Why “33”

As we move together more deeply into the new paradigm, and the creation of the new earth, I am filled with expanded thoughts which I am excited to share through my new blog. While I’ve always shared my writings on my website, this is the first time doing so with the intention of ‘blogging.’ And I’m choosing to kick-off the occasion with a powerful topic, the numerology, symbol and code represented by the master number, ’33.’

Thirty-three is the sum of two other master numbers 11 (vision/illumination) and 22 (action/master builder). 33 represents the power within to know oneself as an individual aspect of the divine Creator. When expressed to the fullest, 33 (teacher/christ energy) lacks all personal ambition, and instead focuses its considerable abilities toward the spiritual uplifting of mankind.

Additionally, the symbol 33 is a code carrier of this triangle of enlightenment. When viewed, there is an energy transmission to the observer of what my work is all about: “Know thyself as divine.” I know myself, after years of work, as a sovereign being—which is who I also know you to be. What could better summarize me, my work, and my new website than including the powerful master number, 33 right in my URL?!

This first topic of discussion sets the stage for all future topics, for knowing ’33’ is about recognizing the core of who we are: divine humans waking up to our sovereignty. This number has been purposefully chosen by me to be included in my domain name.

So, visit with the power within one’s self—as represented by the master number “33.”

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