The Mighty Power of One

IMG_1923A very powerful intention fills me with joy and excitement—“I intend to touch every person on the planet with the S.T.A.R. philosophy!” As an expert on this philosophy, I have surrendered (S) the intention, trusted (T), allowed (A) and am receiving (R)with appreciation and gratitude. Let me tell you how my intention recently began to manifest.

A woman popped into my life five years ago as a client, on Skype, for just one hour. I never dreamt that those sixty minutes together would change my life and the lives of many, many others, so dramatically. My publisher, Ja-lene Clark, of Gather Insight told me once, “We are only one person away from a change in our destiny.” Sameeta Nanjiani, from Mumbai, India, turned out to be one of those people for me. The short summary of this story is that approximately one million people (and growing) in India know about the S.T.A.R. philosophy.

Why is my story important to tell? Because we never know how we impact another person’s destiny. Sameeta had NO idea a year ago that sharing my name and contact with a young man in Australia would have so many repercussions. But that introduction is how the spigot was turned on.

“Sameeta, do you know a Master in the West that we might invite to the seventh Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS) being held in Pyramid Valley in October of 2014?” asked Pradeep Vijay.

“Yes, Nina Brown.” replied Sameeta.

Those were the catalytic words spoken that shook the cosmos and changed the course of my life.

The magic began after the GCSS Review Committee formally extended an invitation to me to be one of the few international presenters for the 2014 congress to be held in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid in Pyramid Valley. Well, I was thrilled and began to organize my presentation of the S.T.A.R. philosophy, which focuses on seeing creation through the eyes of the Creator. My co-author, Kristy Sweetland, and I would have our new book, S.T.A.R. Philosophy Fascinated Observers Guide published right at that time, so I could include that material as well. To my utter surprise, there was another entirely different reason for me to be going to the pyramid in India. This is how I discovered what was occurring behind the scenes.

July 21st, I sat quietly at my computer early in the morning, as I do each day. I emptied my thoughts and allowed a telepathic message to come in from inter-galactic beings. What I wrote that morning began as,

“The time has come and is now for us to discuss in greater detail the trip to India. You have only the beginning notion of the vital importance of this trip and how it will impact the consciousness of humanity…”

As the detailed information came through day after day, the energy was too much for me to hold alone, so I sent the transmissions out to three people to “Please witness.” I did not ask for comments, only for them to hold the energy with me. The messages went to my publisher, my co-author and Pradeep in Australia, I thought.

Well to my surprise, Pradeep shared All of the messages with the Founder of GCSS, Patriji, when they met on travel in Singapore. Patriji told me later that he knew he had built the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid for an important reason, but he had not known what that was until he read my transmissions. He was so sure of the truth of each message that he sent them off to his staff and said, “Make this known everywhere we have a voice.” I later learned that was to about one million people around the globe!

There were four major points that were being communicated by the inter-galactic beings:

  1. I was to be a receiver and transmitter of codes that would unlock dormant DNA in humanity
  2. I was to be a receiver and transmitter of codes from the Galactic Federation to the 144,000 Ascended Masters on the planet
  3. At a precise time and location in the pyramid, I was to facilitate Earth being accepted as a member of the Galactic Federation
  4. At that exact time, the Galactic Federation would be accepted as a member of the Multi-Verse Federation of Galaxies.

Detailed information was given about where to go, what to say and with whom I was to interact. (All of this information is archived at

Well…guess what? Two thousand people showed up in person on the appointed day, October 2, 2014, which was also Gandhi’s birthday! What amazed me was that EVERYBODY knew who I was and exactly why I had come to India. Articles had been written about my work, the S.T.A.R. philosophy and of course excerpts from the many transmissions were included. For those who could not make the trip to Pyramid Valley, outside of Bangalore, many went to the Maheshware Maha Pyramid, outside of Hyderabad, to connect energetically to the ceremony. Actually, there were people all over the planet that tuned in and supported the event energetically.

While all of this magic was occurring, my book, S.T.A.R. Philosophy, was being published by Soul Management Services ( and made available in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid’s bookstore for the thousands of visitors that it receives each year. I learned that 98 copies sold the first month!

But, there is more, Patriji told me that he would have S.T.A.R Philosophy translated into Telugu, the southern India dialect that is spoken by the 50,000 people who gathered at the Maheshware Maha Pyramid on December 18, 2014. I was told the translation and printing could happen that quickly! I was given a copy of Dhyanaudhrapradesh Magazine, which featured an eight-page article on my reason for visiting India. It was written in Telugu and went out to 100,000 people free of charge. The editor told me that the next issue would have an article focused on S.T.A.R. Philosophy!

Several interviews took place while I was in Pyramid Valley, but one of the most amazing things was that I was able to sign a book for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and give it to a new friend, who would see that he got it. My dream of course is that the S.T.A.R. philosophy will make its way into global politics. That is what S.T.A.R. is ALL about: have an intention, surrender it to the space of infinity, trust the sovereign self to run the show, allow the intention to expand and receive with appreciation and gratitude what will always be the perfect experience.

Seven years ago, one hour with Sameeta set in motion events that shook the cosmos and changed my destiny. Isn’t “the power of one” fascinating!


Nina Brown, a cum laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College, is retired from a successful career as president of a company she formed to assist women in establishing business enterprises. She is founder of Gathering of Golden Dolphins and the S.T.A.R. Clinic ( Nina is the author of Return of Love to Planet Earth, Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary ( and S.T.A.R. Philosophy, which gives readers wisdom to awaken and remember their divinity. Its guide, S.T.A.R. Philosophy Fascinated Observers Guide, co-authored with Kristy Sweetland, is also available exclusively through


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