Golden Dolphins

This is the virtual representation of the Gathering of Golden Dolphins, which meets regularly around the world. Humanity is being encouraged to embrace their wholeness, their human divinity in community, in a safe place. The Gathering of Golden Dolphins is such a safe place. Here you will find channeled audio recordings, channeled messages from the Dolphins, comments from the community and a Golden Dolphin Q & A.

What is a Golden Dolphin?

The aspect of one’s self that is the highest vibration of one’s higher self.

Our Mission

To share the message of our higher selves, that at this time of the shift in dimensions, it is critical for humanity to fully embrace their wholeness and to declare their divinity, for it is safe in the new alchemical era of The Age of The Golden Dolphin, to do so. In so doing, one becomes the model for others to do likewise.

Self-love is the core of the message, for without that, unconditional love cannot flourish. Furthermore, the Gathering of Golden Dolphins is about recognizing the human divinity of others.

The Gathering of Golden Dolphins has been created, with its commencement on June 5, 2011, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Those presenting carry an awareness of their wholeness: their humanity and their divinity. The gatherings offer an opportunity to meet in community and to express an ever-expanding understanding of who we are, why we are on planet Earth and the work that we are here to do. Click here to learn more about how it all began.