredible woman, I was asked to co-write Nina’s next book. I said yes immediately.

And down the rabbit hole I went…

Fifteen years prior I had a prophetic dream in which I was told that I would be publishing my first book at an exact age. That dream had driven me and guided me for over a decade. Soon before I had met Nina, I was aware that my book was progressing slowly and the prophetic age was approaching. I may not be fulfilling my own prophesy, I tried to reconcile, and attempted to let the dream go, surrendering to the universe my expectations while trusting in the process. Falling straight from the sky, a manifestation born of love and passion, S.T.A.R. had chosen itself to be that first book, and I fully allowed it, to be published during the exact year of my prophesy. Never knowing what a connection will bring, my remaining open to all possibility allowed me to manifest Nina, Ja-lene, and this next incredible project, S.T.A.R. Philosophy,  A Fascinated Observer’s Guide, into my divine life.

Yvonne van Buren Schele

yvonneI grew up in England within a vegetarian, Theosophical family and my father who practiced complimentary medicine and taught acupuncture. At the age of 12 I had my first consciousness shift while meditating during the Wesak festival. For many years I have lived in the Netherlands and today I enjoy my ability to experience my eternal nature at will.

My life has taken me through many twists and turns with some happenings more significant than others. Such an experience revealed itself this last summer and I had the opportunity to use S.T.A.R in this situation.

After lunch, at a course I was attending, when I walked up the stairs and I felt distinctly odd. One moment I was perched at a high table and then next I fell onto the floor. When I regained consciousness I saw a medic leaning over me and I was taken to the hospital just a few blocks away.

With utter surrender to what was occurring, for I could do no – thing else, I noticed  my body was in the I.C.C.U. Rotterdam hospital, but understood that my consciousness was off in the astral enjoying a journey into the expanded frequencies and colours of the cosmos. (Pieces of the trip I recall in detail, but that is too much to include here.) Upon waking back inside my body, I shared what I felt and experienced with my brother and friend who stood at my bedside. This was especially special to me as my brother has a very full life in England. My telling of my spiritual experiences were spontaneous yet new to the degree of openness on my part. I had an enormous trust in the divine and with inner assurance that all is well, the days ticked by. During another week I had more tests done, but friends came by and inner peace prevailed. I had no – thing to do but BE. I had no thoughts about future. Just one day at a time, with allow I could accept all that was happening with me, within me and around me as good. My thoughts mostly stayed in the moment and the body laid there breathing.  I had been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism but now my heart was clearing and my bodily functions eventually stabilized.  I was still alive with still more of life to be lived and shared. This health challenge was an opportunity to receive a state of being from which I could experience these high dimensions and frequencies. Once that task was complete,  I believe that created the space for my swift recovery to occur. I also acknowledge power and wisdom of the wonderful medical teams who worked on me. After 27 days and some stitches from my upper right thigh were removed, I could go home alive and not in a coffin!

It has been a blessing. I know I am eternal, indeed I am. The challenge of it all was faced and met with the use of the S.T.A.R. Philosophy.

The change in me expresses so beautifully that I now am able to speak openly about my spiritual experiences with my brother. He and I are more caring and open with one another. A new life has commenced in the chapters of this sojourn.

Ja-Lene Clark

ja-leneIn the last few months many members of my family have experienced significant health challenges. These are not small events; we had a cancer diagnosis, emergency hospitalization for pancreatitis, another member of my family was in the hospital for four weeks unable to build blood platelets due to a reaction to a Crohn’s disease medication and my daughter’s ten- year struggle with endometriosis flared up with a surprising vengeance.

If this had occurred a century or so ago perhaps we would have visited a holy man or witchdoctor to erase the “curse or demons” that had befallen our family. But we did not need a curse removal—instead I decided to use S.T.A.R. and I chose to:

  1. Surrender to what is (no struggle). And rather than be overcome by the chaos, I stood in the center of the chaos as the fascinated observer.
  2. Trust that both the loved one experiencing the disease and myself as the fascinated observer of the disease were being served in a magnificent way. Whether healing or death came, I could trust that love would survive.
  3. Allow my fears of loss to be transmuted by focusing on why I loved these beautiful people.
  4. Receive information about the diagnosis without locking in on worst- case scenarios.

By working with the S.T.A.R. philosophy during these events, I received a bonus! I could hold a stable space of love as a model for my family in the midst of the agony and chaos of the unknown. My heart was comforted because I truly believed that all is well. Because I could achieve that “octave” I received even more…I found that my family was comforted while in my calming presence and started to follow my lead.

Every experience…sickness or health, poverty or wealth, indifference or love is a magnificent creation divinely designed for a purpose that I do not have to understand or fix. My challenge is to stand in the center of any chaos and not be triggered to fall into hell. Using the S.T.A.R. philosophy my role is to observe all that is as a divine creation by self or others with fascination. And I have found that this is a key to consistently maintaining inner peace!