The Sacred Heart Within Us

“Perhaps the real heart within us is not just a pump. Perhaps the real heart within us is about love and faith. Perhaps the physical body is not who we really are. Perhaps we are these invisible souls walking around, and the body is just an instrument or metaphor for something we are trying to learn.” These remarks were made by Dr. Jeffrey D. Rediger, psychiatrist, on the November 17, 2010, Oprah Winfrey show ( in reference to Dr. Rediger’s personal experience visiting the faith healer John of God, who claims to perform miracle healing in Abadiania, a remote town in Brazil.

The Sacred HeartIf the healing by John of God actually takes place, with no anesthesia, by a man with only a second grade education, one has to ask, “Who am I that physical pain and surgical awareness can be nonexistent?” Are we Sam the sailor, or Sally the saleswoman, who both live each day as part of the cycle of life? Or are we cosmic humans who are individual expressions of “All That Is” experiencing physicality, experimenting with duality (right vs. wrong; male vs. female) to grow in spirit toward a remembering of who we truly are, fully Divine and fully human?

What is the heart that Dr. Rediger proposed? For me, it is the junction point of the tips of two triangles. The first triangle comes up from the earth and contains earth, fire, air, and water—our physiology. As these four elements rise, they condense at the tip of the triangle to manifest as wo/man. The other triangle comes down from the sky like a dove radiating God, Source, “All That Is”—our subtle physiology.¹ As the dove descends, it condenses at the tip of the triangle to manifest wo/man. That junction point, where the two tips meet, is our sacred heart, the heart that does not pump blood but emanates our physiology and our subtle physiology. We truly are cosmic humans, fully divine and fully human.

And if we are more than our physical bodies, what does that say about illness? What does it say about matter? What does it say about beliefs? If “the body is a metaphor for what we are truly to learn,” could it be that we are trying to learn, or remember, that we are an individual expression of All That Is?

What is important about these questions, and new thought forms in general, is not that only one answer is correct and others are wrong, but that they inspire us to think outside the box and ask, “Who am I? Why am I on the planet? What is my mission? Do I have a heart that brings me this information?”

Nina Brown is a mother, grandmother, businesswoman, keynote speaker, and a cum laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College. Her first book, Return of Love to Planet Earth (Cauda Pavonis), was released on 10/10/10.

1 Divine Mother’s, channeled by Mathew Reifslager,

© 2010 Nina Brown