Gold as a Quantum Tool, Part 2 – Vladamir Turek

Gold as a Quantum Tool, Part 2
Nina Brown & Vladamir Turek
Santa Fe Gathering, December 4, 2011

Nina speaks:
There is another opportunity where gold is going to be used very powerfully in the quantum field and it will be with healing. We are going to be launching the S.T.A.R. Clinic. The S.T.A.R. Clinic – I am actually going to have to read it to you because its such a new concept:

The S.T.A.R. Clinic (which is an acronym) is a state of being the knowledge of and the belief in the principles of Surrender, Trust, Allow, and Receive, in which one is receptive to the intergalactic, multi-dimensional open portals for cosmic healing, directed outside of the realm of individuated consciousness by Divine Mother. It was evolved many millions of years ago, waiting until we were ready to do the work.

We’ll have lots more information on the S.T.A.R. Clinic but it is the gold matrix with our intention and our quantum DNA field only when we are grounded in the knowing that we are divine humans. None of this is possible. And we have forgotten because we forgot we were God, divine humans. But now we know. And what can’t we do? And we can work in this golden matrix and we can absolutely go through the open portals and communicate with the cosmic physicians, magicians with the blessing of Divine Mother. And it begins in March and it is all about the golden matrix.

I’d like now to introduce Vladamir to you. Vladimir Turek, who is originally from the Czech Republic and is a trained physician. But what is so magnificent about Vladimir is that he’s a cosmic physician and he works, as we just discussed, inter-dimensionally with beings in other dimensions. And I’d like very much for him, with his magic insight, to give a more in depth analysis of gold, the golden matrix and how it will assist with the S.T.A.R. Clinic. And following that, we’ll move into the actual meditation.

(They take a minute or so to switch the microphone.)

Vladamir speaks:
My name is Vladamir Turek. I am a quantum healer working on multiple levels of reality when adjusting the distortions within the individuated consciousness of the human being. The operating human being is a very complex, energetic, conscious hologram structure. And we are now here in this point of time on the planet Earth where the planetary civilization is making a great leap towards the higher levels of existence. Golden Dolphins are basically a collective which is helping us at this time to guide us so we can take our steps more securely and surely.

I met Nina some time ago and I analyzed the whole concept of Golden Dolphins and what they are up to and I realized that this is a very profound collective approach on the part of galactic society and guided by various creator gods, archangels, and beings from the Divine Mother field. Golden Dolphins are basically bringing some tools for us to operate and these tools are basically quantum field of gold, and the S.T.A.R. Clinic, and definitely their advice is what to do at a certain point of our walking on our journey on the earth.
Nina was talking about gold and the quantum field and why the Golden Dolphins are using the gold. When I hear the Golden Dolphin: symbolically dolphins mean joy, playfulness, intelligence and basically, eternal joy. Gold means more balance of male and female energy within the cosmos and it is basically middle frequency of Divine Mother, a primary sound field. And where the primary particles of the expressed reality are phasing between sound and light state balanced by the amount of time of the particular particle within the omni-polar state of sound and the bi-polar state of the light is the same. This means that male and female energies are perfectly balanced. So it means that Golden Dolphins are emissaries of Divine Mother and they are working with gold which has properties which are utilised in approaching various civilizations and galactic consciousness to lead them up and hold them. The golden or gold quantum field which dolphins are working with is a field I perceive it like on 12th and 13th dimensional level and these were created by creator gods from very, very high dimensional levels or my levels of reality and they were appointed by Divine Mother to create that field. That field was stretched over multiple galaxies for the purpose of accessing the information and creating unified field for communication. The way how it was done, I experienced just recently where I am connected to those creator gods, which were so huge that their head was as big as the Milky Way galaxy, and they were basically weaving the golden, the gold, like a silk, or like a net, through their intention slowly creating like a carpet of the quantum field stretching it between 12, 13, maybe up to 15 dimension level over those galaxies, and I could try by myself, so I was helping to create the thread, there was some vulnerability within the field – a little hole or something – so the creator god got me to to try to close the hole which i did successfully and so it was interesting the process of creating that gold matrix quantum field and it is done through intention while you are connected to Divine Mother field.

