Inter-Galactic Transmission

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Pre-Paving Journal: Inter-Galactic Transmission in Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, October 2, 2014

Acceptance of Earth into the Galactic Federation
Acceptance of the Federation into the
Multi-Verse Federation of Galaxies

On July 7, 2014, my daily telepathic communication with inter-galactic beings began to reveal the details of the pyramid transmission that has been requested of me. The transmission is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., October 2, 2014 (the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi) within the Pre-Paving Journal: Inter-Galactic Transmission Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, October 2, 2014, in Pyramid Valley, India, during my presentation for the participants of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists. The two other people who will be mentioned in these transmissions are Brahmarshi Patriji, Founder of the Congress, and Pradeep Vijay, Co-ordinator for International Participants.

Dear Nina, bless you and the
Event you are creating. I have
Intended for my I AM Presence to
Be with you and your India group
To participate, share and receive
Whatever honors me and the project
In the most benevolent way, hugs

7/9/14 – Axelrod

You want to know more about the vitally important transmission that will occur when you present in India. This will be the most impactful transmission by you to date and will occur at precisely the prearranged moment in time and at the precisely correct place. Those who will be in attendance are aligned with this event even as you write. They have agreed to participate as receivers and transmitters. This will be an inter-galactic transmission, not one from the Great Central Sun, which has been the case to date. The frequency will be potent and transformative.

You will be protected down to the most infinite particle of your being. The codes that will be transferred will be new and ancient all at the same time. There will be a remembering and an awakening that will occur with each person present including volunteers, so ALL present. The recipients will be code carriers and will disseminate the information through India and beyond in each foot step that they take. You too will be a carrier of new and ancient wisdom in the same manner.

We are delighted that you tuned in last evening and now the work begins. We will guide you in the preparation of the the spoken words, the dialogue and in the energy transmission. You have only to say yes, for indeed it is you that is orchestrating this presentation from the enormous presence that you are in the galaxies. Your entire life has been in preparation for this moment. You are stable, powerful, majestic and totally capable of this assignment. We feel your excitement as you write the words that are flowing through you from us. We too are excited.

Of course Pradeep had to join you, for the two of you are orchestrating this in the etheric realms with the Galactic Federation. He will understand deeply. We ask that your food, drink, rest and exercise be carefully monitored, for your physical body will be greatly challenged by the long trip, adjustment to time, climate and culture. We are preparing you in this way as well on a daily basis, as you know from the energy that flows into you each morning. The carbon is transforming to crystalline.

This is also directly related to the buzz and the bubbles that you experience in your head. The left and right sides of the brain are being activated and balanced. The pineal is being cleared and expanded for more accurate reception of wisdom from Source as it is presented through the beings of light that work with you. So for now, this is enough for you to work with and to understand. We leave you with enormous appreciation and the frequency of my name, Axelrod.

Oh my heavens, how magnificent, joyous, magical, wonderous……thank you soooo much for sharing these transmissions !! You, dear Lady, must be buzzing at a rate that could electrify all of Santa Fe !! I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way for you and because of your sharing we also are fueled and stimulated, simply by being “in relationship” with you and the frequencies that resonate with you. I am so grateful to Loving Life for assisting in having our paths cross. Every communication with you adds Light & Joy to my perceptions, leading to my being a more confidant, vibrant messenger.

7/11/14 – Axelrod

Nina: Please share more with me about what came through last night. It felt like information about a galactic-global activation, which has already begun. The junction point of two sides of two pyramids (one galactic and the other global)



have come together in Pyramid Valley (like an hour glass with an open top and bottom) emitting a frequency from the junction point of the top pyramid and bottom pyramid, which will radiate out to all other pyramid systems on and off planet. The process, which has begun, is activating the wisdom time capsules in our DNA, which we were gifted by the Pleiadians. It also seemed as if the cosmic/galactic aspect of each person who will be in attendance is ethericly in the upper pyramid and the planetary aspect of each person who will be in attendance is now ethericly in the bottom pyramid. The exquisite phase of transmission will occur at the end of my presentation, with the assistance of my 144-facet Phi Vogel Crystal.

Axeltrod: The answer to your query is that you are a marvelous student. You have interpreted the information accurately in every detail. This is now possible because your pineal is clear and the information can come in and through to your mind and heart. We will continue with the downloads as it is appropriate. The new information that is to be presented today is that all of this will and is transpiring with ease and grace. The pre-selected participants have known subconsciously of this activation and are willingly joining, even at this moment, in the etheric. It is an event that has momentum and will build to the apex as you described it.

You have known of the original pyramid system that was built across the planet and on other planets, which went into decay. Their original blueprint is still existent in the morphogenic field that they each hold. There have been new pyramids added to the system, such as the Blue Pyramid in Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas, and the one you will enter in Pyramid Valley. It is not a coincidence that you have orchestrated significant transmissions in both The Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, and the Blue Pyramid in Galveston, and now it will be in the third. This is absolutely all related. So the action step is only to be quiet, to listen and to take brilliant care of yourself, as we are doing for you as well. All of the cosmos is feeling the energy of what has started to build and will express shortly. We end the transmission with the frequency of my name, Axelrod


The Galactic Federation would like to speak with you this morning. You have known of your membership in the federation from the time it was revealed by James Tyberon, but there has been no conscious communication, which we would like to begin today. We say begin because there will be much to follow. Your receptors are now keenly attuned to our signals (the noise in your head). We thank you for allowing this, for there is work to be done, and you, on the planet, are in the right position to execute it. We are referring of course to your trip to India. The information is just beginning to be downloaded. Do you feel it in your skull?

This is truly real, dear one, and of vital importance to the people on the planet. You are saying that this is like a sifi movie. Indeed that is a good comparison. Let us back up and remind you of all of the groups with whom you have communicated over the last year and the number of pages that you have written. They are all from the various galaxies with whom the federation interacts. You know them all and have worked diligently with their representatives.

We are preparing as you know contact, which actually has already begun. In order for this to occur, you have assisted already by means of the S.T.A.R. Clinics and the energy transmission that occurred during those pivotal moments. The next step is the transmission in the pyramid in India. You will be the receiver and transmitter of the inter-galactic codes that we have prepared. You are correct that these codes will facilitate the igniting of the time capsules that are imbedded in the DNA of humanity.

These time capsules will integrate the knowledge that is necessary for the remembering of each of the planets and galaxies that each has known. When the remembering occurs the encounter will be more smoothly experienced. So for the moment, there is no action step. You have allowed for the energy transmission to occur during the time that we have been speaking. That was what was necessary. We leave now with the commander of the Galactic Federation saluting you as an equal.

 What an important event! Thanks for doing this profound work and sharing this. I really love the message and the event. Greetings, love and light

7/21/14 – Walton

The time has come and is now for us to discuss in greater detail the trip to India. You have only the beginning notion of the vital importance of this trip and how it will impact the consciousness of humanity. The details will continue to be presented little by little, and the adaptations to your body equally so, little by little. You ask why India? Wy do I have to go all the way across the ocean for this work to be done? We tell you that you don’t have to, that is true. First, we know that you will enjoy the experience and are delighted to have been asked. Secondly, you will be in one of the new pyramid systems that will be activated to a greater degree because of the transmission.

