Ascension 2012: Ancient & New Codes Revealed

By Nina Brown
Originally published in the September 2012 issue of Natural Awakening Magazine.

What are ascension codes? Why do we need them, and how are they transmitted? To begin with, one needs a simple definition of the words ascension” and “codes.” One definition for “ascension” is internal alchemy, the raising of the harmonics of one’s DNA field to its highest potential. This shift in frequency results in a crystalline state, which allows one to move from the third dimension of reality – duality – to less dense realities of unity consciousness. “Codes” are light or unique mathematical and geometric instructions received within the circuitry of the quantum DNA field. The codes have specific qualities of the divine Creator such as love, truth and wisdom, which become bio-informational signals to activate the divine, immortal blueprint.

Why does one aspire to be in a crystalline state receiving the highest octaves of the qualities of the divine Creator? We are divine humans, not merely mortal. We have returned to planet earth to not only create the New Earth, but to anchor the new Golden Age of Divine Love. We, however, cannot succeed within the low frequency of third-dimensional duality.

We are creator beings made in the image of the Creator. Our manifestations hold the same vibration as our intention and as our field. It is imperative that we elevate our frequency to raise the frequency of our creations. Ascension codes are quantum tools which allow us to activate inner alchemy or a crystalline state of being.

How are ascension codes transmitted and received? Intention and belief are essential for all involved. Without clear intention and belief, the mind will emit chemicals to block any transmission. To fully receive, one must know the wholeness of their human divinity.

Light codes are present in the air around us and can be received and integrated by intention. They can also be transmitted by means of a human vessel or crystals, such as Vogel Crystals.

The individual is required to have a strong, balanced field to receive the higher frequency of the ascension codes. These light codes enter the aligned etheric, emotional, mental and physical bodies of the recipient by means of worm holes present in the nexus points of these bodies. The light codes radiate through the bodies as they enter the DNA quantum field. The frequency of the DNA quantum field then entrains with the higher vibrations of the light codes, thus raising the field to a higher octave of harmonics, on closer to that of the divine Creator. This is an ascension process or inner alchemy, which causes a dimensional shift and is essential for the creation of the New Earth.

Understanding light codes and sacred geometry, we reestablish the holographic circuitry with all of creation, with which we are currently out of balance. We will activate dormant human potential to reestablish the divine, immortal human blue print.

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