The Mighty Power of One

A very powerful intention fills me with joy and excitement—“I intend to touch every person on the planet with the S.T.A.R. philosophy!” As an expert on this philosophy, I have surrendered (S) the intention, trusted (T), allowed (A) and am receiving (R)with appreciation and gratitude. Let me tell you how my intention recently began to… Read More

Mushrooms and S.T.A.R.

The point of this short story is: as sovereign beings, we create our reality, but very often we don’t notice. This time, I can see what I created clearly, and it’s all about the mushrooms in my back yard! Last October, I sent to my adult children this photo, of a small portion of the mushrooms… Read More

Mother’s Earrings: The Miracle

Perhaps it was fifty years ago, perhaps more, that my mother, Lanta, bought a pair of gold, sapphire and diamond earrings. I remember them as having been purchased from an estate sale, so they might be even older. The diameter of each is about three quarters of an inch and the shape can be described… Read More

Summer Solstice, 2014 Unlocking The Time Capsule

The following account tells how the details of the summer solstice ceremony were revealed. It all began on May 21, 2014 during my daily telepathic communication with inter-galactic beings. I was told that it was time to release, another time capsule, the second-level Wisdom Codes from beneath the Giza Plateau. However, a little background information… Read More

No Playing Doctor in the Isolation Ward

I don’t know the details of what my eldest son, Armand, is doing today in Guinea, but I remember well the details of his assignment in Uganda ten years ago. He presented in that East African country as a physician, representing Doctors Without Borders, to assist the numerous Ebola patients in the isolation ward. Since… Read More

Was the Sun Responsible?

Here is a peek back at a stunning event that occurred the end of 2013 seen through my creative eyes. Can’t wait to discover what 2014 has in store for us. Enjoy! Read the article here:

S.T.A.R. Circles in Natural Awakenings Magazine

S.T.A.R. Circles was featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine! Read the article here: And join our S.T.A.R. Circle community right here:

The Seed of 2013 are Sprouting

Below is an excerpt from a recent article I wrote in the Sedona Journal. “The months of 2013 have been fascinating for many people across the planet. Discord, disruption, uncertainty, and new directions all swirled around as the old energy was being replaced by new energy. Many of us actually spent time in “the void”… Read More

Featured in the Sedona Journal

I am honored that the article I wrote about how my broken garage door was actually a lesson I needed to learn, was featured in the Annual December Predictions issue of Sedona Journal. Read it here:

We Have Lift Off

The S.T.A.R. Circles have been launched. We have been playing together each week in September and October using the amazing technology of Google Hangout. In safe communities, we have shared stories, wisdom, laughter, play and creative dreaming about the new earth. Everything was videoed and is free. See the rest of the article and videos… Read More