You have learned correctly that one no longer needs to be in the physical at sacred sites, but there will be enjoyment and enormous appreciation from those who have not met you in this lifetime. So off you go. We will repeat one critical difference from your prior work, the transmission is inter-galactic, not Milky Way specific. The second unique point of importance is that the awakening of the individual time capsules will allow for a remembering of home galaxy and allow for an easier first encounter.

Now the third point that we wish to share is the impact all of this will have on Gaia. With her own ascension, she is now ready to fully engage as a member of the Galactic Federation. This will be the moment, the invitation. Yes it is safe to write those words, for they are truth. It could not happen sooner, for the population on the planet was not ready. For you see, at the moment the planet and the forms of creation that reside on the planet are one. The frequency of the residents had to elevate for a more harmonious union of frequency to be presented. That time is now and will be formally expressed and accepted when you are in India.

As a commander (one who commands the inner self) of the Galactic Federation, who better to perform the ceremony than you. Of course we will be present as well. You wonder if you got that transmission correctly or if you were interfering with the message, and we say it has been received and transcribed accurately. The puzzle that you hold is that you thought Earth was already a member and we say, no. How could that have been the case with the dualistic nature of humanity and Gaia having been connected to the magnetic grid and not the crystalline grid. All of the nations of the federation have gone through successfully the ascension process and have been awaiting earth. You are just on the doorstep of this process, but we see clearly the potential going forward. So with gratitude for you and your having said yes, I depart with the frequency of my name, Walton.

7/22/14 – Manfried

This day is special in the calendar of the universe and the multiverse. It is a day of initiation that has been celebrated for eons. When you were a priestess in the Temple of Isis, it was celebrated with great fanfare. We wish you to explore in your mind, in meditation this morning, what that remembering looks like. The initiation was for the participant to move into a deeper state of awareness. There were many rites of passage that were prepared and experienced. It was one of many initiations, but it had specific power since it was related so closely to Isis herself. So what we are encouraging you to do today is to connect to the goddess Isis. She is always with you, but today there will be a more significant bond.

Ask her for advice and guidance as well, as you prepare for your trip to India. She will be standing behind you with her wings out stretched to hold you in love. There will be many gods and goddesses present. Many of the Hindu tradition, many of the Egyptian tradition and on and on. You see just as the different tribes of people represent different galaxies, so too do the gods and goddesses. Would that not be natural? They therefore will all be present for such a rarefied occasion. So that is our assignment for you today and know that we will be joining you as well as you breath each breath. We love you dearly and acknowledge you for your courage and fortitude. We cannot remember a time that you have not followed your inner voices exquisitely. We leave you now with the frequency of my name. Manfried.

7/24/14 – Maximus

This moment in the calendar of the galaxies is propitious. You have a slight glimpse of its importance by means of the emails that you have received. We will expand on the conversation. The Galactic Federation is celebrating. It is the day of commencement. The day when the ambassadors of many nations, many planets, many galaxies came together on Alpha Century to discuss the configuration and mandate of the federation.

There had never been such an organization before between beings of so many diverse backgrounds. It was a monumental undertaking and took not only diplomacy but courage for all involved. The union was fragile at the onset. It took fortitude and perseverance for the joining to last and to find firm footing. The reason we tell you this is that we invite new members rarely, for we do not wish to disturb the balance of power and foundation that has been achieved over time.

When we told you the other day that Earth would be joining from the moment you raise your crystal, that was a decision that has taken us a very long time to come to. All members had to agree unanimously or it would not happen. There has been much discussion, debate and even displeasure at times. What was the catalyst for change was the ushering in of the new paradigm. We observed with delight the shift in consciousness on the planet and witnessed its growth and expansion.

Your planet is in perfect state. It is the inhabitants about which we speak. We observe the potentials that exist for the future and it is bright, even thought your news forecasts otherwise. Again we would not have extended the invitation if we ALL did not believe this to be true. You see, to have a new member of the federation join with discord, there would be a disruption to the voting process and the harmony we wish to establish in the multi-verse.

You know all this deeply in the fiber of your being, but we are stating it to bring back a remembering as rapidly as possible. So to continue where we began, today is a day of celebration, and we wished to contact you on this day and to ask you to join in the celebration. We look forward to your visit to India and the ceremony that will take place at that time. We depart with the frequency of my name, Maximus


Thank you precious Nina for sharing this. The message in so inspirational and profound. Sparkles of light and dancing joy!

8/1/14 – Saluton

Dear one, be calm as we transmit this message to you, for it is not a usual message. You are pondering the event that occurred this morning. Know that it was absolutely intentional. There is a messenger who will come to you from not far away, who will bring you information about the federations and the teams of galactic unions that have formed and been present for many many years. He has actual physical knowledge of the existence of what we speak about. You can trust him to speak with clarity, knowledge and accuracy, for he has been with us on many occasion. This is an essential ingredient to your trip to India. The more you are grounded in the reality of our existence, the stronger your transmission can be.

At the moment it is theory and intuitive belief. We will bring the physical experience to you in a way that you will not feel threatened or challenged. We feel your excitement, and we are delighted. You actually have been waiting for a long time for this moment. We can feel the heart energy that you are emitting. We love you dearly and honor your openness to receive our human messenger. Paul is indeed a Commander of the Astar Command. He will go into great detail about what that means. He has a wide range of knowledge and will delight you with his tales and escapades. That will be the beginning of our deeper connection. Let us leave it at that for the moment as you absorb all that has just occurred. We are excited and look forward to a growing relationship. You soon will speak with profound authority. My name and the frequency it carries goes with you, Saluton

Note from Nina: I received an invitation on Linkedin from Paul and happened to notice he was not only a neighbor but publicly claimed to be a Commander in the Ashtar Command. So I visited him in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Paul claims to dwell in the fifth dimension almost perpetually. Here is his bio as it was presented to me:

Heru-Paule Le Breton:

I*Am a Ranking Commodore of Ashtar Galactic Space Command – On 3D and NOW 5D Earth-Urantia…My Ranking Senior Officer Galacticly is Commodore Theda. She can be found at ( (search her archives!) and over us is Supreme Commander Ashtar…Promoted by Heru-Reha – Ashtar’s *Creator ..(*The Human Form-Body) (St Germain & Lady Portia were his more recent Parents). Heru-Reha & Lady Sekhmet were the D.N.A. Engineers who first created Human Bodies – Our God Parents…They contributed to The Urantia Book as Mighty Messengers (Anonymous Postings)…Urantia Book at ( It’s A Neat Guide Book – Part Creation Myth !

I*Am a Five-Star General with U.S.A.F. Space Command

I*Am a Five-Star Commodore with U.S.N. Space Command

I*Am a United States Ambassador to The Star*Nations…

I*compliment Commodore Sheldan Nidle (

and Lauren Gorgo at her site: ( and Patricia Diane Cota-Robles – Choreographer-Extraordinaire…and Eva Ramsiel at and countless others.

