S.T.A.R. Clinic: Ascension 2012 DVD Series

S.T.A.R. Clinic: Ascension 2012 DVD Series


Rise Up to the frequency of Divine Love and manifest a New Earth! With this power-packed 5 DVD learning intensive, the S.T.A.R. Clinic weds new science and ancient mysticism to provide alternative healing, education, support and inspiration to fellow journeyers on the path toward divinity and higher understanding. Eleven hours and eleven minutes of code exploration, consciousness expansion and spiritual healing to unlock your highest potential.

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5 DVDs, 11 hours 11 minutes

Recorded in Autumn of 2012 at a momentous three-day retreat held on the sacred lands of Santa Ana Pueblo, NM, here is a special invitation to join those who attended in person and around the world, via webcast, for a profound experiential event for the upliftment of all.


Nina Brown: Opening Ceremony
Vladimir Turek: Anchor the Divine Creator’s Love
Robert Winn: Pranic Tube and Tube Torus Activation
Matthew Reifslager: Divine Mother Healing


Vladimir Turek: What are New and Ancient Codes?
Randy Masters: Ancient Resonance Codes Revealed, Parts 1 & 2


Norma Tarango: Wayfinding and Paradise Codes
Christa Obuchowski: S.T.A.R. Being Anoint and Hydrosol: Codes from the Plant Kingdom
René Fugitt: Light Language 12D Codes


Crisostomo Jacinto & Vladimir Turek: Stargate Chamber Presentation
Randy Masters: Ancient Resonance Codes Revealed, Part 3


CJ Walker: Love Thyself Sacred Meditation
Syrian Triad (Nina Brown, Raquel Spencer & CJ Walker): Ascension Codes Transmission
Debbie Simerl: Closing Ceremony & Blue S.T.A.R. Dance


“I am so grateful to you and everyone for this weekend…This weekend truly changed my life.”

“The love, compassion, and kindness of the BEings entered my heart and changed me. The presenters were brilliant and beyond amazing with all their knowledge and wisdom. They carried with them an energy, which I cannot describe, but I was deeply and profoundly affected.”

“What an amazing experience! There are no words for the beautiful energies that came to me. New paths are coming into my field. I trust my divinity more and more. Thank you from the deepest area of my soul.”

“Randy Masters was a star and he had a stellar (literally, no doubt) supporting cast…The gain for me was energetic and stepping more firmly into my Divinity. I feel like what was ceiling for me is now floor.”

“This weekend’s S.T.A.R. Clinic has brightened my entire Being with great joy, love and purpose.”

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