René Fugitt

ReneeFugittLight Weaver, Light Architect, Photographer, and Teacher

After leaving a professional life of 25 years immersed in teaching and learning through a traditional educational system, Rene decided to open up “Girlfriends”, a boutique in San Antonio. At that time in her life, her spirit had something very different in mind for her. She began to listen to her inner voice and drew into her life some amazing teachers. It began with reading John Randolph Price’s book, The Angels Within Us. This book catapulted her into an amazing state of awareness. Rene decided to read all of the books that John had cited in his text. The first book she chose was A Course in Miracles. Her life, as she knew it, would never be the same.

Mystical experiences and miracles began happening as natural occurrences in her life. This was a surprise, for she assumed she had to work and study hard to learn how to navigate and thrive in life. Learning about Light and Light Language has proven to be her greatest joy, her inspiration, and has ignited a passion within that she didn’t know existed. What she has discovered about loving herself is so precious, so profound and is her greatest gift.

Rene says:

“Right now I am having a full circle moment realizing that I have always had beautiful connections in my life. I am becoming consciously aware of how my professional life ties into my next steps. My background in education began at Southwest Texas University where I received a BA and a Teaching Certificate which focused on elementary education. I then attended Trinity University where I received a Master’s Degree in School Administration. Still seeking answers to a myriad of questions led me to the city that never sleeps, New York, New York. I accepted an invitation to work with 25 visionaries across the nation. Our collective quest was to research and explore the very best philosophies and practices for teaching and learning. We shared our knowledge in order to create a wealth of new strategies and practices for education. It was during this highly creative endeavor I received a Doctorate from Teachers College at Columbia University.

Still seeking, I attended a Quartus Foundation Mystery School hosted by John and Jan Price. It was here that I learned about Light Language from my teacher and now friend, Sharon Barnett. Through direct experience with A Course In Miracles under the tutelage of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, my heart opened wide to see myself and others through the vision of Christ. Working with Light and Light Language enhances and expands my consciousness. My love of Light continues to expand within my heart creating my path to enlightenment.

The light grids that flow through me provide a way to work directly with Source energies using colors and sacred geometry to create Light pathways and configurations. These pathways support and sustain my intentions and the intentions of my clients. This process is mufti-dimensional and works in frequencies beyond the plane of duality. The Language of Light is pure unconditional Love.

Learning Light Language has led me to be consciously aware of my connections with the angelic realms, the faeries, and all the kingdoms of heaven and divine earth. I’m so deeply grateful to have this opportunity to share my experiences. The love held in the photographs that I take assists in expanding conscious awareness to new vibrational realities. I hope you enjoy experiencing them as much as I had capturing this Living Light.”