Nina Brown Media Kit

ninacircleWelcome to my media kit! This page offers biographies, images, video and more. I encourage you to explore this space and download the materials you need. If there’s something specific you’d like, such as more images, email me directly at



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“Nina, I am so fortunate to have been able to take advantage of your skilled consulting. Even though I myself am a coach, a teacher of S.T.A.R., and someone who has long been on the spiritual path, sometimes I get hung up, and then your insight and guidance always helps me. I have experienced remarkable energetic realignments as we talked and received insightful comments and pointers to think over later. Thank you!”

“Thank you, Nina, for bringing forth your part of creation for us to embellish, relish, and truly inspire us All!”

“I just want to tell you what a brilliant interviewer and conversationalist I find you to be. As I listened and participated in your Sacred Circle meeting on Sunday morning, I observed how skillfully you guided the conversation, included all the participants, and encouraged those who wanted to share to open up and communicate about their experiences. Thank you so much for all that you are doing to connect us all in the Light. I am honored to call you my sister and friend!”

“I’ve watched all four S.T.A.R. Community videos and I want more! It was so amazing how they came just in time. My body asked for time out so that I could go into the next stage. It helped me SO MUCH to surrender, trust, allow and receive.”

“I am going through a lot of huge challenges, again, so I really need to practice the S.T.A.R. principles! I have a huge, fine home (as long as I can afford it), and I pray for good solutions so that my children and I can live here for as long as we wish. That’s my biggest challenge at this moment. To support this, I have decided to participate in the S.T.A.R. Wisdom Circles whenever I can.”

“Great S.T.A.R. Circle Gathering today, angels! It was remarkable. One of my favorites yet.”

“Feels like the S.T.A.R. Program is unfolding some great possibilities and opportunities for ALL of us. I appreciate the amazing work and play you are providing!”

“I thank you Nina Brown for the amazing work you do. Namaste!”

“Somewhere in one of your videos you speak about doing one outrageous thing once in the while. today, for me, this was participating in a S.T.A.R. Circle Google Hangout. It was fun! What I especially like about S.T.A.R. is that it does not require ‘ancient knowledge’ as embodied by another. I resonate with S.T.A.R. because it ‘feels’ both true and contemporary to me. It inspires me without me needing to know that Thoth was the transmitter.”

“I love S.T.A.R.! It’s wonderful and so simple and such a valuable energy needed to be shared with everyone. I’m so delighted to know about you and the work you are doing.”

“Thank you for offering the Google Hangouts. It’s great to connect with everyone! As I was mentioning this is a great reminder to have this in front of me to utilize the S.T.A.R. process in daily life.”