Summer Solstice, 2014 Unlocking The Time Capsule

The following account tells how the details of the summer solstice ceremony were revealed. It all began on May 21, 2014 during my daily telepathic communication with inter-galactic beings. I was told that it was time to release, another time capsule, the second-level Wisdom Codes from beneath the Giza Plateau. However, a little background information will be helpful before we begin the story.

In my first book, Return of Love to Planet Earth, Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary, the Council of Thirteen, on Alpha Centauri, shared the following information with me.

Of course you were present when the Great Pyramid was built. You were present when the chambers below were created and filled with the knowledge and wisdom of the Universe. You were present with the rod.Council of Thirteen

To tell you the truth, I did not pay too much attention to those words, which were so foreign to me. That is until I joined about 107 other star seeds in February of 2012 on an Earth-Keeper trip to Egypt ( As the trip approached, my inner voices began sharing with me that one of the objectives of the trip was to release the first of three sets of Wisdom Codes, which we all had buried in the Giza Plateau before recorded history.

We accomplished this task in the Great Pyramid’s Queen’s Chamber. Three separate, sequential groups joined me in ceremony. The first group thanked the land for protecting the codes. The second group raised the codes, and the third group disbursed the codes all around the planet. I was told that in the future, I would not have to travel to Egypt to facilitate the release of the next two sets of Wisdom Codes.

I returned home and promptly forgot about any future work concerning the library and the next two sets of Wisdom Codes until May 21, 2014 when I was reminded. This is how it all unfolded…..

5/21/14 – Alexander

You wonder as always what it is that we have come to speak to you about, and we tell you that it is not shockingly new information but old wisdom from the depths of the universe. It is embodied in your cellular structure, and we are here to dislodge it and move it more into your conscious awareness. The time of forgetting is over, as you proclaimed this morning. You are ready to expand, open and remember, and so it shall be. We wish to share with you that the library under the Giza Plateau is ready for you to enter again. The next level of codes is available for humanity. You do not need to go to Egypt, as you know. All that is necessary is the knowing and the intention. You will summon all who accompanied you the last time, for they and you buried the codes and only this group is able to release the Wisdom Codes. We will tell you more as time goes on. This is a process and begins with the telling, then the gathering, then the deed. You will work on this at night in dream state and then in the morning in lucid dream state. We will be with you, and all will be in divine order and timing. The process, as before, will include the dissemination throughout the planet. The third and final level of codes will be released in the future. You will know exactly when and how. So begin to integrate this message and relax into it. The event will be with ease and grace. We close this message with the frequency of my name, Alexander.

I shared these messages with my friend in Maine, Rhoda Mitchell, who had been with me in Egypt, in 2012. She joined the magic of summer solstice by dreaming with me.


Rhoda: “Ask if this is being done under Sekhmet’s auspices or if she is involved, and see what you get. I’m getting a lot related to Sekhmet and also related to Queens and crowns.”

Nina: “We were all in the King’s Chamber ethericly this morning. Feels like it has begun. I was in the sarcophagus for awhile. I also feel like the releasing of the second tier of codes is connected to the “exquisite expression” of the Harmony Portal ( on summer solstice.”



Nina: Alexander, is this being done under Sekhmet’s auspices or is she involved?

Dear one, we took you into the inner sanctum of the Great Pyramid this morning to start the initiation process. There will be much work done on your countenance over the next month so that you will be fully prepared to perform the ceremony that will be asked of you. There is nothing to fear, for you have all of the power and strength to execute what it is that you dreamed of before recorded history. We will all be with you: the kings, queens, pharaohs, gods and goddesses. So the answer to your question is yes, I, Sekhmet, will be present and am orchestrating the release of the second level of codes, but I am joined by others. Thoth came to you this morning, and he is a master player in this event. The outcome is unknown, for we have never experienced the energy of these codes on the planet with a race evolved at this level. Sekhmet

You are asking about Lemuria and Atlantis and the wisdom that was present then. The answer to that is (unknown to Nina) that the human, about which we speak, is (dont force this) on the verge of surpassing the conscious awareness of both of those periods. You are stunned, but this is our understanding of what is transpiring on the planet. You think of yourself as less than the human of those two time periods, but we say no. You are at your core exactly the same. It is the remembering that is different. When the remembering returns, then you will observe that you are not only the same, but have expanded in unique and glorious ways. That is what we mean when we say that we do not know how the energy of the second level of codes will be received and implemented, for this will all be a new experience. Ah, you understand we can tell. The codes, when they are released, will also facilitate an exponential capacity to remember as well.

