Mission Statement:
To help eliminate human suffering by showing other ways of viewing life.

Nina’s core message:
Accept Thyself as Divine

Nina’s core vision:
To share the S.T.A.R. philosophy with every person on the planet

What is the S.T.A.R. philosophy?

S.T.A.R Philosophy Is not:
dogma, hierarchy, a religion, how-to, a must do list of items to do a specific order to achieve enlightenment, a teaching with a guru to please, self-help, psychology

S.T.A.R. Philosophy Is:

  • a practice you don’t have to practice
  • liberating /emancipation
  • The expansion of ancient wisdom for the modern human blended with the ever-expanding laws of physics
  • something you learn to adapt and apply to your life that is ruled by your own, inherent birthright of divine wisdom
  • a method to exercise and enhance self-discernment
  • the art of self-governing
  • gentle
  • floating in beautiful octaves of perfection
  • a shift from helplessness to fascination
  • ceasing to quest for answers and feeling complete by simply asking questions
  • a rainbow in the midst of suffering
  • a lifestyle for the divine human
  • expanded by every person who lives it

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When I see the twinkling lights illuminating the dark sky…
Oh how those stars remind me of my dreams
So far away yet bright enough that I can see the light.