Community S.T.A.R.

“It is vitally important that S.T.A.R. seeds come together to dream in the new way of being on Earth. Google Hangout allows us to merge technology and consciousness using the S.T.A.R. philosophy as a foundation for coherent conversation about everyday issues. This is a POWERFUL way to create a new reality. Join us!” Nina Brown

Google Hangout allows people all over the planet to come together (free) as a S.T.A.R. seed community in S.T.A.R. Circles to talk, in a safe space, about: surrender, trust, allow, receive, accept, and questions such as “What is a fascinated observer?” “What is the perfect outcome?”… Let us know a topic you would enjoy and join us!

“I watched all four and I want more. It was so amazing how the virtual hangout series came just in time, when I was home on sick leave. Obviously, my body asked for time out so that I could go into the next stage. The calls helped me SO MUCH to surrender, trust, allow and receive.”