Quantum Healing an introductory rap by Alan Hutner

Dr. Amit Goswami, Vladimir Turek & Alan Hutner
in our panel discussion, Quantum Physicist meets Quantum Doctor
Spring S.T.A.R. Clinic, March 23, 2012
Introduction by Panel Moderator, Alan Hutner


Quantum Healing

Is more than a feeling

With no limits

No floor nor ceiling

No boundary

Nor allopathy

Thought power in infinity

For the quantum possibilities

Most appealing

Will send your finite mind reeling

Like, symptoms are a sign

Of some deeper design

Yes, they show on the physical

Or other realms proclivical

Emotional and mental

From some deep source elemental

Treat the symptom

The outward boil

Sends the physiology

Into a broil

While healing the source

Delivers wellness most royal

They say the quantum field

Is all that is

The space and what resides within it

So vast

It encompasses the whole biz

Atoms, molecules, cells, follicles

All held together

In some cosmic way

Intelligent design

Some will say

Others lean on Darwin

For their rational life spin

If you go beyond belief to knowing

You’ll enter the real knowing

Of what they call a win-win

So, welcome to the Great Mystery

Divine’s Infinite Sea

Housing us in our infancy

All of me and we

Beckoning for our discovery

In this journey of recovery

From “little self” wounds

And us acting like buffoons

Forgetting who we are

Like a fallin’ star

False identifications

So bizarre

To mar

Any of us

As God’s shining stars.

So here we are gathered

Getting ourselves lathered

In this quantum field

For a healing to yield

And to the co-creators

The team of frequency mate-ers

Who aligned and designed

This profound galaxy spine

To remind and

For us all to re-find

Our master of self

To collectively redesign

Heaven on earth

Healing in mirth

For this we deserve

And now more than half way through

This STAR weekend that I view

I bow to all of you

Acronym – eously


S Surrender

T Trust

A Allow

And R Receive

So, now continue to receive

On this most glorious eve

For a gathering of masters

Creating critical mass

Sending ignorance on it’s…bum

Of laughter, joy and co-creation

Born of a love and truth

Visioning a borderless universal nation

When complete for this time

We leave her tomorrow

To our new healing stations

And now to receive

More quantum juice

I’ll set our panel loose

But…First A allow me to introduce

Once again…

Amit Goswami, PhD & Vladimir Turek

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