A Day and a half of “Quantum Leaping”

A Day and a half of “Quantum Leaping”
by Alan Hutner

This morning I am de-peaking
Called off further seeking
Full of rearranged Quantums
Ending prior reekings

I have a high frequency hangover
A series of revelations
And elevations
Cellular changes
And deep meditations

Robert’s breathing techniques
After Doctor Vlad speak
About our wounds
And painful wreaks
Exhaling out stored toxins
An empowerment tweak
To disinherit your meek

To claim the earth!
End the dearth
Of love and truth
To find more mirth
And learning to youth
Retard your aging
Join the saging

Like Doctor Amit
What a gift and treat
To hear him speak
Scientist, physicist, imploring
Don’t’ just be a materialist
Better be a realist
A Quantum Field Idealist
But don’t argue with reality
As it just is!

For when you see
And know the whole
You’ll own your birthright
God-Self – so bold
As many stories were told
About the Self-knowing role

Nina’s foreign language
Ancient and old
From Sirius B
Other world-ly
Opening gates
Before it’s too late
Booming her voice
Waving her phallic, Vogel crystal
Giving all new choice

And Ananda Devi
Dishing Divine Mother’s Gravy
Hands on head
Waking the consciousness dead
Shifting the quantum field In your crown
To yield The next level of enlightenment
To your Soul-Self sent

Norma gave us earth history
Unveiling geomancy mysteries
To know where to be Geographically
For Someday Santa Fe
May be An ocean-front display
That is
If some predicted earth changes
Have their sway

And even Rudy rapped away
As a panel discussion
Blew some astray
Presenting a unique history array
What a mind altering display
Like humanity’s star-seedings
And both Quantum doctors Making way
For a lively audience Q&A

Engaging fact
And imagination
Giving space Without consternation
While Julie and unnamed others
Contributed their heartful ways
To keep this Quantum production
From going astray

And Rudra Ram,
Rudy aka
Just needed the morning off
To rest and re-frequency
Reassemble the atoms
That ran wild and free
That extended “out there”
Into infinity

Stretching us like cosmic rubber bands to see
How far out there we could all be
Beyond limbs of the Kabbalah tree
All now returning to our altered bod-dies
Holding new Love
And healing frequen-cies!

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