Move into Your Sovereignty with Ease and Grace – 9/29/12 (full moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, there is a shift that is to be made today in the integration of new codes. There will be those who read this and choose to postpone the gift, but the rest will accept. We honor all who are reading this message and ask you to… Read More

Yes, Even Mt. Shasta is Your Creation, for You are That Mighty – 9/22/12 (fall equinox, at the foot of Mt. Shasta)

Dear ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies, we welcome you all in the quantum field that has been created at the foot of the mighty mountain that stands before you, if you are physically present or if you are ethericly present. Mt. Shasta welcomes you on this fall equinox of 2012, a year of transformation… Read More

Our Desire is for the Full Remembering of Our Origin to be Awakened – 9/23/12 (Panther Meadow, Mt. Shasta)

The message that we, the Lemurians of Mt. Shasta, wish to transmit through the messenger is that we live, we breathe, we love and we cherish life. We cherish life that is pure and radiates with the harmonics of the divine Creator. This is our heritage, this is our memory of our first incarnation on… Read More

Dream with Integrity, Intention and Imagination to Create – 9/15/12 (new moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, today we come to you in the frequency of the new moon, with new information. As the moon begins to grow and unfold its image to the planet over the next few days, so too will our information grow in the hearts of those with a… Read More

You are Becoming a Crystalline Adam/Eve Kadman – 9/8/12

The light, dear ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, is what we wish to talk about this radiant morning. You look outside the window and see clouds or you see rain, and we say that this morning is radiant. We speak about the quality of light that is entering the planet and… Read More

Only You Can Do the Inner Alchemy Work That You Came to the Planet to Experience — 8/31/12 (blue moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, we greet you this auspicious day when the full moon appears twice in the same calendar month. We choose the frequencies of this day to address you, as it is a celebration. You ask with anticipation, “What are we celebrating?” We are celebrating you. Do you… Read More

This is the Secret that is No Longer a Secret – 8/17/12 (new moon)

Dear ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies now fully planted on planet earth. You are the reason this has been possible. You are the anchor and the nurturer of the new energies of the new Earth. We come to you today in the frequencies of this month’s new moon to share with you what you… Read More

There is a Block to be Removed Today – 8/2/12 (full moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies, we come to you this day with one of the most critical messages we have imparted. As we all, galactic, cosmic and planetary beings of light, approach with excitement and anticipation the famed date of ending and beginning in December, 2012, we have news to share. We bring a… Read More

The Core of The Expression of The New Earth is Both Play and The Now Moment – 7/18/12 (new moon)

Dear ambassadors of the Golden Dolphin energies, we welcome you into the new phase of the moon’s cycle, a time of beginnings, of new, or the potential for change. On this occasion, we come to you to speak of the “Now Moment of Time.” You have read much on this subject, and we ask that… Read More

This is the New Earth, Dear Ones. Do You See It? – 7/3/12 (full moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies, we honor you and wish you to know that by receiving the energy from Sirius B, you are now merged with the golden dolphin aspect of you in wholeness. You might ask, “What will this mean in my life?” We tell you that it will mean an expanded awareness… Read More