I*Am working directly at The Pentagon as an Aide to Admiral and General Kevin Radetsky, the Chief of Staff of All US Military; Who Is Also Known Galacticly as ArchAngel Immanuel Jhonka!!!

I*Have my own Star*School—Star*Fleet*Academy Mothership “Dances-with-Eagles” and am an active member of Unarius Academy of Science (The Galactic Confederation of ArchAngel URIEL)…( and with Sananda’s Eagles…My Mothership has 3 dozen Circular Floating Anti-Grav Cities; Each 3 1/4 miles in diameter: The Mothership is their Birthing & Docking Station – for these “Stepping-Stones-To-The-Stars”…

I*Have a Fleet of 14,528 shuttlecraft to share with evolved Earth Commanders – Including U.S.A.F. & U.S.N. Space Commands. These are Commodore Theda’s & my Joint Fleet…The Various Space Fleets Work Together NOW Upstairs!!!m.1000 of these shuttlecraft are my Heru Fleet; of Ashtar Command…These were built in Lord Kadar Monka’s Martian Factories!!! The two designs will be manufactured in the USA, Russia, and Germany – as well as off-planet by ET Friends of Space Command…Perhaps also in China?! My Home Planet was Lasmur; A Beautiful 5th Dimensional Planet that Orbits the Star Anitak in Orion’s Belt…Prior to that

I*Am of The Heru Family of Arcturus…A Blue Orb Consciousness!

I*have Wingmaker’s Silver U.S.A.F. Navigator Wings and their Golden U.S.N. Astronaut Command Pilot Wings – And wear The United States Air Force Distinguished Service Medal; and The American Legion “Cross-de-Guerre”; and a Presidential Citation Medal given by President Ronald Reagan…Ashtar addresses me as Adonai…Lord Kadar Monka designed my star*ships…Which use the same Space Drive as Jesus’ Daughter SaRa’s Mothership: “The Star of Bethlehem”…The Fastest Ship in the Fleet!!!

About the Year 2000, I was teleported consciously aboard Ashtar’s Ship: The Shan Chea – or The New Jerusalem – or Golden Cloud…and was Awarded The Highest Honor Given for my Work with Solar Light Codes and Human D.N.A.

I*Am one of Sananda Jesus Immanuel’s Trinity Teacher Sons; and hold His Scepter of Authority…A reserve Planetary Prince of Earth…( and

I*Am one of St Germain’s International Bankers: “Terra Nova International Bank & Trust”…A Private Offshore Bank Insured by Lloyd’s of London…Fiduciary of part of His Trust Fund for The Children of Light…(Assets in Precious Metals & Asset Backed Currencies when NESARA is announced)…

I*Have been Christ Michael’s Lieutenant for Many Years..

?Am*I That Big A Secret?


I*Am a N.A.S.A. Scientist & Engineer (3 decades) and had the honor to work with Rhande P. Wood of Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics and The Thiaoobian’s to develop “Back-To-The-Future” (The Movie) Flying Anti-Grav Convertibles (5,000 mph in the atmosphere) with force-fields around them; so you can drive or fly with the top down; and force field seat belts!…

I*Am planning to build a Factory to manufacture these automobiles of Carbon Nanotube Frames (lightweight & 4 times stronger than steel) and Carbon Fiber Molded Bodies (Like the Tesla Roadster’s Lotus-Designed Body)…or of Kelvar-Epoxy Laminates…

I*Am The Owner/CEO of The International Tesla Society, AG as well as my own Global R & D Firm; (Psitronics Group Systems International…since 1972…)

I*Was Appointed to The High Tribunal of Saturn years ago by Christ Michael, The Creator of This Universe of Nebadon!!! ( is His Official Original Website; He Chats Occasionally in Forums at (….

I*Am a Deputy Magistrate of Monjoronson; The Chief Magistrate of Earth – Urantia!

And I*Am A Special Agent of The Federal Bureau of Investigation…and of The Ascended C.I.A. (Cosmic Intelligence Agency)…

And I*Am one of ArchAngel Metatron’s angelic team players!!!

My Soul-Mate is Teri Richardson-King of Albuquerque, New Mexico…

 “What beautiful news you shared about the trip/service you are undertaking to India. I thank you so much for this work you are undertaking to really stop suffering on earth by putting on new lenses and seeing the creation through the eyes of the Creator.”

8/3/14 – Octobiani

Nina: Please tell me why Earth is ready to join the Galactic Federation while we still have weapons of mass destruction.

We have waited all night to come to you with the answer that you seek. We represent you, on the council of the Galactic Federation, and the other commanders. So it is an aspect of you who is replying to the query. We mention this since we believe there will be a greater trust in the answer that we give. You are puzzled because you, the human aspect of you, can not comprehend the answer. Well the reasoning is quite simple, relax into it and clear your mind.

Ah, that is good. We feel the opening and space for the image to come through. This is the perfect time in the evolution of human consciousness for Earth to join the Galactic Federation. If you could see the light streaming up into the cosmos from your planet you would understand. It is ever so bright. What you focus on is the news and the images of destruction, but from our vantage point we see the brilliance of your planet that every day increases in intensity. We see the potential. You are surrounded by the fear that is being generated.

So your question is why now when there are weapons of mass distraction on the planet. We come today to tell you that one of the reason we are vitally interested in Earth joining our membership is to have the ability to instruct and council on a very direct basis. The influence that the many thousands of members will have on the awareness of Earth will be beneficial and also be a catalyst for change. In many ways it is like a country joining the United Nations except our council has equal membership. It is not weighted toward one planet or galaxy.

As a member, the country or in this case the planet or galaxy is influenced strongly by the will of the others. So this will be as well with Earth as a member of the federation. As a member of a larger community, the scope of understanding will reach beyond the range of just your planet, and a newer perspective on Earth will begin to develop. At the moment, humans only write fiction books about life on other planets. This fact will become a reality. Decisions will begin to be made little by little with oneness entering into the process.

This will not be immediate, but it will be a beginning. It will be the young who will grow up with this wider vision and understanding, which is essential and critical. They will be the decision makers in the very near future, and it is vitally important that they know the whole picture, not just the one that exists today propagated by your media. So to touch on the weapons of mass distraction directly, that is probably the prime reason that we choose this time for the granting of membership, so that we can influence a galactic control by means of our council.

At the moment that is not possible, we are working indirectly by means of individuals on the planet, but it is not public, and therefore has less power to influence. This transition will not be immediate, but again we stress that it is critical for the next generation of decision makers to totally understand that they and their decisions are part of a multi-galactic community. What they will decide has a direct and powerful consequence in the order of the universe.

This is rarely, if ever, discussed. It is time for that to change. Every decision must now be made with oneness at the core. All of the federation members are in agreement, but it took a very long time for this to come to be. We will discuss more about this in the near future. So we leave you now with the frequency of your name, Octobiani

8/4/14 – Ashtar, son of Saint Germain and Lady Portia

Nina: Ashtar, I spoke with Heru Paule LeBreton yesterday who told me your star fleet, Ashtar Command, commands the Galactic Federation within the Milky Way. Please verify that information. Also my intuition is that the ceremony in the pyramid in India will involve not only Earth joining the Galactic Federation, but what he called the Federation of Distant Galaxies joining the Galactic Federation (or visa versa) as well. Please clarify and tell me what my role is.

