An Awakening in Bolivia

Why was I going to Bolivia? I knew I wasn’t going as a tourist. Archangel Metatron had told me to visit a place where an awakening would occur, and during the previous months an inner knowing, something I call my truth, was directing me toward Bolivia. It was also telling me to go on the spring equinox and perform a ceremony at Lake Titicaca. The sacred site of Andean culture, the Island of the Moon in Lake Titicaca, and Sampaya, called to me, so when my friend Marijon, a partner in a business in La Paz, asked me if I wanted to go to Bolivia with her, I knew the trip was meant to be.

An Awakening in BoliviaMarijon’s friend and business partner Milton, who was to be our host and guide, met us on our first day. When I looked into his eyes, tears came into mine. I had a deep sense of knowing who he was and that we were meant to be together for the magical journey in Bolivia, which was about to unfold.

Milton took us to his factory and showed us a new temple he had built at the entrance. Milton asked if I would perform a healing session with his is mother-in-law, Otilia, who was waiting for us there. Although surprised by his request since I believed I was in Bolivia only to perform a ceremony, I agreed. Two chairs were arranged for us. Otilia sat on one and began to speak in Spanish, pointing to her chest with a worried look on her face. I turned to Milton to confess that I didn’t speak Spanish or heal people, but he asked me to continue. When our session ended, I felt profound love flowing between Otilia and myself. Milton came up to thank me, and told me he had observed black energy leave Otilia’s chest, enter me, and then exit from my crown chakra.

The next morning, we were up by eight for the three-hour drive to Lake Titicaca. We made the journey in an old blue truck that had known many years of traveling along the winding, unpredictable Bolivian roads. On our way to the lake we stopped for gas, and as I headed for the lady’s room a dog rushed up and bit the back of my right leg. Fortunately, no skin was broken, but I wondered if incompatible forces might be trying to stop me from going to Lake Titicaca.

Milton had been invited to the opening ceremony of a new hotel in Sampaya, a town along the shores of Lake Titicaca, and upon our arrival, people in native dress greeted us warmly. They placed different colors of confetti on our heads, and it blew in the wind, adding to the festive atmosphere. Llamas and leis of flowers filled the plaza. When the time for the ceremony approached, everyone left the plaza and climbed to the site of the opening ceremony by way of a series of narrow steps, which, to my dismay, had no handrail.

At one of the plateaus overlooking the Island of the Moon, I asked Milton where I might do an equinox ceremony, which, after all, is why I had come to Bolivia. As Milton listed the various possibilities, my energy field expanded to the land below, near the water. My heart warmed and my eyes filled with tears. It was clear I had to go no farther. In a haze, I began to walk down the hill to the spot I had identified where my equinox ceremony would be performed in sight of Lake Titicaca. Sampaya is a “feminine town” of old and overlooks the Island of the Moon on Lake Titicaca. Sampaya was where women used to come to learn how to heal and afterward were allowed to cross the lake to the Island of the Moon to become priestesses, Virgins of the Sun. Of late, their songs could not be heard.

With the day’s ceremony complete, we drove to our hotel to recharge. In the evening, Milton spoke to me about the importance of keeping negative energies at bay. To do so, he showed me how he kept sacred coca leaves in a pouch around his neck that he pulls out and offers to the spirits when he is performing ceremonies.

The next morning after breakfast, Marijon, Milton, and his Peruvian friends Jessica and Nestor, and I got into the truck and drove to the shoreline of Lake Titicaca where Milton had reserved a small boat to take us to the Island of the Moon and then to the Island of the Sun. The water was a dazzling brilliant blue. After thirty minutes of bouncing around in the boat, we docked and walked to a stone-covered beach. Several local traditional women known as “keepers of the island” approached us carrying furry llama toys on strings, Bolivian ceramic whistles, and handwoven belts. “No gracias” did not discourage their repeated attempts to sell their wares to us as we began the climb to the Temple of the Moon, whose stone ruins clearly outlined a rectangular structure that once prominently overlooked the lake and the village of Sampaya.

