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Nina’s favorite books have influenced her work and understanding about these transitional times and we think you will enjoy them, too. We appreciate your purchases through our Amazon store, which supports the continuation of this work.

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Recommended Links

Website of Visionary Artist James Jereb and physical home of the Temples of the Cosmos, located south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Each of the 12 temples/labyrinths are oriented to specific stellar, lunar or solar alignments and were created according to the Hermetic tradition of revered geometry, alchemy and magic. These temples, or vortices, create a portal for divine energy and healing. An amazing place to experience.

Earth Keeper
Website of James Tyberonn, Author, Geologist, Visionary and Channel, focused on sacred geometry within Geology and “Energy Activation of a New Planet Earth.” Includes channeled information about the 144 Crystal Grid from Archangel Metatron.

Into The Heart
The website of Mercedes Kirkel, whose work I have experienced and from which I have benefited. As a messenger for the Akashic Record and Mary Magdalene, the information brought forth is clear and informative. Mercedes has embraced her wholeness and knows her divinity, which allows her to serve as a model for others to do likewise, a very golden, golden dolphin!