Message from the Golden Dolphins – 5/20/12

Audio of the message delivered at the Earth-Keeper Cosmic Trigger event in Galveston, TX May, 20, 2012. Transcription available here.

Message from the Giza, Egypt Gathering of Golden Dolphins – 2/12/12

Download MP3 Message from the Golden Dolphins February 12, 2012 through Nina Brown Giza, Egypt Transcription Dear ones, we gather in this community of beloved souls. We wish to share with you the Golden Dolphin avatars of Sirius B, our love, our profound appreciation, and we do this as we frolic in this quantum field… Read More

Wisdom Gate Codes – 2/17/12

Message from the Golden Dolphins for Israel and the people of Israel – 2/14/12

Download MP3 Message from the Golden Dolphins February 14, 2012 through Nina Brown Transcription Dear Ones, we come to you now in this sacred space, in the moment of now, in the eternal moment of now, bringing in the frequency, the energy of all of the cosmos, of all of the galactic beings, of all… Read More

Isis energy through us to Egypt — 1/31/12

Nina is now on pilgrimage to Egypt and Israel with the Earth-Keeper’s and shares with us an audio journal entry of a message she received in the night: “This entry is about why this group is in Egypt, to balance the male/female energy for the land and the people of Egypt. Many in the group… Read More

Sound gift from the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance

Download MP3 During the recent Earth-Keeper’s pilgrimage to Sacred Britain, while inside the stunning Rosslyn Chapel, a sound healer named Dendera channeled a message in a cosmic language that sounded beautifully like singing dolphins. James Tyberonn, who lead the pilgrimage shared that this was a message from the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance. No translation is available, it… Read More

Atlanta Earth-Keeper: Messages from the Golden Dolphins

Download MP3 Nina was invited to be a special guest speaker/channel at the ‘Return of the Wind’ Atlanta Earth-Keeper gathering on May 29th. Please note: the recording was cut short. The channeled writings, which were read during the recording are transcribed below. Transcriptions Your Courage, Your Commitment Has Allowed Joy and love to Fill the… Read More