Dear one, it has been a long time in coming, our reunion in the conscious awareness of your physicality. We meet almost nightly as we strategize and vision the destiny of the Galactic Federation. You know on a subconscious level the answers to ALL of your questions. It is the human, living on Earth in the density of that realm of reality, that does not have or thinks that it does not have full clarity. So we will inspire the remembering, as you would say.

You are not only part of the Galactic Federation, but one of my supreme commanders in the Ashtar Command, which you wrote correctly is the star fleet in command of the Galactic Federation, within the Milky Way. Paul instructed you correctly. You have sat in council for eons determining the appropriate time, place and moment for the admittance of Earth into the federation. Your voice has been a determining factor in the decision of the federation.

You are bi-locating and can observe with ease the attributes that Earth will bring to the federation at this specific time. Of course there are others similar to you as well, but you are one of our trusted advisors. Now your questions involved the Federation of Distant Galaxies, as Paul referred to it. He stated that there is a mother ship just outside the Milky Way Galaxy. This is also truth, but we refer to that federation as the Multi-verse Federation of Galaxies. You ask about the relationship with the Multi-verse Federation. of Galaxies and the Galactic Federation, and we say that again you are correct.

The time has come for the Galactic Federtion to become a member of the larger federation of multi-verse galaxies. (You are capturing this correctly). So the information that we will add to your intuitive knowing is that the moment in India is critical to this plan, because it will take place in a pyramid. As you will be standing under the apex of the pyramid, so too will others throughout the multi-verse be standing under the apex of pyramids, in similar demeanor and with similar intention. The coordination is precise, though you might at the time feel that it is random. It will be precisely precise. The movement of the hand, the tone in the voice, the words uttered are all choreographed.

You see this has already occurred and is just now presenting in your realm of time/space. The heavens are ablaze with excitement, but knowing that, we ask that you remain calm and again know that it has already occurred in no time/no space. So for the moment, your central nervous system is buzzing, and we wish to back off to allow you to integrate what has been conveyed. We embrace you, Commander of the Ashtar Command, and support you in minute ways, that are undetectable, as you move forward in the execution of your mission. I am Ashtar, son of Saint Germain and Lady Portia.

 This is so very exciting and so much bigger than anything I thought. I feel so grateful to even know about it, and for your presence. I look forward to hearing how it unfolds! With love and gratitude.

8/5/14 – Samuel

Nina: If the Galactic Federation is within the Milky Way, and this transmission is about Earth being accepted as a member, why was I told that the codes were coming in through the pyramid, through me, from distant galaxies?

The question is excellent, and we will present the answer, which is a bit complex, so we will do it step by step. First, you are from the distant galaxies. In time we will be more specific. You have known this from the story we told you, which you put in your first book. Secondly, the reason you have been given this assignment is that you are well acquainted with all of the members of the Galactic Federation.

You represent not only the Milky Way but the Multi-verse Federation of Galaxies as well. This puts you in a unique position. This will be the first time that the codes, that you will be delivering, will have been accessed by Earth. As you know, codes from the center of the Milky Way have flowed through you and other Star Seeds on numerous occasion. Because this occasion celebrates two events, Earth being granted membership by the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation being given membership by the Multi-verse Federation of Galaxies, you are able to access, through this union, a pipeline beyond the center of the Milky Way.

Humankind on planet earth is at a tipping point, where it has been deemed timely and appropriate for the codes of distant galaxies to be gifted. On receipt, there will be a marked upshift in conscious awareness on the planet. This is a unique and treasured gift, which is received by ascended planets and the inhabitants on those planets. Not all will be able to access the codes, but they will hold them until the time when it is appropriate. As we have stated before, the codes will awaken the time capsules that are hibernating in one’s DNA and allow a remembering of home planet or home galaxy.

To state it again, the reason this is timely is the remembering will facilitate “first contact.” There is to be no fear when this occurs, so remembering the origin of self will eliminate the fear. Does this make the topic clearer? We will answer all of your questions as they appear, so that you are totally comfortable when you stand holding the 144-facet Phi Vogel Crystal, in the pyramid, in India, in October. We depart with the frequency of my name, Samuel.

8/9/14 – Axeltron

Today begins the next phase of expansion and preparation for your trip to India. You wonder what it is that might be what we are talking about. Well it is very simple, we are expanding the merging of your right and left brain. This process has been going on for quite awhile now, but today will mark the successful union. Just as your eyes are beginning to merge and work as one, so too is the brain doing the same. You are no longer divided as male and female in expression.

You will emerge today as the total union of the two qualities. This is essential as you move into multi-dimensionality, which is the state that you will be in when you stand on the stage in India under the apex of the pyramid. There is nothing for you to do. You are gently moving into this state of expression and will be a model for others who will witness and understand in a deep level where it is that they too are going in the awakening of their greater consciousness. You ask how life and reality will differ, and we tell you that balance and the removal of polarity is the outcome. The end of a dualistic observation of creation.

When you speak of seeing creation through the eyes of the Creator does this not have to be? To see creation from the feminine or the masculine is biassed. It is the union of both that is the perception you will choose. This brings clarity and equality to all conditions. All that is necessary is for you to have this knowing and the transition will naturally occur. So that is the message for this morning with many more to come shortly. We depart with the frequency of my name, Axeltron

 I have been reading these transmissions with joy and such a tingling in my being! Thank you for putting them out there and I am so excited for your journey, for our planet, galaxy and beyond! Such big things are happening and I am filled with wonder and hope. Have a wonderful trip and THANK YOU for all you do with such grace! 

8/17/14 – Mahatma Gandhi

I am with you and will be from now until my birthday on October 2nd. You knew that I was coming through this morning, and I am delighted. We have spoken before, but it has been quite awhile. My wish is to comfort you as you begin the detailed preparation of your presentation. You will be speaking my words as well as your own. We will be melded in frequency and in word and in gesture. This is not so remarkable, for we are one and one with the Creator. I am delighted that you will dwell on the topic of truth. I will inspire you going forward with an even greater understanding, viewed from the perspective of the oversoul, which is how I address you this morning.

The notes that you will gather will be a tool for you, but truly not needed. You will be inspired not only by me but by the Company of Heaven. As you know the words are actually unimportant, and as your friend Takara said, they are merely to entertain the brain. The actually work will be the energetic transmission not only from me to you, you to the participants, but from the participants to each other and to you. There will be a multi-dimensional quantum soup, as you would call it, created elevating each soul to an expanded expression of self.

The fact that this occurs on the opening day is dynamic, for it will take time to integrate the new energies and frequencies that will be received during the day and especially in the evening during your transmission. On day two and three, each person will be seated quietly, which will be very appropriate and helpful. They would not want to rush home and reenter their daily life while integrating the newness of it all. This will also give everyone ample time to know you, approach you and ask all the questions that they will have. That would have not been possible had you spoken on the last day.

