Past Calls

S.T.A.R. — A Magic Wand for the Sovereign Being

In September 2013, I co-hosted a 4-part FREE video call that explored how to be the fascinated observer and to use our magic wand, S.T.A.R., to create and live in the new earth as sovereign beings. Folks from around the globe joined together, virtually, as Ja-lene Clark, Kristy Sweetland and I presented our unique understanding and experiences of Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive. We shared stories, wisdom, laughter. We played and creatively dreamed about the new earth. Everything was videoed and is free to view:

1. SURRENDER | Click here to view the Surrender Hangout →
2. TRUST | Click here to view the Trust Hangout →
3. ALLOW | Click here to view the Allow Hangout →
4. RECEIVE | Click here to view the Receive Hangout →