Selected endorsements of Nina’s book, S.T.A.R. Philosophy

“Every Seeker of Enlightenment has to read this great work—S.T.A.R. Philosophy. All the Worldwide Masters of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement are conveying their sincere appreciation.”
—Brahmarshi Patriji, Founder,

“Each page in this book contains a precious jewel of Truth. As I read S.T.A.R., I find myself folding the corner of many pages so that I may return to these thoughts of truth and love. It feels as if this book was written just for me and was just what I needed to read or hear in the present moment. I think you, the reader, may have the same experience.”
—Daniel R. Condron, DM, DD, MS Chancellor, School of Metaphysics ( )

“Nina Brown’s original voice, breathtakingly lucid, sensible, and rewarding as a child’s smile, invites us to dance in our human divinity.  Breathe deep the sacred air of unlimited possibility.”
—Jeff Ferrannini, Internet Radio Producer/Host of

“In this book Nina Brown inspires us to embody the now state of being with her expansive comprehension of infinity consciousness.”
—James F. Jereb, Ph.D. author, visionary artist and Founder of Stardreaming Foundation,