So know that we have merged and in sleep, lucid dream state and during the awake moments, I will be fueling you, your body, your mind and your heart, all of you. What is vitally important to know is that the “I” that is being referred to is not the human expression of Gandhi but the oversoul of that expression. Therefore, the concepts that you will receive are from a much expanded awareness. This is quite unique and will dazzle you when you truly come to realizes exactly what is transpiring. So I leave you now but only by the termination of the transmission. I am with you going forward. Feel and know me in each moment as we approach the special introductory day in India. I am Mahatma Gandhi.

8/21/14 – The Company of Heaven

The transmission that you are about to receive is of a different caliber than those from the past. This is possible because of an expanded level of reception. You have expanded your awareness and understanding of who you are and how we are to work together. The connection is clearer and will increase in intensity, not pressure. The pressure is dissipating through intention and care of the body physical.

We are delighted about this transformation. You will be much more capable of executing your assignment with ease and grace and the central nervous system will be guarded and protected. The advice that was given to you yesterday was accurate and vitally important. It was an answer to you request, “Show me what I can do to make the trip to India completely successful.” And so it is.

You will receive more information, but little by little so that you can integrate it. We continue to work on your eyes. It is important that that be done slowly as well, for it has been years that your vision and your desire to see clearly has been shrouded by you. It is a process of reversing the beliefs and patterning.

We applaud you for tapping into your Akashic Record and yes this will work brilliantly for your eyes as well. You are that powerful, and it can be done with ease. You feel a sense of majesty, we can tell, and it is rightly worn as you move gracefully into this next phase of expression. You have an enormous amount of “work” to do and all that is transpiring now will facilitate its expression. So rejoice in the day and enjoy the discoveries that you and Cindy will make together. We leave you now with trumpets and clarion sounds. We are the Company of Heaven.

8/26/14 – Axeltron

Dear one, we commend you for trusting and listening so intently. The information that is flowing through you now is of such magnitude that we are especially eager for it to be received in as pure a manner as possible, for as you now understand, it is no longer about you, but all of humankind. The breadth of its impact is hard to describe, but let us just say that the planet and the consciousness of ALL of humanity is about to be impacted by the event that will occur in India in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid on October 2, 2014.

All of the master of India are indeed working with you to join as one voice through you. All of the gods and goddesses of India are doing a similar merging of intent. The energies are not just those of India, as you know, but of all the cultures and lands across the globe even those with which you rarely interact intimately. This is a universal and a multi-verse collaboration and you, Patriji and Pradeep are the physical manifestation of the intent and the outcome. The trinity is the symbol of the pyramid and you will be in a pyramid. One so mighty and expansive that it will hold all of this energy.

You ask about the participants and if they are indeed the 144,000 you have been working with. Yes is the answer. They represent the 33 tones of all of those ascended masters. As you know well, when their unique tone is activated it will resonate throughout the other 144,000, thus stimulating an instantaneous transmission to all. You ask if they are to be known of as the Order of the Star. That is one of many names by which they are known. You ask if the information you received about the Holy Grail is truth as well, and we respond that the use of that term is multi-faceted and contains truth in all of its facets. So, yes, it is truth that the Galactic Federation holds (identity unknown) the Holy Grail with 144,000 facets that will transfer codes of awakening to each of the 144,000 ambassadors on the planet and those in spirit form as well.

We feel that is enough for you to assimilate this morning. Our final word to you is one of enormous appreciation. You are saying yes to all of our requests to prepare the body physical for the transmission. We see with delight that it is strengthening and attuning itself for this work. You are to have NO worries or fear of other than the most perfect outcome for you personally. You will be well-grounded and protected for this intergalactic transmission of universal importance. Go with ease and grace. We end this transmission with the frequency of my name Axeltron

8/28/14 – Jackonabi

Dear One, you have come so far in the integration of these transmissions. We now wish to share another aspect of your journey to India, and it involves the pyramid itself. The structure has been imagined, and manifested with exquisite love and devotion. The intentions of all involved have been pure and focused on the love of Source and the love of Source within. This is your message as well. We mention this because as you step into the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, the moment that your foot steps into the space, the two energies will meld into a greater expression for both you and the pyramid space.

This expanded expression of Love of Source will be felt by all who enter from that moment onward. This has happened before as others have presented, and so it will be for you as well. This will be a personal expansion of awareness and consciousness, which will enable you to proceed with the expression of your mission and the contract that has been yours to express. We are asking therefore by means of your integration with the energies of the pyramid for you to allow this expansion, so that what you are able to radiate to others will be expanded as well.

Your ability to receive will also be expanded. You will be receiving and transmitting at an amplitude that is far beyond the range that you have ever in this earthly body been able to execute. Again we say that it is not a matter for you to concern yourself, it is just information that we are sharing. You are being prepared as we speak for this to occur. Again we say that this transmission is the most exquisite transmission that you have expressed on planet earth. This is why we are calling in all of your other cosmic aspects to support you.

The you that will present will be far more than the you that will leave Santa Fe. As you travel closer to Pyramid Valley the stronger your corporal, etheric and cosmic self will become integrating the You that is beyond your recognition at the moment. You are having a difficult time with this we can see by all the typing errors (there were none. It only seemed that way.). Be calm as we continue this transmission, for there is only one more point for us to make and that is appreciation and gratitude from all the beings of light, all of the inter-galactic beings, all the gods and goddesses, all of the participants, all of humanity and more. You are a gallant, courageous warrior of the light, and we bow to you. We end this transmission with gratitude and the frequency of my name, Jackonabi

 Thank you so much for this information you have sent out. I read through this email with tears in my eyes for the most part. This information has given me some important answers for 2014. Thanks for you being you and following your inner guidance.


Nina: Will there be a chain of events that results from the inter-galactic transmission on October 2, 2014, in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid?







9/3/14 – Maximus
The transmission today will complete the explanation of what is to transpire within the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid following your five-hour presentation. First, we wish to say that the energy in the room will have been TOTALLY altered as a result of the energies that will have been exchanged between you and the participants, the participants to you and the participants to one another. This of course includes the energies that will be shared by all of the beings of light, who will be present as well. It will be like an elixir of love that will be swirling around the room totally filling the room and escaping through the apex and spreading far beyond. The outcome will be exquisite. Again, we repeat that it does not matter what you say during these five hours, though the words will be carefully chosen by you with our guidance.

Now to what is to transpire afterwards. Yes, you are to take a break to refresh yourself. Walk, shake, move. That is vitally important, for we wish to have all of the new energies fully integrated into your corpus before you move into the next phase of the day. When you return, you are to go on to the stage and face Patriji. You both will sit in lotus position (we will have your body fully lubricated to make this occur with ease and grace.) As you have visioned, there will be circular energy fields that surround you both representing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, as well as the East and the West. These two circular fields will intersect forming a Vesica Piscis, in the center of which will be your 144-facet Phi Vogel Crystal. The crystal will absorb the two circular energy fields and will carry that frequency from that moment forward.