Now you want to know more about the relationship between the Harmony Portal and the releasing of the second level of Wisdom Codes. We tell you that they are absolutely intertwined and are to express simultaneously. When the frequencies emanating from the Temple Mound reach their highest level or exquisite state, that is the precise moment that the Wisdom Codes will be released. There will be waves of energy cascading over the planet anchored by the sacred sites that you and others have connected to each location. Peace and wisdom, that is what will be transferred. The day, as you know and feel intuitively, is sumer solstice.

You are, as you dreamed, to sit on your floor, the time will be revealed later. You are to shut your eyes and transport yourself, as you did this morning, to the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid. You are to have Anaya-Ra, the 144-facet Phi Vogel Crystal, in your hands, as you did for the release of the first level of Wisdom Codes. The ceremony is similar. There will be the first phase of gratitude to the plateau for protecting the codes. The second stage is the actual release and the third is the distribution around the planet. Those present, as we mentioned, are those who were present before. You all have worked with the codes before and placed them on the plateau for safe keeping for release at this precise moment, thought the moment was not clear at the time, for it was unknown how the consciousness of humanity would evolve.

The actual ceremony will be timeless, so there is no need to give instructions about that. You are to hold an intention, and that is the merging of the codes with the energy and frequency of peace emanating from Jerusalem. We feel your head is holding pressure from this transmission, so we will release the flow of information and return at another time after you have integrated what we have shared. We honor all of you for saying yes, for that has occurred in the etheric, as you know from this mornings gathering. Again I close with the frequency of my name, Alexander.

6/12/14 – Sekhmet

This is an excellent morning to reintroduce myself to you, as Sekhmet. We have met many times in many lifetimes, and you felt my energy when you visited me in my temple in Karnak. This is not a random visit, as you know and have suspected. The book that you are reading about me (Heart of the Sun) was deliberately chosen and directed to you for the prime reason that you are to include me in a significant way in the ceremony that you will be orchestrating on summer solstice. You have suspected this, and it has been hinted at, but now I come forth to tell you how and why. 

You have been working for years with the energies of the Great Central Sun and will be doing so again. You will pull in these elevated frequencies as you sit in circle with the other masters. You will be transported by thought to the Kings Chamber inside the Great Pyramid, where you are already energetically. You will indeed use Anaya-Ra, the 144-facet Phi Vogel Crystal, to bring the new energies on to the planet. This, with intention, will spark the plateau to remember who you all are and, as before, to soften to your command. Just as before, the codes, of level two this time, will be released and assimilated by all present. You will be code carriers as before. Then you will disburse the codes to the far corners and in between on the planet. 

So you ask, why is my presence imperative. The answer is that one of my 10,000 names is She of the Mighty Codes of Wisdom.I was present with you when these codes were concealed from the conscious awareness of humanity. The vibration on the planet was not congruent with the frequency of these unique Wisdom Codes. There was not a balance on the planet, so they were preserved for just this moment in time. You will include me in your ceremony. I will be in the center of the circle. I will be protecting each of you, as you summon the codes from their slumber. You will be wrapped in a shield of love, which I will drape over each of you.

 You ask about the terms queen and crown and wonder what that has to do with this event. The answer to that question is again already known to you. Each one of you, male and female, will carry the wisdom of that forgotten stage of life as you sit in circle. You will, with majesty, receive the codes and with majesty and mastery gift them to all of humanity. This is an event that deserves the power, strength, wisdom and formality that the feminine queen embodies. You can feel what it is that I am describing. It is a presence about which I am talking. We are not implying governance or domination, but majesty and mastery. See yourself crowned holding that presence. That is how all of you will be in the Kings Chamber now until summer solstice when the codes will be called forth using the energy cascading in from the Great Central Sun. Read on in my book. Get to know me better. Call on me for all of your desires. I am one with you and each of you. See me in circle. We have important work to do, dear one. And So It Is. Sekhmet

