This is Why You Were Gifted Life on Earth

By Nina Brown
Orginally published in Sedona Journal of Emergence, August 2012 issue.

Dear ones, today, on a day of no planetary note, we come to you, for it is in the ordinary that we wish to speak. Our message to you is in the moment-to-moment breath that you take and the moment-to-moment quantum field that you create. That is the importance of today, tomorrow, and yesterday. We ask that you go inside and speak to the smallest bit of you, which you cannot even imagine. Talk to it, to them, and ask them what they want. Do they want more water? Do they want more movement? Do they want more love? That is to be your focus as we move into the dimensional shift.

The focus has been on the grand and monumental, and it was rightly placed as the grids were adjusted and the Atlantean crystals and sun discs were coded and recharged. But the time is now for starseeds to look at the micro of the macro. Go within. That is where your wealth lies, where your answers reside. Go within and honor the you that is expressed in the soup of the quantum DNA field.

We bring this message to you on an average day that in no way is average, for it is life expressing on planet Earth, and what could be more miraculous? It is that tiny particle of creation within you that has been gifted life so that in return you, the consciousness of the divine Creator, can, through your expression as divine humans on Earth, return to all of creation the light of the divine Creator.

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