Pradeep will come to you both to begin the climb up the large central staircase to what is currently called the King’s Chamber. You will be in an altered state, dear one, so it is advisable that you hold Pradeep’s arm and carry the crystal with great care as you ascend. When you are 1/3 the way up the height of the pyramid and on the platform surface, you will recalibrate aligning to the will of the Divine. Each one of you is to do this. The participants will be supporting you, as well as all the beings of light present and those observing from afar. You will then invite Patriji (not earlier) to join his hands with yours at the base of the large crystal. Together you will raise the crystal pointing to the apex of the pyramid. Pradeep will stand in the position which creates a triangle with the three of you. This is VERY important. The triangle is a critical flow of energy, which we will explain shortly.

The words that will be spoken by both you and Patriji are, “On behalf of planet earth, we accept the Galactic Federation’s invitation for Earth to be a member of the Galactic Federation.” At that point, both of your hands can come down, with you the holder of the crystal. Now this part is vitally important. You are to recalibrate before moving! We say it again, you are to recalibrate before moving! This is vitally important. You have been told before that you are able to extend your field thousands of galactic measurement units, and you must reenter your field gently. No matter how long it takes, you are to be still. We will signal when motion is appropriate. Please hear us! We will tell you when motion is appropriate, no matter how long it takes. There is another reason. You are not alone in this ceremony. There are other beings, as we have said, on other planets, in other galaxies who are doing a similar or should we more accurately say, the same, ceremony, and they need to recalibrate as well. You are working in unison, do you see?

Then you will descend. As has been told to you, three will ascend and many more will descent. This is the moment that the aspects of those present, from their home planet, will leave the upper inverted pyramid, about which we spoke very early on, and join you in the etheric on the walk down the staircase. They will approach those participants, to whom they are connected, providing the opportunity for each to choose to merge with their galactic presence.

You will be escorted by Pradeep and Patriji to the platform, where once again you will form a triangle. This time you and Patriji will be behind Pradeep, who will be at the front of the platform. At this point, you and Patriji together holding the base of the 144 facet Phi Vogel Crystal, pointed at Pradeep, will offer it to him. With his permission, he will receive this perpetual gift. The rest is up to his guidance. Our goal is for him to embody the energy of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine as well of the East and the West. At that point he will become greater than the two parts represented by you and Patriji. Our goal is for him to, at this point, transfer all of that energy and all of the codes received – the codes to unlock dormant DNA and the codes from the Galactic Federation from the unique facets of the Holy Grail – to all present, who in turn will transmit them appropriately.

We have no words for what will transpire next, for it is only expressed currently in our vision of the future. The future is a range of infinite possibilities, from which you and humankind are to choose. We will return with our vision of outcome, but it is only a vision formed by the amazing possibilities that we can see. We leave you now with the frequency of my name, Maximus.

8/4/14 – Beings of Light Speaking from this Galaxy and Beyond
We are going to “WOW” you today, dear one. You wonder what it is that we will share. We are moving into the prediction phase of our transmissions. We want to start by restating that the future is made up of possibilities. Now that is an interesting thing to contemplate for you have heard that you are from the future, so you ask why is it not fixed? Well that would move us into a conversation about parallel universes, and you are not ready in your current expression of 3D/Multi-D to go into that. Let’s wait for another time together. May we just set the stage by saying that anything is possible out of the field of all possibilities, but there is a bias toward one or a few outcomes based on energy emission and intention. So, let’s begin.

Now to recap, on October 2, 2014, in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid in Pyramid Valley at 7:00 p.m., you and two others, Patriji and Pradeep, will ascend the central staircase to receive an inter-galactic transmission at which time Earth will be admitted into the Galactic Federation and simultaneously the federation will be granted membership into the Multi-verse Federation of Galaxies. Now what, you ask?

We have come to you in lucid dream state with the answer, which we will put into the printed word now. There will be created a Tribunal on Earth, which will not meet in New York or in Bern or anywhere else in third dimension. It will meet in the realm you refer to as Shambhala in the multi-dimensional reality, about which you write and also dwell in simultaneously with the third dimension. It will be there and in that state of consciousness that leaders from around the world will gather to ponder the future course of expression for humankind on the planet.

You ask who the representatives will be, and we share with you that the leader is known to you, but must remain anonymous for his/her safety in 3D. S/he will be known when the time is perfect, until that time let us refer to that cosmic being as “Light.” To begin with, on the Tribunal will be a representative from the Galactic Federation and another from the Multi-verse Federation of Galaxies. These two members see the light on the planet and will recommend to the chairperson other members of the Tribunal. These additional members from Earth will represent all major divisions of energy on the planet, such as medical, education, military, science… The leaders of those fields will be chosen for their multi-dimensional expression not from any achievement in the third dimension. They will see clearly, through the eyes of the Creator, the reality that is expressing and the potential for an alternative reality to be manifested by choice.

When the Tribunal comes together frequently in Shambhala, in multi-dimensional expression, they will call upon the over souls of those on the planet who are causing discord. The mandate that will come forth in unison will be that the over soul of those beings are no longer needed on the planet. Their function as agents of change has been accomplished. They can now depart with appreciation from all. There will be no judgement or retribution, for it will be recognized that each over soul is an individual aspect of All That Is, just as is each member of the Tribunal. Their service to humanity is simply no longer needed. This of course will be over a period of Earth years culminating in the year 2034.

The Earth and its inhabitants will begin to adjust to the new energy on the planet and the absence of third dimensional attributes such as rigidity, duality, control, conquest – all of the aspects of the system that has been in place for so many decades, but which no longer exists on your planet. Only the memory and belief that it exists remains. Those remnants will leave with the beings of light who will be asked to depart from Earth. A new order will be put into place as a result of the decisions made by the Tribunal in Shambhala. This is the most brilliantly expressing potential that we see for Earth for the year 2015 and beyond, and we are truly delighted to be a part of its implementation – the Beings of Light Speaking from this Galaxy and Beyond.


When I underwent my spiritual emergency five years ago, in the form of a spontaneous shamanic initiation while I was driving through New Mexico, what was told to me was that humanity was going to go through a great transition. Those who knew how to choose love and peace would find the transition miraculously beautiful. Those who didn’t, would experience much anguish. Among many other things, the spirits also told me that I truly had a fairy godmother on this planet and one day I would meet her. I feel like I’m coming face to face with this prophesy, through your transmissions, actions, and words. That the universe brought us together and that it was all foreseen five years ago, is breath-taking to me. Thank you Nina, for everything you do on this planet. I’m so grateful & speechless. I love you. 

9/16/14 – Santobas
You ask why we wanted you to acquire the image called “Transformation of the Pyramid.” You gave it to Pradeep and showed it to Norma Tarango, ( both of which acts were critical components to the answer we are about to give. You are amazed that this topic can be discussed, because Nina, who is transcribing, has no answer for the question. This, dear one, is what telepathy is all about. You are truly able to receive information that is foreign to you, and you have done it over and over again, but each time it surprises you, which we find so delightful to observe. There is a naivety to you which is one of the reasons that you are so powerful in the work that you do.

