This is Our Gift to You from the Heavenly Host – 5/5/12 (Wesak)

Beloved ones, we gather today with you in celebration of the festival of Wesak in all of its years of tradition. We ask that we hold hands in the quantum field of reality sharing the love of the moment with each other. We bring a gift to you today, a gift of enlightenment. There is a frequency cascading onto the planet as we speak in all longitudes and latitudes. It is covering, embracing Gaia and, in touching Gaia, it touches your heart.

The frequency that we are transmitting is one of the qualities of the love of the divine Creator, kindliness. Do you feel it as we speak the word? Does it penetrate your flesh, your awareness, your consciousness? Do you feel the love that comes with that word transmission, for words are codes. They carry a vibration. The frequency of kindliness is gentle, sweet, compassionate. It fills the heart and the very core of your being.

We transmit this harmonic of the divine Creator in its most potent potential to be received by each one who is open to receive. With the reception will come a higher octave of this quality to radiate from your being to you and to others. In so doing, we together, for we are indeed one, have shifted the consciousness of the planet. Kindliness is spreading throughout the world. It will remain dormant for some, but this higher expression will be carried in the sacred heart of all for their existence on Earth. It cannot be otherwise. It is now in the air that all breathe.

This is our gift to you from the heavenly host on this day of the Festival of Wesak, 2012. Know that you, each one of you is held dearly in the heart of all of creation. Play, play, play.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B via Anaya-Ra