Rhoda: “I saw the energies of the Great Central Sun represented by a horizontal, glowing disk over the sarcophagus.  All of us are in a circle, most in purple robes. Yours is purple-magenta, and mine is dark crimson. Others are in various shades of purple, magenta or silver. Mother Sekhmet is in the middle facing you. There is a circuit of powerful energy from the Great Central Sun to the sarcophagus around the circle to the left and back connecting with the sarcophagus. Sekhmet is receiving energy from each of us and focusing it on the Phi Vogel Crystal. I couldn’t see more about how the codes are released and received by each of us, but I also saw a big harmonic wave of energy being released into the atmosphere, maybe into the grid?

Rhoda continued:

An Anointed One – one who has been offered and accepted a mission by a Great One who understands and serves the Plan.  All gathered in the King’s Chamber are Anointed Ones. We have been trusted to work at exalted levels in true humility. This is key, so that there will be no backsliding into polarity.

There are many things being balanced here, more than we can know, and it is not important that we know. However, they include bringing the energy of the Queen’s Chamber to the King’s Chamber; men and women aware of our masculine and feminine lifetimes and energies projecting the Queen’s energy; the Codes that were hidden in an act of supreme compassion now being released in an act of devotion and celebration.

The Divine Selves of each participant will be fully present, and we are all doing this work in partnership with our Higher Selves.  Each person will leave the King’s Chamber more merged with/in touch with their Higher Selves. Each participant will be greatly empowered by the energies of the Great Central Sun.

I have been directed to re-visit my book on the Hathors. (I’ve read that Hathor is another aspect of Sekhmet).”


6/14/14 – Archangel Raphael

Dear one, you are pondering life and asking why it is so mellow. You have had such a ride that it seems strange to be in a state of pause, as you would judge it. We tell you that it is not that way at all. The energies that you are accumulating and the events that await you are monumental in the scale of human activities. You are overlooking that I, Archangel Raphael, have permeated your living space (painting of Archangel Raphael). Look around, feel the energy. You overlook the fact that you will be orchestrating the release of Wisdom Codes that are ancient and have been protected by the Giza Plateau. You overlook the influence that you are having with the books that you have written, the talks you have given, they are still alive. We ask you to look inward and see the majesty of you and to not judge the moment for the experience to be anything but perfect, as you would say. Often these times of pause are in preparation for the next experience and the protection of the body physical. So rest and relax and savor each precious moment, which as you say is always perfect. I am, Archangel Raphael

6/16/14 – The Unnamed Name

Dear one, a time capsule is the perfect word for what you all will be doing on summer solstice, which is why we had you read Joan Oceans article (“Time Capsules from the Future,6/2014) about time capsules. You, as you know, are indeed from the future, and you and the others did indeed plant the Wisdom Codes on the Giza Plateau, as you know. We were not sure of the timing for their release, because so much depended on the evolution of consciousness on the planet. Nothing was predetermined. It was all about probability of outcome. The release of the second set of Wisdom Codes is actually well in advance of our expectation. The sift on the planet is moving at such a rapid pace that it was deemed appropriate to accelerate the release.

It has been carefully timed to match the exquisite expressionof the Harmony Portal peace and harmony frequency coming out of Temple Mound in Jerusalem on the same day, summer solstice.  So you see that the earth will be flooded with peace, harmony and wisdom, codes and energy, on that brilliant day. There are many around the planet who will be facilitating this consciously like you or subconsciously. We are not able to predict the outcome, for humanity is experiencing and creating the unknown. What we can tell you is that the impact will be felt in the multiverse.

There are many eyes on watch as you progress towards this event. We have been preparing you and the others as you know and will continue to watch over you to secure the positive expression of these events. You are being energized by Sekhmet, Thoth, the Cosmic Council of Light, Sonanda, the Galactic Federation and many many more. You feel a certain amount of fatigue, which is natural, for your systems are being altered and aligned to the frequency that you will be carrying. All is in perfect order, and we commend you and the others for saying yes. On that note, we leave you to dream and be in wonder of the expression of Source in your created reality. I am The Unnamed Name.