These creator gods are care takers and this is how they are serving cosmic community and god. This interesting way, for instance, creating the gold quantum field or making possible other quantum tools and allowing beings – other sensual beings on lower dimensional levels – to utilize those tools for their advancement and their service to others. It was interesting inside how they did, how more civilization were participating on using it, how I could see from other star systems that it looked like sparks reaching that quantum field. It was when they were trying to get some information from it or you know, other type of information with the field. The way how the information the information is stored between the field is that the gold is imprinted by I would say, photo-sonic frequencies which are expressions of the information which it needs to be stored within the quantum field. The gold within the quantum field basically shifts with the ratio within the phasing between sound and light stage of the particle phasing. And so let’s say the gold particle originally was gold but it shifts into blue or red – and this way through sacred geometry, it is holding the information but it never forgets that it is the gold particle. It can always come back and it is the energy within the particle which affiliates the particle information with the particular particle. And the energy within the particle is pure consciousness of gold basically. So it is a pretty advanced concept and how it was done is super technology. Even golden dolphins didn’t create the field. And it is for disposal of many civilizations and beings and we can attune to it using the pituitary gland and other aspects of our field and get the information.

The periapt basically has imprinted the frequency of that field within itself but multiple octaves down. What is the difference between the gold particle on our dimensional level within the periapt and of the gold particle on the 12 or13 level between the quantum field is that there is the different angular rotation and speed of how the particle is spinning. The information between the gold particle is the same. It is just octaves down. And this why the periapt is perfect, too, for tuning to that quantum field because it holds the harmony frequencies. So with the pituitary gland we can go to the frequency or to the, let’s say, energy characteristics of the gold within the periapt and it will harmonically tune us directly to the quantum field. We can do it with periapt or without. It depends how fast you are and how trained you are, how open you are, how healed you are, and [if you are] without blockages between your field. And so yeah, its a really interesting concept. This tool was just given to us just recently and we are able to use it almost immediately.

I experienced that field like a very intense, powerful field when i attuned to it. And I knew immediately it wasn’t work of the golden dolphins who built the field so I was very curious who did it. And you know, I felt a similar thing to for instance, South American gods, Kachinas, who are operating from 9 to 15 dimension levels when we encountered them in altered states. You could feel the power and this was similar. The 12th dimensional level of that quantum field is because to that level the fallen angels (we use this term) – beings who are in service to self and they are not able to teach us the frequencies, energy frequencies of god, basically, and they are using, parasiting mechanisms to survive -they cannot reach that 12th dimensional field. So it is purposely done at that level. So those who are of pure consciousness can access it but those who are not, cannot. And this is basically logical. Divine creator would create that field. I would do the same. (laughter)

So the gold: There is also the functional gold within the healing, like the healing property of gold and how we can use it in the S.T.A.R. Clinic. I believe that gold is a wonderful tool in healing because it is perfect balance between male and female energy. The particle phasing is between the sound and light state. It has the same time. So it is very balanced. So if there is a structure within the physical body or energy field usually the particles are lowering the vibration. And the gold has multiple properties. It holds the frequency, which is the level of how the particle is spinning, the speed. It holds the balance of male & female ratio, which helps basically to bring the extremes between the distortions of the field or physical body back into balance. Also it is easily imprintable by information. So you will take a piece of gold, we imprint it with information, we also energize it so it will be radiating certain frequencies recording the information or outside of the information blue print within the gold. Or we can use it also like a coding between the physical body and the field. So it has multiple purposes. Then we insert into the field or into the physical body. It is balancing, it is increasing the frequency, and it is imprinting the tissues or energy field with new information we put there.

Within the S.T.A.R. clinic, the gold is one of multiple tools. The galactic and cosmic healers have got so many tools that we don’t know them. Gold definitely will be one of those but one of hundreds of tools. There are galactic surgeons that are using sound and light and I don’t know, transmutation like basic tools and there are many, many, many more. So yeah, this would be connection of gold and healing and why the dolphins are using also gold in their work to enlighten consciousness. Because it is such universe frequency or substance that will can be used for anything. Gold is as supportive metal for other stones in jewelry for jewelry makers – they don’t distort the quality of the particle in gems because of that balance. But what Nina said is that the gold was imprinted by the pain of Civil War and slavery and it can be really cleared. But still the particles of gold will remember. They will not hold the frequency but they will remember the pain because it is connected to the consciousness between the particle of gold. But it will not radiate. It will not radiate and hold that frequency. It will come back but already has the memory within of that pain or separation. So this is a short overview. (laughter)