I AM: The Oppressor and The Oppressed

Recently I had a session with Annie, my Nurse Practitioner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She put straps around my ankles, wrists and head, which were connected by wires to her INDIGO Biofeedback System (http://www.indigobiofeedback.net/). The purpose this technology serves is revealing my voltage, amperage, resistance and other electrical calculations, all of which may be… Read More

FREE EVENT: What Does Emancipation of Human Divinity Mean?

Know Thyself as Divine… Listen in as I explore the keys to ascending, remembering and reclaiming our human divinity RIGHT NOW. I will also read from my new book “S.T.A.R. A Now State of Being” the powerful message: The Emancipation Proclamation of Human Divinity. If you can’t join us live, no worries! This event will… Read More