Spring Equinox, 2011: The Inaugural Message from the Golden Dolphins

Download MP3 Transcript Moody Gardens, Galveston, TX, full moon, spring equinox, the inaugural oral channel by Anaya-Ra of the golden dolphin, the highest frequency of the higher self of Anaya-Ra.¹ Dear one, as you prepare, know that all is in order. The frequencies await you. The platform² on which you will stand is golden illumination… Read More

Vladimir’s Translation of the August 7th Paa-Taal Message from the Golden Dolphins

Message from the Golden Dolphins August 7, 2011 through Nina Brown Translation of Paa-Taal by Vladimir Turek Download MP3 Click here to hear the original message in the cosmic language Paa-Taal transmitted by Nina/Anaya-Ra on August 7th. Transcription Dear Friends, It’s our honor to assist you now and here on your journey towards the light.… Read More

August 7th Gathering of Golden Dolphins, Santa Fe

Our third gathering was rich and magical. In retrospect, more information came through this single meeting than anyone could have possibly imagined! First, by popular demand, click here to listen to Matthew Reifslager’s Message from Divine Mother. Matthew’s sharing displayed tremendous wisdom and Divine Mother’s inspiring message was at once moving and humerous, profound and… Read More

London Gathering of Golden Dolphins – August 26, 2011

Download MP3 Transcription [Laughter] I love that! It is a perfect way to begin, in laughter, because the Golden Dolphins say we take ourselves too seriously, so we’re supposed to play. And every one is talking about – not everyone, because I don’t – chaos and what’s going to happen and we’re going to have… Read More

Inaugural Gathering of Golden Dolphins: Message from the Golden Dolphins

Transcript The Inaugural Gathering of Golden Dolphins, Santa Fe, NM, June 5, 2011. Message delivered by Anaya-Ra of the golden dolphin, the highest frequency of the higher self of Anaya-Ra. The reemergence is what we wish to share with you dear ones. We have been with you many times in the past. But this is… Read More

Zodiac Mystery School: Triangle of Light Transmissions

Several Messages from the Golden Dolphins Avatars of Sirius B, Master Sphinx and other Spirit Guides and Teaching Allies During the late summer and early autumn of 2012, Nina Brown and Bob Altzar Djurdjevic (altzar.org and gaiasteward.org) collaborated to bring in messages from the celestial realms on the 22nd “vibrational frequency day” of each month.… Read More

Transformation: The Passing of the Baton

Transcription The end of 2012 is coming soon and I think we all feel it, that there is a transition in energy. The frequencies have shifted. What served us in the past will be transformed, will expand, will express itself differently because the energies that we carry will be different and are different and have… Read More

Nina Brown Presents at The Celebration

Download MP3 Nina Brown presented at The Celebration in Santa Fe, NM on October 9, 2012, sharing the message from the Avatars of Serius B, which is all about human divinity. She said, “You see, I know that you are an individual aspect of all that is. You are me, I am you. And you… Read More

“Adjusting My Reality” online Audio event with Nina Brown

Nina shared the story of her own spiritual transformation through loss of the material and realization of the truest riches that lie within. Through this awakening, she came to recognize and share the understanding that we are “starseeds” that have come to the planet to assist in the upshifting of consciousness and returning to a… Read More

Venus Transit Online Celebration

On June 6, 2012., we experienced the Venus Transit and the full return of the Golden Dolphin energies on planet earth. To celebrate, Nina hosted a free web event and shared the Legend of the Golden Dolphin, which came through Peter Shenstone, in Australia in 1976 and has been preserved by Scott Taylor, also from… Read More