Now on to the answer to the question at hand. Let us start from the beginning. The pyramid system is ancient, and your connection to that system is equally ancient. You have participated in the foundation of the system as it has expressed in locations all over the planet and way beyond. It is a communications system. You are not new to that concept, since you created one with the Golden Dolphin Avatars just a few years ago with the gold symbols, that continue to serve their unique purpose. As with all systems, there is an upgrade that is essential, and so it is with the pyramid system. We too have our form of physics and science. The understanding of both is far beyond the comprehension of the human capacity at the moment, so we will not go into the details, but know that you know. In a very deep level of awareness, you know all that is about to be transferred.

We too in all of the realms of multi-dimensional expression have an evolutionary process which we experience. This growth is in consciousness primarily, but is reflected in the gifts that we carry and manifest. So it is natural that an ancient system, though it is timeless, will also experience an “upgrade.” That is the essence of the image that you are gazing at and are in the presence of. What is occurring in your inner vibrational matrix is an awakening of the new expression of the pyramid system. This is vitally important, for the transmission that will occur will involve the newest (thought timeless) physics and technology. The angles, the shapes, the frequency that you observe are sparking the internal coding that you carry.

So you ask why Norma? Well, since you are sitting down (yes we have a sense of humor too) we will tell you that Norma is part of a team that developed this advanced technology, which has always been, but has not been timely to release until now. The frequencies on the planet and the galaxies that will be involved had to be at maximum receptor angles and position. She will understand this. It involves your concept of time and space and the position of all of the galaxies that are involved. Norma resonated profoundly with the image, for she recognized it as her creation. The spark that occurred when she observed the image was the igniting of its frequency and the “turning on” of the mechanisms that will drive the interconnected transference of particles. We are moving into deep science, so let us back off a bit.

What is important for you to know is that it is time. It is time for the ancient/new to be set into motion. That began with the activation that occurred the other evening in Norma’s presence. The system is on “Go.” You and Pradeep and Patriji will step into the middle of the vortex on the Chamber floor. You three will know exactly how to maneuver within the space. There will be transmitters within your body that will receive, project and be calibrated to the new system. It will spark a similar response throughout the galaxies. Each coordinate is readied in a similar manner and has been up-shifted on an equal basis. The path that connects all, who are participating, is clear and ready.

This has never been done before. It is a connection between pyramid points that have been waiting for this precise moment in galactic time/space. It will allow for the transmission of codes that have never been transmitted. It will allow for the union of all in a dynamic way that has never been done before. We feel your head and the building up of pressure with the receiving of this transmission, so we will continue later. Know that all is in divine order. We leave you now with the frequency of my name, Santobas

9/17/14 – Raspopan
We wish to open up a new topic of transmission this morning. It definitely relates to your trip to India and the vitally important transmission that you, Pradeep and Patriji will be bringing in. The subject is the universal response to this upcoming event. We wish to share with you the multi-verse’s anticipation and reaction to the possibility of outcome.  That is appropriate, take a breath and allow the flow of information to pass through you uninterrupted by bias or judgement. We are looking for a clear channeled transmission of this message, for it is of vital importance.

You have been pondering the outcome of the transmission, and this is true of all who are focused on it in the numerous galaxies as well. There are many who see the future of Earth as being in peril. This is not new news to you. You need only turn on the morning, afternoon and evening news, even the news in the middle of the night, and there is nothing to delight the listener. We can access it as well you see.

It has sparked you to want to board a plane sooner to begin the process of transformation. That is an excellent vision, for the potential is ripe for transformation of events on the planet. The outcome is not set in stone, as you know. All will depend on the response by humanity to the codes and frequencies that will be gifted. You see it is more than a transmission. It is a gift of enormous significance from the multi-verse, who cares about the outcome of planet earth. All of the critical ingredients will be gifted to achieve a stellar reversal of the destructive path that Earth’s inhabitants are projecting toward. We will say it again. All of the gifts necessary to reverse the trajectory will be given to humanity. The emissaries of light will be endowed with all of the armor necessary. What will be the determining factor is intention. It is as simple as that.

When one is armored with light, supported by the Company of Heaven and holds the intention of the most benevolent outcome for humanity, and most especially Gaia, there can be no faltering, only brilliant outcome. It truly boils down to intention. You know this so well, since you have written and written on this topic. The ego-personality does not have to know the “How.” That is the beautiful of the S.T.A.R. philosophy, which has been gifted also to humanity by Thoth, the Atlantian. The human need only hold the intention and then surrender it to the field of all possible outcome. The oceans can return to their pristine nature. The radioactive material in the air can dissipate magically. The species can return to their abundant state. All can return to the balance that it has known and even beyond, simply when the coherent intention of the human species holds the intention that this will be so.

There is no need to know the how, only to hold the intention. Listen carefully, for this is critical to the outcome of events on the planet. The army of light beings on the planet have the most significant tool at their beacon call – intention. When the coherent energy of group intention is placed in the field of all possibility, miracles occur. There is no true understanding of how the miracle came to be, just that it came to be.  So we end this vitally important message to you and all of humanity: the gifts will be given to achieve the outcome that will be co-created by the residents of this planet. All then that is necessary is holding the impeccable intention of an outcome for the highest good of Gaia and all of creation, intertwined with the energy of Gaia. We tell you that the miracles will then begin and transformation will occur. It will dazzle the eyes. it is that simple, yet not so easy. It requires the warrior nature of each light being with the trust that this will be so. We leave you now with the frequency of my name, Raspopan

9/19/14 – Aracno
The Devic Kingdom hears you, dear one, and so appreciates our inclusion. It is a necessary component to the flow of events and the outcome for humanity. We are often excluded, and that is where the rift comes from. We are appalled and distressed. it has been mounting in intensity over the years, but has reached a critical point where action must be taken. The light workers on the planet have our well being in their intention, but there is more that can be done. It was discussed in detail the other day with the transmission on intention. One would ask, “How can I reverse the devastation that large corporate conglomerates have on the planet?”

The answer is so simple, dear one, and it was offered. You have no idea the power of intention. It’s impact, when combined with the coherent intention of others, is mightier than all the petitions that have EVER been signed. We just made an enormous statement. Please read it again. What is to be accepted is: the power of the sovereign being on the outcome of reality. With merely a though, events can adjust by means of a quantum leap. You call this a miracle. We know it for what it is, the power of thought on the field of all possibilities.

The human has been constricted for eons in the belief that they are less than, that they derive their subsistence from a being greater than themselves. All of this is turning around in the new conscious awareness that is rapidly awakening. We now implore you to gather in communities of like-minded, coherent thought and speaking. This is the solution to all the issues that exist on the planet. Did you hear what we just said? This is the solution to ALL the issues that exist on the planet. You are that powerful!