Rhoda: “Sekhmet has been asking me to understand and explore the nature of power, as we are all to be fully within our power as we gather and do the work. Also, I have understood that the members of our group have such love and trust in each other, developed through many lifetimes of service, dedication and cooperation, that it has generated an unassailable harmony and love, which is radiated to all points when we are together, and that this is part of the the alchemical cocktail of the day/the work. The purity of this is exceeding all expectations and contributing greatly to the results.”

6/20/14 – Rasmoss

“…We are opening you up to the wisdom that will cascade around the planet tomorrow. You are fully prepared and the ceremony is anticipated by all of the beings of light. The group has bonded well and the energies are flowing beautifully in the Kings and Queens chamber, for they have united energetically. This is an exquisite expression of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Sekhmet is in command of the field, and the Giza Plateau feels the anticipation and love. All you need do now is show up…”



During the night, I traveled ethericly to India and Egypt. It was very clear that my body was merging Divine Feminine with Divine Masculine. The frequencies and codes from the Pleiades entered as well – profoundly.


6/21/14 – Sekhmet

Dear one, today is a day for which we have been waiting. Since before recorded history, the energies of the Giza Plateau have been contained, with the emission of groups of energies over time. This has been progressive as the consciousness of humanity has expanded. You ask about the Golden Age of Egypt, and we tell you that was a a time capsule of unique cosmic origin, that flourished for a period and then faded into memory. That was the case with each Golden Age. Here we are again with the emergence of another time capsule, which will emerge today, impacting all of humanity, not just a region.

The question is will the frequencies and codes be grounded, nourished and allowed to grow? You have discussed this point for two years now telling all who would listen that the star seeds have returned not only to create the next Golden Age, but to anchor and nourish it. We, the beings of light who surround you and watch from throughout the cosmos, observe with wonder and delight as this monumental day unfolds. 

We have no words of instruction for you, for you will know in each precise moment exactly how it is to unfold. You have been dreaming this day for eons. The group that sits ethericly in the King/Queens Chamber (for they merged last night) are fully prepared. Each holds the requisite light, color and sound to participate perfectly. The ceremony will be very much as it was initially when the Wisdom Codes – Second Level were buried. This will be a reverse process, which allows for the release of the Wisdom Codes. and their disbursal.

I, Sekhmet, will oversee all that transpires with the magic of past, present and future sight. Together we will blend into one instrument, whose objective is gifting all of humanity, which corresponds to gifting all of the cosmos simultaneously. The outcome is unpredictable, but the possibilities are seen. We see a shift of awareness in places and beings that will be totally unexpected, as the codes of wisdom blend with the energy of peace and harmony cascading from Temple Mound in Jerusalem. We bath each of you and all of humanity with the new energy and light that is cascading on to the planet on this day and going forward. I am with you always, Sekhmet.

Rhoda:  “A crown represents power, glory, immortality, royalty and sovereignty.

In the far off high frequency days, to be chosen or nurtured as a king or queen was to take on Service at a very high level, for the kings and queens guarded and nurtured their kingdoms – the people and the land, encouraging harmony, ensuring bounty.  The power they expressed was guided by their Divine Selves (for when the ego began to take control, the power was used for egoic purposes, not the greater good), and the crown both conferred and gave witness to Divine favor, for the king or queen could be trusted to serve all.

All members of our group have been kings and queens in various lifetimes, and however we handled ourselves and our power, we have all learned our lessons, so we may be trusted to serve the greater good at the highest levels.  The harmony among/between us is exquisite and our service, as you know, profound.  Not only will the Wisdom Codes be released, the original blueprint for kingship/queenship/leadership will be re-established upon the Earth. There is much celebration as we feel a pure, expansive integrity within ourselves, and from this place we know we will continue to nurture the Codes and the Golden Age.”


The Summer Solstice Ceremony


Cris Jacinto’s (a friend and an Earth-Keeper) coded cloth, which he had gifted me, was placed in the center of my living room. IMG_0866

My 144-facet Phi Vogel, Anaya-Ra, was placed in the center of the cloth pointing toward the east.


