Mother’s Earrings: The Miracle

Perhaps it was fifty years ago, perhaps more, that my mother, Lanta, bought a pair of gold, sapphire and diamond earrings. I remember them as having been purchased from an estate sale, so they might be even older. The diameter of each is about three quarters of an inch and the shape can be described as a circle of overlapping leaves. There are eight tiny sapphires around the circumference and five more in the center surrounding a tiny diamond. The earrings are really elegant, but so was mother.

Mother was raised in Millsboro, Delaware, a quiet little town with a 5 & 10 Cent Store, where I was allowed to buy 10 cent comic books when we visited my grandparents. Nothing would have kept mother in Millsboro as a young adult, so off to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she went to study nursing at Bryn Mawr Hospital.

I don¹t remember the details of how she met my father, Alexander Brown. That meeting opened up a door to a life of Philadelphia society, nights at the orchestra, lavish parties – all that I am sure mother had dreamed of receiving. As Lanta and Alex’s daughter, all of proper Philadelphia became part of my life as well, until I made a different choice.

So here I am now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the proud owner of the antique gold, sapphire and diamond earrings. I have come to understand that in Santa Fe, one can wear blue jeans with a diamond tiara to the opera! Anything goes. That is why I felt at ease putting on mother’s earrings last Friday to join three friends for lunch at Tribes Coffee House, at the other side of town from where I live.

The lunch was fun especially since my friend, Kathleen, came early and sat across from me. It was an intimate fifteen minutes before the others arrived, during which she shared with me that day was to be her last day of employment. She was venturing off on her own, surrendering and trusting that her decision would allow her to receive the manifestation of her dreams with ease and grace. Home I went after an hour or so, nourished by good food and good friendship.

Then it started.

I passed by the bathroom mirror and saw to my horror that my left ear was naked! My heart sank, and so did I, into my red leather chair to think. What was I to do? What was I to think? Was there a new way to process this experience? My immediate feeling was of being trapped, since the reason I had returned home so quickly was to receive the technician from Paradigm Computer Networx. My new printer had been resisting me. I had to let go and call in a professional for help connecting it to the wifi network, and he was upstairs doing just that.

There I sat and sat and sat waiting and processing. Ah, I could email Kathleen, who was completing her last day of work and ask if I had two or one earring on during our lunch together.

“Kathleen, I am SO excited about the next phase of your journey!

Did I have two earrings on during lunch?”

No point in doing anything until I had that vital clue solved. I did call the coffee house. The wait staff, who had cleaned our table, answered the phone. He took down my number in case an earring showed up.

As I waited to hear back from Kathleen, I began to ask myself if I could call on the quantum field to inform me of the location of my missing earring. An image came to me over time. I saw myself standing next to the door of my white, 2010, Prius, in the parking lot across from Tribes. It is a very busy parking lot, since it serves several other restaurants as well as the Regal Santa Fe Stadium 14 movie theater.

The next morning I went to my computer early to look for a message from Kathleen.

“Thanks Nina, me too, yes you did have two earrings on during lunch as I was admiring them.”

It was six thirty in the morning and would be an easy drive across town. In about twenty minutes I pulled into the empty parking lot and stopped the car a few spaces away from where I had parked the day before. I got out of the car and followed my intuition. My head was down and my eyes scanned the asphalt. Nothing.

Then the early morning sun reflected off of something on the blacktop. It caught my eye, and I headed straight towards the tiny glimmer. There it was and It was in perfect condition! I don’t know what kind of neuropeptides rushed through me, but they felt delicious. There was something inside of me that felt whole again. It was as if I had found my lost friend, a friend that held so many shared memories. Such appreciation! Such gratitude!

I got into my car and drove north to the Any Time Gym for my daily workout. While walking on the treadmill, I pondered if asking the quantum field for help had changed the possible outcome of my experience. My will had been that the energy of the earring would act as a magnet drawing me to it. It appears that is exactly what happened. Now I am asking, “If this was possible, how else can I shift my reality by means of my thoughts and my words?” Just how powerful are we?

Or perhaps, it was my mother who was responsible. Had I felt and followed her guidance? What I know for sure is that it was an AMAZING experience, which has allowed me to explore more deeply who I am as the author of my reality!


  1. Judith sanford says

    What a beautiful experience to follow and ask for help in finding the earring. I believe we, collectively, have this vast network available to all of us so happy you tapped into your highly developed intuitive side. Blessings, shaffia

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