Quotes from S.T.A.R. Philosophy

Below are quotes from Nina’s new book, S.T.A.R.–A NOW State of Being. You can purchase and learn more about her book at coachingtocomealive.com.

Unplug from anything that led you to believe that you are anything less than divine. p. 21

Let us continue to play and discover how we would dream and imagine new ways of being on earth. p. 25

Mastery is a process. p. 28

In the now moment, emotions generated from thoughts of the past or future do not exist, which allow the mind to shift. p. 30

Release control and surrender to the present moment. p. 32

The truth is, even thought we may doubt it, we are ALL divine. p. 32

Control is not necessary because the aligned will of the divine Creator wishes only our highest good. p. 33

Experience will be perfect no matter what it looks like – because we created it. p. 35

I had seen no path from here to there, yet it appeared. We need merely trust, and it is so. We are that powerful. p. 45

The issue, challenge or circumstance is neither good nor bad. p. 47

The illusion has been believed for so much of our lives that moving out of a state of resistance is only possible by means of a conscious choice within the Now State of Being. p. 47

Visions and choices can easily be sabotaged by the dreamer, when we fail to listen to and follow the guidance that comes from within. p. 53

When the waves of thought and feeling are coherent and aligned, they are much more powerful and pull us towards our desired reality. p. 53

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