S.T.A.R. Pendant

S.T.A.R. Pendant


The pendant has been infused with the Divine Harmonics, the frequency of the Golden Age of Divine Love. This frequency will be integrated into the individual as they move closer to the love of the Divine Creator.

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The pendant carries a very high frequency that can create a pathway to the Divine Creator’s love. Once these frequencies are accepted and grounded into humanity fully, the pendant becomes a quantum tool to assist with expansion or ascension. It will allow people to feel loved. Without feeling loved, the wounding is so intense the love of the Divine Creator is impossible.

We are dealing with an essential issue, not feeling loved. This is the core poverty of the western world: not feeling loved. The gold-plated pendant carries a spectrum of love. Those who integrate higher frequencies will know what it is to “be love.” Unconditional love will heal the wounding.

This blessed pendant of unconditional love: 1. Helps one ascend in the frequency of love 2. Heals wounding of the heart 3. Heals the core wound of our culture, our true poverty, not feeling loved.

The pendant basically re-writes the DNA to a new code, to receive the love of the Divine Creator. This is the means by which one feels loved, the ability to receive God’s love is written into the DNA. The individual does not become this love, they are cradled in it, healed and awakened.

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