Ankh Ceremony with Rhoda Mitchell

December 4, 2011
Ankh Ceremony
Words are spoken by Rhoda Mitchell

Some of you know these as an Eqyptian symbol for life. They are much more than a symbol for life and what I have come to understand through some recent research, after I was told to research, is that they are instruments that are very powerful and they hold an ability to handle pre-creative and creative energies. This is why they were used and how they were used in Egypt. In fact, they were sometimes used to do things like take the energy through the pyramid, store it up in the arc of the covenant, and then take it out of the arc of the covenant and do other things with it. So that’s how powerful they are. They must always be approached with respect and used with integrity. And I think they are being given back to humanity now because we are ready to use this amazing energy.

So you’ll see that they are like a cross with some arms and then there’s a little head or a loop. Inside the loop is a zero point field. That is where their power comes from – the zero point field. They both receive and also generate energy. And we’re going to use them both ways in ceremony today.

This is where I hand Nina hers. First we’re going to use them as receivers. What we’ll do is all stand and tone our very best dreams for ourselves and the earth and each other for the new earth. So tone play and magic and tone perfect balance and perfect energies flowing through us and tone courage – any specific dreams, anything you want. But put it into a tone.

And I don’t know how long this is going to last. We’ll know when we’re complete. So when you feel complete, stop. I’m guessing around four minutes or something like that. So its going to be a while. And all the energy is going to be placed in the quantum field. Once we have done that, then Nina and I are going to come around and we’re going to use this as a way to… When you point the ankh like that, you direct the energy. So we’ll be directing this at your third eye and also at your heart. Rose quartz from the front and clear quartz from the back.

(Nina and Rhoda talk briefly about how they’ll do it, talk about how people should stand and turn so they can get to the back side and then sit down when finished.)

You just point it at third eye and heart – ending with the heart.

So if you’ll all stand…We’ve just grounded so also just connect with your roots and center. And think for a moment what it is you want to place in the quantum field, the very best that you want for the new earth, your life, your family, your friends, all of us together, the planet, the kingdoms of the planet.

(Ends with group toning and going person to person with the ankhs.)