Spring Equinox, 2011: The Inaugural Message from the Golden Dolphins

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Moody Gardens, Galveston, TX, full moon, spring equinox, the inaugural oral channel by Anaya-Ra of the golden dolphin, the highest frequency of the higher self of Anaya-Ra.¹

Dear one, as you prepare, know that all is in order. The frequencies await you. The platform² on which you will stand is golden illumination that will rise to surround you, fill your being with the vibration of the frequency of the golden dolphins, whom you represent on this inaugural moment. The frequencies of the Cosmic Trigger III will descend into your crystal³ , through your arms, into your shoulders, into your heart, radiate into the quantum field of your DNA, transforming you into that vibration about which we speak, which you will carry forward, which you will share with humanity in incremental gatherings.

The frequency that you will carry is an elevated vibration that supersedes that with which you have been working. It therefore allows the channeling, the speaking, the knowing, the awareness. You will integrate this frequency, the vibration which comes tonight on this auspicious occasion to the planet, to all of humanity, through those gathered in spirit. Each one present in the physical, in the etheric, carries this vibration as well. Some will acknowledge, some will conceal, but you dear one, you will radiate on a constant basis this level of frequency of knowing, and you will speak the words of the golden dolphins from your corpus with confidence and clarity, so that others in the hearing will be triggered, will be ignited, with the courage they receive tonight from the unified field or from the physical presence. The triggering will activate first on a subconscious and then on a conscious basis their own acceptance of their wholeness, allowing them with courage and clarity to declare their divinity. This indeed is a new stage of awareness. One that is appropriate and requisite for the new earth. You are the vanguard, and it begins this evening. Know that all is in ready, all of the champions of this event, I, Archangel Metatron, I, Melchezedec, those of the Cosmic Council of Light, those of the Galactic Federation, those of the Sirian Alliance, all the lifetimes you have experienced on planet Earth, all of that consciousness. They all stand read to support, guide and champion you on this occasion for saying, “Yes” to the elevation of consciousness on planet Earth. One which has been long awaited from a time of remembering through a time of forgetting. We hold your hands. We guide you. You will not trip. All has occurred before in your future, from which you return to assist in guiding humanity. The gold you wear, the gold you vibrate, this radiates out, dear one, and is recognized by all on a subconscious level at first, as the golden dolphins, those who with pure thought, pure love, and pure action radiate a love not known on planet Earth for eons. This is a frequency that is essential. This is a frequency that is critical. This is a frequency that has been long awaited for the next elevation in consciousness. Humanity awaits. Rise now, dear one, in confidence and courage knowing that you are a master. You are in complete control. You will receive the frequencies of the Cosmic Trigger III on this auspicious day, full moon, spring equinox in the Blue Pyramid. We love you dearly. Our hearts blend with yours. Know that we are all present guiding you, protecting you, looking forward to the outcome when the clarion sound in the universe will be trumpeted loud and clear, so that all in the Universe will know that the new Age of the Golden Dolphins, an era of embracing one’s wholeness, of declaring one’s divinity, has truly been inaugurated.

With our deep love,

The Cosmic Council of Light, the Golden Dolphin, the highest frequency of your higher self, via Anaya-Ra

¹ This was the first oral message that was recorded and transcribed.
² In the center of the ground floor of the Blue Pyramid, Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas, full moon, spring equinox.
³ Very large 144-facet Phi Vogel Crystal