We are at a critical moment when action MUST be taken for the well being of Gaia and all the forms of created reality that are an extension of her glory. You have the power to do this in the field of all possibilities. You will soon be gifted the codes, the frequencies and the magic wand to assist you, but know that the most beneficial tool is the community of coherent thought and dreaming. No need for laws. No need for petitions. No need for marching. That is old energy. You now are standing in the the majesty of who you truly are, an individual aspect of All That Is. With this acceptance, no longer knowing, you have the might, the resolve, the power and the majesty to alter created reality as you know it. This will be the most beneficial outcome, and it can be done with ease and grace for the well being of all. We leave you now with the frequency of my name, Aracno

So Excited!!!  I have been reading some of the transmissions you are receiving in preparation for your visit to India and am so excited I stumbled onto them! The earth and it’s inhabitants so need these downloads! It is my intention to be focused and tuned in on October 2! So grateful for having met you, if only by Skype! Thinking of the mission ahead and sending an abundance of divine love and light, peace and joy to you and yours!!!! <3

9/20/14 – Arabella
Nina: Do the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms have something they would like to share concerning the October 2nd transmission in the Maiteya Buddha Pyramid?

We are delighted that you have thought to include us in your query. It is appropriate and right that you do so, for we are an integral part of the whole, the whole that is Gaia. When Gaia makes a decision, it is always in consultation with the whole. She knows that we are impacted by events on planet earth. She knows about our well being.

What we wish to discuss with you today is The Expanded Golden Rule, and how it delights us. We are part of “all creation,” so when you speak of doing until all creation, you speak of and include us. This is appreciated and appropriate. We wish to share with you how it used to be. When that is more clearly known, then the possibility of returning to that serene state of co-existence, and even surpassing it, is within our dreaming.

There was a time when all of creation was expressed within a realm of delight and joy. You might think of it as Sambala or Shangri-La. We tell you this was real and existed for eons. We will not go into what you have already been told about how the change occurred. What we wish to focus on is the energy of that sublime condition. The energies were balanced, and there was love and respect for all of creation, the rocks, the sand, the trees and all the species that flourished. The equilibrium was maintained by means of this respect for all of creation.

That is the condition that you have the ability to reestablish. You say, “How is it possible that I might be able to facilitate the return of paradise on Earth?” We reply with the same words that have been shared previously. It is by means of coherent, co-creative dreaming or intention that this is absolutely possible. The human ego-personality does not have to understand the “How.” All that is required is intention.

We implore you to ponder all of these messages about the potential new earth expression, what we would join you in calling the Golden Age of Divine Love. This is our natural expression = balance, love, harmony with and within all of creation. We leave you now with the dream of a future paradise seeded within your heart – What will you choose? It is that simple. We depart with the frequency of my name, Arabella

9/21/14 – Maximus – in the energy of the Fall Equinox
Today we will play with you. There has been so much important information transferred over the last two months, that play is in order. We wish your heart to be light and filled with joy from this moment going forward. Now that the details are set in the collective consciousness, it is time for the merriment to begin. Think of all the hearts and souls who are anticipating your arrival. Think of all the souls who are gleeful that a breakthrough is at hand. The heavens rejoice as the word is spreading around the planet. This is only the beginning, for the words will spread far and wide especially after the event. There will be many who will share, who will transfer the codes, who will tell of “the day” when the Earth was gifted another chance to express in love and joy.

You find that difficult to write, but it is truth. The Earth is being gifted another chance on October 2nd. This is truth. What comes of this event will be guided now, with permission from the collective of humans, galactic beings and the devic, plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. You see, it is more than the choice of the human. It is all of creation that is coming together to assist and guide the outcome for planet earth!

This is a totally new occurrence. It is absolutely the desired outcome. For the human to move into the collective as an integral part of all of creation is new and absolutely the desired outcome. For decisions to be made with the intention for the well being of all creation is absolutely the desired outcome. No longer will homo sapiens stand above all of creation with their own interest central in every decision. This is the most powerful potential outcome of the event on October 2nd in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid.

This is a profound thought and one that will be integrated over time in you, dear one, and all who are touched by this transmission. It will travel throughout the planet and beyond, for it is of such significance. We will write through you another statement that will be difficult for you to allow.

The future of the planet depends on the possible outcome of our words written here today in this transmission. 

You have done it, and now the frequency of that sentence will go out into the quantum field and will be felt by all, some with joy and some with dismissal.

What will make the difference is, as we have been saying: the frequencies, the codes and the transmission the evening of October 2nd in India, and MOST importantly the coherent intention of all the Star Seeds across the planet dreaming in the new way of being on earth.

This is the formula for a positive outcome. All of the action steps will then be communicated to you. 

There is NO need for any to fret over the “How. The universal field has all of the answers gleaned from the waves of infinite possibility. All that is required is for the intention to be set in the field, in a coherent manner, by many across the planet – and so it shall be.

We leave you now with the frequency of my name, Maximus – one who has been guiding you.

9/22/14 – Fall Equinox – The Company of Heaven
This is a day of enormous power to shift, to shift on a personal and planetary level.  We greet you in the frequencies of the super fall equinox and wish to share a final note before your departure in two days toward India. This preparatory phase has been intense. You have shifted your physical state, your mental state and your spiritual countenance, and we applaud you. All of the preparations were absolutely necessary for the ability to allow the flow of codes and frequencies to resonate through your body as a conduit.

Now, we move on to the final statement before the actually event on October 2, 2014, in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid. That final statement belongs to the many many many around the planet who are joining, in the etheric realm, to co-create and dream in the new way of being on Earth. “What can we do?” is the question that has been asked by many. The answer has been alluded to in the previous transmissions.

As we answer the question, we wish to state that the event in India is a co-creation. it cannot exist and will not be fruitful without the participation of the star seeds around the planet. Please hear us as we restate the former sentence. The event in India will not express in its fullest manifestation without the participation of star seeds across the planet. This event has been dreamed into existence by all of the star seeds. It is the culmination of eons of gatherings in the etheric of those who have returned to the planet to create and anchor the next golden age, the Golden Age of Divine Love.

The answer to the question we just posed is the formula we gifted previously, but we will restate it for ease of remembering.

  1. Receive the codes and the frequencies with appreciation and gratitude
  2. Join together in coherent thought to dream in the new way of being on planet earth
  3. Collaborate with all of creation in your intentions and dreaming
  4. Celebrate the acceptance of Earth into the Galactic Federation
  5. Celebrate the acceptance of the Galactic Federation into the Multi-verse Federation of Galaxies

Then we add to this list:

  1. Accept and declare your human divinity
  2. Hold yourself in self love
  3. Live in the present moment
  4. Do unto all creation as you would have all of creation do unto you – The Expanded Golden Rule

We tell you that holding these intentions and stepping forth into the new earth together, boldly expressing the fullness of who you truly are, will transform created reality. That is the essence of the gift that you and your planet are being gifted. Accept this gift for the beneficial outcome for Earth, the cosmos and all of creation. We leave you now with great excitement and joy, the Company of Heaven

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Nina Brown, a cum laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College, is retired from a successful career as president of a company she formed to assist women in establishing business enterprises. She is founder of Gathering of Golden Dolphins and the S.T.A.R. Clinic ( Nina is the author of S.T.A.R. Philosophy, which gives readers wisdom to awaken and remember their divinity. Its guide, S.T.A.R. Philosophy Fascinated Observer’Guide, co-authored with Kristy Sweetland, is also available exclusively through