At the top, to honor Pachamama (Mother Earth) Milton spread two pieces of cloth on the ground and, on each, placed a large sheet of white paper. The cloth on the right was for business offerings and personal prayers, and the one on the left for health. Copal and other incense were added along with many coca leaves. Thin rectangular sheets of silver and gold were placed on the respective offerings. The two bundles were wrapped up and carefully placed on the fire. We watched as the flames melted the offerings.

Marijon then suggested that I go to the front of the temple ruins where there was a ledge that made a perfect seat. As I sat, I moved into a magical space of altered dimension. I heard sounds come out of my mouth, but they quickly transformed into “cosmic speak.” My arms started moving as if I were issuing commands, and my voice bellowed.

I cannot recall how long this continued, but I intuitively knew when I was complete, after which the sounds stopped. Marijon and Milton looked dazed and said something about my having removed an obstacle, yet I had no knowledge of what I had done. My later understanding, by means of information I received via channeling, was that I had been Kaipu, High Priestess for Mama Quilla or goddess of Mother Moon, and that I had removed a veil of low frequencies so that the songs of the Virgins of the Sun could again reach Lake Titicaca. Though the young women initiated to be Virgins of the Sun are not visible today on the Island of the Moon, their presence in the etheric realm is real; their songs are active and alive. The brilliance of their tones now has returned to Lake Titicaca, with the removal of the block imposed by the low-frequency veil.

This time, as we descended the hill we said yes to the vendors since our arms were empty and we could carry more items. The boat took us to the Island of the Sun, and on the way, we stopped to pay tribute to an ancient temple, discovered in 2000 by an international archaeological expedition, submerged in the depths of Lake Titicaca and dating from approximately 15,000 BC. Milton handed each of us coca leaves from his pouch so that we could pay our respects, completing our sacred encounter with Lake Titicaca.

Thus, the miracles and magic of Bolivia had come to an end, and I was soon on a plane to Miami, then on my way home to Santa Fe. What happened when I got home I later described in my journal:

When I arrived home, I felt safe in my protected sanctuary, or so I thought. I took off the lapis pendant, rings, and bracelets that I wore in Bolivia, and always wear because they protect and strengthen my body’s auric shield. I quickly immersed myself in a Himalayan pink salt bath to relieve the enormous fatigue that had built up in me. After the bath, I went downstairs to eat and have some wine. Then I blacked out. The next thing I remember was waking up to darkness everywhere and feeling a desperate sense of not knowing where I was. I remember getting up and grasping for walls and finding the bed. When I woke the next morning, I had a terrible sense that I had been close to hell.

I believe that by removing my gem shield, and by being so exhausted, incompatible energies had entered my body. I have since been told by Archangel Metatron, channeled by James Tyberonn that I had developed a fissure in my auric field from the reverse spin of the equator and from being in an airplane for many hours above the Schuman Resonance, a set of spectrum peaks in the low- frequency portion of the earth’s electromagnetic field. Archangel Metratron explained in more detail how light attracts dark:

“The closer you get to the light, the stronger you attract the dark. This is true in physics and electromagnetics. Pure positive energy has the greatest attraction to negative energy. So you must have the wisdom, humility, strength, and the discipline to deflect it.”

Deflection, then, would be my goal, as I then knew the enormous light being that I was. I no longer had to be told by others an awakening in Bolivia had occurred. And of course I knew nothing of this as it was happening or even as I recorded it. As I regained my balance and allowed the fissure in my auric field to heal, I came to realize that indeed an awakening in Bolivia had occurred. I no longer saw myself as merely Nina, but as an energetic force of enormous magnitude, capable of shifting the dense vibrations weighing down on the brilliant light of Lake Titicaca. Now the Virgins of the Sun can once again sing their songs of love and compassion for humanity.

An awakening in me to the wholeness of who I am had occurred in Bolivia. An awakening awaits you as well.

Excerpted and adapted from Return of Love to Planet Earth: Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary by Nina Brown (Cauda Pavonis, 2010.) Nina Brown is a mother, grandmother, and businesswoman, and a cum laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College. In 1995, she was appointed by President Clinton to represent him at the White House Conference on Small Business.