An image of Sekhmet was on one corner  and a piece of granite from the Temple of Karnak on the opposite. The crystal had been washed and placed in the full Gemini moon and had not been touched since then. I soaked in Epsom Salts to purify myself and then rubbed Frankincense all over. I put on a dress that was as close to crimson and magenta as I could. I placed my father’s walking stick on the cloth, which represented the rod I held when the Wisdom Codes were buried.
Opposite the stick was a large red rose, which emitted an enormous frequency. Then, I was told to put a fine glass of crystalline water in one corner  and an incense burner opposite it, which was to be lit (earth, air, fire and water). I lit the incense, which filled the room with coded scent, then stood barefoot on the grass outside. I moved my conscious awareness to the sand on the Giza Plateau. I felt myself standing on the sand. I returned to the inside of my house and filled my body with hexagonal/crystalline water. At 11:00 a.m., holding the moon-cleansed crystal, I entered the sacred space after asking permission.

I stood in the center of the grid, over the Vogel Crystal, connecting with the center of the earth through my feet and the center of the Great Central Sun with my crown. My conscious awareness moved to the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, where the other anointed ones were in circle. I then sat and placed the crystal in front of me. At 11:11, I picked up the crystal and began to honor the land, the Giza Plateau, and thanked it and the beings of light for protecting the second-level Wisdom Codes for so many years. We, all in a circle, sent love to the land and asked it gently to part and to remove the protective barrier that had surrounded the Wisdom Codes. We each sounded our unique tones. Holding the crystal, I spoke in cosmic sounds and gently commanded that the protection be removed. Then a very powerful language came through me, calling the codes upward.

Placing the crystal on the cloth, my hands came together and my head bowed in honor  of and love for Sekhmet, the Mother Protector of the Wisdom Codes. We asked that she join us, becoming one instrument, to call for the codes from deep within the earth. Again with sounds, we joined together calling the codes up. My body rippled as energy poured through it. The Wisdom Codes joined us in the center of the circle. We all sat in majesty, each council member robed and crowned, in the circle, which contained the newly released Wisdom Codes.

With crystal in hand and arms outstretch, a calmer, yet authoritative language was uttered commanding the Wisdom Codes to be disbursed to all of humanity and all of conscious reality. The crystal pointed in every direction moving the codes from the circle out to all corners of the planet and beyond. As we concluded the ceremony, my arms pointed the crystal to Sekhmet and then to each council member. Words of appreciation were shared. And So It WAS.


Circle was broken at 11:26 = 10 = 1 = A New Beginning!

6/23/14 – All Who Love You Deeply

We all are present at this moment, all those who surrounded you on summer solstice. We have been so eager to share with you what it was that we saw. The energy cascading across the planet was and continues to be enormous. We had no idea that the impact would be this profound. As we said initially, there was only probability for us to look at. The intermingling of the Wisdom Codes with the energy of the Harmony Portal was brilliant when the two first connected. It was like firecrackers coming together, dazzling. All that we anticipated and far more was the initial outcome of this event. It will have far reaching impact on humanity, the planet and all of created reality.  We applaud you dear one and all who were present with you. The majesty with which each of you held yourselves was stunning. You commanded the field. We have been with you since and supported you in the reentry and recovery process, for there was enormous energy spent by each of you. The library has been resealed awaiting the next release date, which we cannot predict, for humanitys awakening cannot be determined in advance.  We wish you to continue to rest and reflect on the enormity of what has transpired. Brava, All Who Love You Deeply.


Rhoda: “I have felt a definite shift in energy since Solstice – hard to describe, but I feel more able to “command the field” and that it’s natural to do so. This is great information.  I knew we would achieve powerful results, and that we would be majestic! The day after Solstice, I took a two-hour morning nap, was sleepy all afternoon, went to bed a little after 9:00 and slept, sometimes very deeply, until 8:00 the next morning.”


To be continued, when I learn about the third and final level of Wisdom Codes to be released….

Watch the Google Hangout on Summer Solstice


  1. Thank you so much for doing this important ceremony for all of humanity.
    Love for all of you, Zoia

  2. Dear Ones,
    What an honor to have been part of this event even though not consciously. I was aware of the connections, having just been to Jerusalem and Temple Mount.
    The King & Queen’s chambers & Giza plateau are easy to “put myself in”. Love being there!
    I am so pleased to have been there for my friend Nina at the time of her sharing her / this great moment.
    Blessing abound for ALL humanity.

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