August 7th Gathering of Golden Dolphins, Santa Fe

Our third gathering was rich and magical. In retrospect, more information came through this single meeting than anyone could have possibly imagined! First, by popular demand, click here to listen to Matthew Reifslager’s Message from Divine Mother. Matthew’s sharing displayed tremendous wisdom and Divine Mother’s inspiring message was at once moving and humerous, profound and… Read More

The Release of Your Individual Codes to The Stones of Rosslyn Chapelー9-3-11

Dear one, with joyous hearts and vibrant tones we share with you the majesty of this moment in celestial time keeping. You and the others have presented in the timeless now after eons of timeless waiting. Now exactly, now is the transfer of the frequency of codes that have been long awaited by the stones… Read More

The Dimensional Shift, is Truly Here and Cannot Be Stoppedー8/12/11

We greet you warmly, dear ones, today this auspicious day of the unfolding of quantum reality. There is no marker on your calendar to alert you to the importance of this astrological moment, but we are present to inform you that because of the frequency of pure love and light on your planet now, that… Read More

The Gold Vibration of Your Divinity Is Who You Areー3/29/11

We welcome you to our gathering, dear one. The golden pod has gathered to be with you each time you write or speak. We will infuse the messenger with a golden light, which will activate the pineal gland, thus allowing a deeper remembering of ancient wisdom long forgotten by humanity. The ancient wisdom will always… Read More

Valuable Tools for the Newly Emerging Golden Dolphin Awarenessー3/31/11

We honor you, dear one, for listening so carefully in the early morning during lucid dream state. We more easily can communicate at that time of alpha state, for your mind is clear, your movements are calm and the intention is focused on connecting to your higher self. We wish to share during this waking… Read More

Communication from the Golden Dolphins about June 6th

Communication – the Golden Dolphin Gold Matrix will begin a quantum thread of superconductive communication between the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B and the new ambassadors of their fully present energy on planet earth. This will occur on the Venus Transit. “Astrologically, Venus represents our relationships with others. Communication is a major factor in… Read More

Golden Dolphin Q&A

Posing questions is an potent way to work with the quantum field and your higher-self for insight, inspiration and manifestation. Nina does not typically answer personal questions because, truly, all answers lie within. Primarily, this is a place where Nina answers general questions as well as asks questions of her own. Please feel free to… Read More

Cosmic Tips from the S.T.A.R. Clinic Team

Cosmic Tip #1: Quantum Clearing of Your Holographic Field Sit comfortably or lie down. Ground to Gaia.* Move your conscious awareness into the quantum DNA field (see The Twelve Layers of DNA by Lee Carroll.) Open your perineum as an exit point for toxins to be transported to Gaia for transmutation. Start at the left… Read More

London Gathering of Golden Dolphins – August 26, 2011

Download MP3 Transcription [Laughter] I love that! It is a perfect way to begin, in laughter, because the Golden Dolphins say we take ourselves too seriously, so we’re supposed to play. And every one is talking about – not everyone, because I don’t – chaos and what’s going to happen and we’re going to have… Read More

Inaugural Gathering of Golden Dolphins: Message from the Golden Dolphins

Transcript The Inaugural Gathering of Golden Dolphins, Santa Fe, NM, June 5, 2011. Message delivered by Anaya-Ra of the golden dolphin, the highest frequency of the higher self of Anaya-Ra. The reemergence is what we wish to share with you dear ones. We have been with you many times in the past. But this is… Read More