I AM: The Oppressor and The Oppressed

Recently I had a session with Annie, my Nurse Practitioner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She put straps around my ankles, wrists and head, which were connected by wires to her INDIGO Biofeedback System (http://www.indigobiofeedback.net/). The purpose this technology serves is revealing my voltage, amperage, resistance and other electrical calculations, all of which may be important indicators of wellness. The system then can also re-educate certain muscles, nerves or organs, or it can retrain areas of the body / mind to healthier patterns.

What was revealed during this hour and a half session was that I had blockages caused by “Spiritual Suppression.” There was a different term used, which I can’t remember, but suppression is a good replacement. Annie was able to remove 75% of the blockage, which was very ancient from former lifetimes. She suggested that I consult with my guides to ask how to remove the remaining 25%. So I did.

We ask you to go into deep meditation at your convenience and choosing. In that meditation go as deeply into the past, conjuring forth all of the emotions that you are able, feeling them deeply even if this brings you pain. They will then begin to bubble up to the surface where you can acknowledge each feeling. You might give appreciation and gratitude to all that is revealed and state that it is no longer necessary to hide. Allow these feelings and emotions, and understand that this is a safe time for them to come forth. There will be no judgment or more suppression to endure. These emotions are free to leave your body and travel on into the field, leaving you completely clear of any trace of the old, the ancient wounds.

Early the next morning, before rising, in lucid dream state, I called all of my guides to assist me as I began to go deeply into the past to search for the wounds causing the remaining blockages. What came forth quickly was a vision of me as a woman with black skin having her baby girl taken from her. I could see my body contortions caused by the pain of this separation. My vision then moved on to witness my body being wiped by my slave master.

As I felt the pain of this experience, I began to ask myself as the observer, “Why did I create this experience?” My current truth is that I am a sovereign being, creator of and responsible for my reality. How could this be so? Why would I do this to myself? Is everything I have written in books and articles or spoken in gatherings false? I know there is an answer, but I don’t see it. I called for help in understanding the deepest meaning of this lifetime I was viewing. Then it came…

And it was not only white Southerners who were responsible for the harsh regime of slave-grown cotton; merchants and bankers in the North and in Britain lent them money and were investors as well. With sons strategically stationed in cities on both sides of the Atlantic, the Brown familypatrons of the Museum of Natural History in New York and the corporate ancestors of Brown Brothers Harriman (and Alex Brown and Sons)owned more than a dozen Southern cotton plantations outright.(Empire of Cotton, A Global History by Sven Beckert, Alfred A. Knopf, from The New York Times Book Review, Sunday, January 4, 2015, p. 15)

I have always suspected that my family was participating in slavery, but had no proof until my very best friend, Pammy, sent this article to me a week ago. In the 1800s, my ancestors created what some refer to as The House of Brown, which owned banking establishments in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Liverpool. The family obtained a monopoly of the linen trade in the Baltimore area. From an importer of foreign goods, Alexander Brown and Sons became an exporter of cotton and tobacco, a major shipper commanding a fleet of sailing vessels,

The portraits of John and Isabel Brown, from whom I am a direct decedent, hang in the entranceway in my house in Santa Fe. Over the years, as I have looked at the images, it came to me that I was Isabel in a former life. Her eyes now look deeply into mine as if to ask me to “right the wrong.” I see her as an unhappy witness of the events in her life.


The enormous Ah-Ha that came to me while thinking about these two past lives this morning was that I did indeed create both of them as karmic opposites, a powerful tool to experience fully in third dimensional reality being the oppressed and the oppressor.

The wound that has been deeply buried in my field was the belief that a God outside of me had “done this to me.” That is from where the pain came, “Poor me. Life is so unjust!”

I no longer have to carry that wound, for it does not reflect the wisdom I now hold in the current multi-dimensional reality. My truth is now, “No one can do anything to me.” I am a sovereign being, the creator of and responsible for my reality. I no longer hold any judgment concerning these experiences. As I have written so many times, “Everything just is.”

Wow! I thought this article and my inner work was complete but then…I awoke last night at one a.m. and came downstairs. I sat in my red leather chair, in my blue bathrobe with my favorite black alpaca shawl around my shoulders. I looked up to see Isabel’s eyes looking back at me. Then the question popped into my head, “Do I value the two women and those two past lives equally?” Lucy came in as my name in my past life as a slave.

What I played with in my head was the elegance of Isabel with her silk and satin clothes and summerhouse in Torresdale on the Delaware River. Then I reflected on the absolute opposite, which was the condition under which Lucy lived. No, I don’t think I was neutral at all. Yet they both were equal expressions of All That Is in my truth. How was I going to resolve this dichotomy?

oprah-selma_400x295_48The answer came to me almost as soon as I asked it. Annie Cooper was the answer. In the 2014 movie,Selma, Oprah Winfrey portrayed the civil rights hero Annie Lee Cooper, who was involved in a fight with a segregationist sheriff in 1965. The most memorable moment in that amazing movie was when I watched Annie/Oprah being beaten. I saw and felt in that short piece of footage the two as one. To me, Annie was holding the enormous potential of Oprah that her life circumstances were suppressing.

Was that not also true of Lucy?

Tears came to my eyes when I recognized that I had valued Oprah and Isabel above Annie and Lucy. Not so any more! This is such expansive work we have done surely we have impacted the collective consciousness. Thank you to all my guides, who so gently, yet powerfully helped me navigate through this process of moving out of the habits and memories of the third dimension into a state of Spiritual Expansion!

I can’t wait to put the straps of my Nurse Practitioner’s INDIGO BioFeedback System on again to see what the measurements are now for Spiritual Suppression!

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