Radio Interview by Marisa Giddings

Nina Brown gets interview by Maria Giddings of Awaken to Your Souls Abundance

Book Interview with Jeff Ferrannini: 08/29/13

Listen to Nina’s first book interview with Jeff Ferrannini of Planetary Spirit. They discuss the S.T.A.R. a Now State of Being and the central message of her book, Return of Love to Planet Earth, Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary, inspiring and supporting participants to awaken to their human-divinity. Click here to listen.

Nina on Starr Fuentes’ Spiritual Connection Radio Show: 08/28/13

This evening, Nina was a special guest on Starr Fuentes’ Radio Show, “Starr Gazing”. Click here to listen to the episode that features Nina. And click here to learn more about Starr.

Planetary Spirit with Jeff Ferrannini Interview: 10/30/12

Nina was interviewed by Jeff Ferrannini on Planetary Spirit on October 30, where they discussed living the in the full brightness of being, inner alchemy, and moving into the understanding that we are individual aspects of all that is. Nina also shared her personal experience with losing everything and how that was the greatest gift… Read More

Lauren Galey, Healing Conversations Interview: 10/6/12

Nina spoke about the Now state of being, allowing human divinity to expand, and living in full alignment with the will of the divine creator. She shared about her personal process of inner alchemy, the concept of ascension, and dropping the dense emotional states so that we may recognize and experience our divinity. Listen to… Read More

Transitions Radio Magazine, 2 part interview with Alan Hutner: 9/25, 10/2/2011

Show Topics include: Return of Love to Planet Earth, human divinity and manifesting via the law of attraction as creator beings, transmission of frequency and Christ Codes, the Golden Dolphins, Ascension (a.k.a dimensional shift), the times and the return of the wisdom of the ancients. Download here.

Laurie Huston, Intuitive Soul interview: 8/29/12

Nina spoke about play, being in the now, and embracing our human divinity. Listen to the show here.

Psychic Dilemma with Jenni, radio show on A1R Radio: 8/15/12

Nina spoke about living your own truth, going with the flow of the universe in ease and grace, and human divinity. Listen to the discussion here.

Inspiration from Spirit, radio show with Rev. Lea Chapin: 7/31/12

Nina Brown was interviewed by Lea Chapin. Listen to the interview here.

Spirit of the Dawn Interview: 7/1/2012

Caroline Ra interviewed Nina Brown. They talked about transformation through loss, connecting to the higher self, and the journey of life and evolution on planet Earth. Listen here.