S.T.A.R. Circle Book Club


Star-stacked-bookAnnouncing the S.T.A.R. Circle Book Club.

Host a book discussion group in your living room with like-minded S.T.A.R. Seeds. Buy the books at wholesale plus shipping and sell them at a profit, just like the bookstores do.

Nina will Skype in on the second S.T.A.R. Circle to answer questions.

Click here to find all the details and 18 questions the author offers, such as:

1. What is a “Fascinated Observer?”

2. How does the “Emancipation Proclamation of Human Divinity” make you feel when you read it?

3. What is the philosophy of S.T.A.R. to you?

4. Where do your personal beliefs or philosophies differ from the author’s?

As we come together in coherent thought, we are dreaming the new way of being on earth together. That is why we created the S.T.A.R. Circles.

We have our first S.T.A.R. Circle in Long Island and another developing in the Netherlands—oh joy!

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