The New Phase of Alchemy, The Age of the Golden Dolphin, A New Era for Humanity

At the time of the fall equinox and full moon, in Santa Fe, NM, at the “Alchemy Throughout the Ages” conference, sponsored by the Rosicrucians of New Mexico and the Silver Rose Atrium, a New Phase of Alchemy was launched by James F. Jereb, Ph.D. (, that of the Age of The Golden Dolphin. Following that announcement, on 10-10-10 at Mt. Magazine, AR, before an audience of Earth- Keepers (, Nina presented the “Hathor Meditation” at the request of Tyberonn and with the guidance of the Cosmic Council of Light. The channeled meditation was a co-creation with all who were in the audience.

New Phase of Alchemy “I welcome all of the Golden Dolphins who have emerged from Lightworker to this new era for humanity. I will speak in English to start with and then transition into the language of the Hathors. It is with great gratitude and appreciation that I am standing before you as one of the Golden Dolphins as well. Today is the day that we are, as Golden Dolphins, to embrace the wholeness of who we are, and having done that to have the courage to declare the Divinity of who we are in its wholeness, because the new era of the Golden Dolphin is safe. That is the message of the Hathors: gratitude, appreciation, wholeness and for you to know that it is safe to declare the wholeness of who you are and your Divinity. I will speak those words in a moment, but first I need to stand before you in my wholeness and to declare to you my Divinity, not in the written word, but in the spoken word in clarity, in crystalline clear clarity.

“I command, for I am Divinity as are you, and I commanded that if I was to tell the world that I am an Ascended Master I had to feel it, know it, experience it, not just be told it. So, I was invited by Saint Germain to go to Mount Shasta over summer solstice in June but I didnʼt know why. That morning, as I was meditating, I was greeted by Saint Germain and escorted to the interior of the mountain, the retreat of the Cosmic Council of Light. I saw in my lucid state the council seated in a circle. I recognized the members of the council, whom you know. In front of me was me, Anaya-Ra. I went forward to this figure, and I merged. We were together for a brief period. Then I knew it was time to return. I am telling you this because now I can stand before you with great humility and say, “Yes, I know, I know who I am. I am Nina Brown, the mortal, and I am Anaya-Ra, Crystal Singer of the Cosmic Council of Light, my Divinity.

“While I was in Mount Shasta I had my beloved 144-facet Phi Vogel Crystal, which bears the same name, Anaya-Ra, with me. I was told by the council that it would be connected to the 144 facets of the great OM Crystal in Mount Shasta. I was told, in preparation for this meditation, that I was to raise the crystal to my heart. I was to know and to share with you now that the Unknown Light from the Great Central Sun is flowing through the OM crystal into (pause) into my crown chakra to my Sacred Heart and will shortly be flowing through my arms and my crystal to you. This is a moment of transformation. This is a frequency unknown. This is the moment when we transition from Lightworkers to Golden Dolphins, here to embrace the wholeness of who we are and to have the courage to express, in all we do with ease and grace, that we are not only mortal, but we are Divine as well. What makes this time and space different, a new era for humanity, the Age of The Golden Dolphin, is that it is safe. It is safe. It is safe.

“So now I raise my crystal to my breast and, with your permission, will face the crystal to the audience in this room and beyond, to those connected by means of camera, and I am told, into the collective consciousness. This new era is for all of humanity, and as I do this, I know who you are. I will tone your name with reverence, respect, dignity and all the praise that I can offer to you for this enormous work that you are doing on planet Earth to bring the pure love of light to humanity, to upshift the frequencies, so we can collectively, as Golden Dolphins, share with the nation, with the planet, how to manifest responsibly.”

Holding the crystal, pointed out from my breast, I toned the Divine Name, as channeled by Jonathan Goldman, eight times in prayer as the Unknown Light of the Great Central Sun poured through the OM Crystal, through Anaya-Ra and out to humanity. Following the toning, with my arms raised above my head, words in the language of the Hathors poured out of my mouth. The vowels, the consonants and the codes were all understood in the subconscious of all present; the declaration that humanity has entered a new era, the Age of The Golden Dolphin, an era where it is safe and were we are required to declare the wholeness of who we are, both our humanity and our Divinity. And so it is.

by Anaya-Ra, Crystal Singer of the Cosmic Council of Light through Nina Brown October 2010

Key Points

  • Nina embraces her wholeness and declares her Divinity.
  • The New Phase of Alchemy, the Age of the Golden Dolphin, a New Era for Humanity has been launched.
  • The Age of The Golden Dolphin is a time when humanity can know that it is safe to embrace our wholeness and to declare our Divinity.

© 2010 Nina Brown