New Video / I Am Worthy—Be The Love

In case you missed the live video, here is a recording of one of our recent S.T.A.R. Circle Gatherings. It features Kristy Sweetland, Ja-lene Clark, myself and some S.T.A.R. Seeds from our community! The topic is “I Am Worth—Be The Love”. Enjoy and share your thoughts on the video in the comments section below. Do… Read More

Final How-To Video

How to Join with Others in Creating the New Earth Why did we return to planet earth again? Why did we return from the stars at this moment in the evolution of human consciousness? The answer is: to create and anchor the new earth, the Golden Age of Divine Love. Today’s final tool explains how… Read More

How to Raise One’s Frequency

Why do we care what frequency we carry? The answer is that as creator beings our intentions carry the frequency that we are emitting, which becomes the frequency of our creations. Holding a dense third-dimensional vibration, we create more of the same. Today’s tool shares ways to consciously raise our frequency to expanded octaves, so… Read More

How to be Present and Listen

In the new 26,000-year cycle, we are mastering the art of living in the now. From that space, we are fully present and our listening is with precision. Today’s tool helps us catch and transmute our thoughts when the emotions of the past or present rush in. Thoughts of past suffering or future fears are… Read More

How to Honor Illness

Could it be that in the new 26,000-year cycle that illness and suffering are no longer necessary? The greatest gift that illness has given humanity is the opportunity to discover, in surrender, that we are more than human, we are divine humans. Accepting that we are sovereign beings, today’s tool will assist us to move… Read More

How to Manifest

We are sovereign beings who create our reality, but does that automatically mean that we know how to manifest? We have known how to manifest subconsciously, but in the new 26,000-year cycle we are choosing to manifest from a state of conscious awareness. Today’s tool focuses not only on how we manifest, but how we… Read More

How to Find Support

As we enter the new paradigm, the next 26,000 year cycle, we are immersed in the unfolding energy of the new earth. As sovereign beings, we now know that we are the creators of that reality. However, we cannot manifest this new experience alone. It must be co-created, together, in community. In today’s video, the… Read More

How to Know One’s Self as Divine

Historically it’s not been safe to declare our human divinity. In the cellular memory of each one of us, there’s the residue of trauma from having done so. But we’re in a new era, a new paradigm, and it’s now safe to do so. We are to stand boldly in that safe space and proclaim… Read More

How to Honor Chaos

Events no longer define us when we know ourselves to be sovereign beings. Those events are merely an invitation to create. As part of the One Consciousness of all matter, we can surrender, allow and trust that a new order will appear. Today’s tool gives us the wisdom to become the fascinated observer of chaos… Read More

How to Find Answers

For eons we have been seeking answers to “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” Why am I on the planet?” from outside of ourselves. We have turned to books, to leaders, to heaven above. We are now living in a new paradigm, and seeking answers outside of ourselves no longer fully serves us.… Read More