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S.T.A.R. AH-HA! Sessions with Nina Brown



The time is now to show the world who you are! Do you feel, in the energy of the new 26,000-year cycle, that you are ready to make the leap? You have listened, contemplated and do you now know, that you ARE a divine human? Are you ready to believe and own your divinity?

In a session with Nina, you will be inspired to accept that you are indeed not only a divine human but a sovereign being, creator of your experiences. From that perspective, you can start to become the fascinated observer of all you manifest and move into the octaves of grace and ease.

In these sessions, we begin with exploration of the four foundational pillars to identify and observe where you are with:

  1. Accepting your human divinity
  2. The octave of self-love
  3. Living in the now
  4. Living the Expanded Golden Rule (do unto all creation what you would have all of creation do unto you.)

After this exploration, Nina will hand you the “magic wand of the sovereign being,” the four S.T.A.R. principles:

1. Surrender 2. Trust 3. Allow 4. Receive

Nina is not your typical guru or coach, instead by means of focused listening and targeted questions, she assists you with expanding your understanding until your definition of each principle transforms.

You will:

  1. “Fall in love” with the word “surrender.”
  2. Discover that it is no longer about which acquaintance you are to “trust,” but that the trust is in your innate knowing.
  3. Relax into accepting the flow of life expressing in each chosen experience.
  4. Receive, filled with appreciation and gratitude, from the multi-dimensional field what is always perfect for your soul’s growth on the spiral of life.

AH-HA, happens when you become the fascinated observer of each experience that presents, knowing that the power that exists is within YOU, the sovereign being, creator of your unique reality.

Includes an MP3 recording and a digital copy of Nina’s exclusive “Emancipation Proclamation of Human Divinity.”

“Nina, I am so fortunate to have been able to take advantage of your skilled consulting. Even though I myself am a coach, a teacher of S.T.A.R., and someone who has long been on the Spiritual Path, sometimes I get hung up, and then your insight and guidance always help me. I have experienced remarkable energetic realignments as we talked and received insightful comments and pointers to think over later. Thank-you!”
Rhoda Mitchell, Life/Manifestation Coach & Career Counselor