CJ Walker (Crystal Star Walker)

CJ_WalkerPhi-Crystal Master Multi-dimensional Facilitator

Crystal Star Walker is a superb speaker, lecturer, teacher and remarkable Phi-Crystal Master Healer. A Hathor of the Divine Feminine, she has studied many healing modalities over the past twenty five years. She has been a radio host for Revelations for Personal and Planetary Transformation, published the Comprehensive Guide to Alternative Healing, and is a successful business owner.

According to Metatron as channelled through James Tyberonne, “Crystal is a remarkable Phi-Crystal Master Healer. She has brought into this lifetime her abilities for healing from lifetimes in LeMuria- Yu- and Atlantis.”

Crystal works with 15th dimensional energies. She is trained at level four in Universal White Time Healing. UWTH heals multidimensionally, working with past, present and future energies. White Time Healing can be used for physical, emotional, mental, etheric and psychological healing as well as Spiritual evolvement. She uses Phi Vogel Crystals and Sound Harmonics to release and clear out hidden blockages and obstacles from the energy field in order to merge into the Lightbody of the Crystalline Merkiva.

It is with deep respect and integrity that she offers this advanced energetic healing modality that is intricately connected to all of Creation and the Divine Force behind it.

Why did I decide to become involved with the S.T.A.R. Clinic?

“I love bringing new ideas and information to people. This venue is where quantum physics merges with multidimensional healing. This to me is truly cutting edge information and techniques that allow for a quantum leap in consciousness. People are ready for this.”

CJ offers personal sessions and also does remote healing. Contact Crystal by emailing her or calling 520-444-7525.