S.T.A.R.* Wisdom: The 2013 Dictionary

By Nina Brown
Originally published at GatherInsight.com, January 2013, and Sedona Journal of Emergence, March 2013

Words spoken create distinct waves of potential in the quantum (discrete energy units) field, which surrounds and connects all of creation.

In the new cycle of time/no time, into what particle form, or reality, do we want our words, or dreams of potential, to collapse?

We are creator beings and our chosen words are one of the tools of manifestation. Do we want the same expression of our life’s experience or do we choose to explore a more expanded version yet unknown to Earth, the galaxy and the cosmos?

Should we choose the latter expression of life’s experience, is creation possible by the individual or is it a collective venture? In quantum physics, it is implied that there are greater possibilities expressed in the field when more than one person dreams. When multiple coherent thoughts align with the will of the divine Creator, the unknown can manifest. So perhaps, we might imagine together the 2013 Dictionary and the impact our chosen words might have on manifestation in 2013.

What words would we choose to enter and perhaps more importantly, what words would we like to remove, so that their old energy does not create a continuation of the old energy reality? This will have to be a joint effort, since exploring words and their impact on the field would be an arduous task for one person. Also, it is much more fun as a collaboration!

The first word that I would like to suggest we keep is “sovereign.” When we speak the words “sovereign being,” we have moved energy up a notch from when we use the words “human being” or even “divine being.” For me, a sovereign being has accepted their divinity. The harmonics of our divinity is fully integrated into our personality, our identity. It is who we are, not who we know we are. We have taken an action step and are expressing a new state of being.

The word “hope” began to be removed from my new dictionary about two years ago. What occurred to me was, if I am moving toward a state of enlightenment, did I need to hope or did I know that I, as an individual aspect of All That Is, was the creator of my experiences. Hope was more like a bike with training wheels, and I was ready to take the training wheels off.

Here is a big word, “forgiveness.” Well, if you are also a sovereign being, then for what do I have to forgive you? All that you or I do is perfection as an expression of the One Consciousness. Everything “just is.” There is no longer right and wrong. I no longer have to judge you, so that I can then forgive you. You are perfection expressing perfection. I am now a master observer of my experiences of which your actions are a part, and they are delicious – nothing to be forgiven!

Hold on to your hats! Here comes an even bigger word for review. Will we put the word “compassion” into the 2013 Dictionary? Wow! Am I being outrageous? We have talked about compassion as being almost, sacred for it emits a very high frequency, as opposed to the emotions of fear and shame. Well, once again if you are a sovereign being and I am too, is there not a bit of judgement on my part to think that I need to extend compassion to you. How about if I simply love you?

“Love” is the reigning word that will remain in my new dictionary. The book might actually be very thin, for I wish to remove all of the words that send into the field any suggestion that I am judging another aspect of All That Is who, like me, is playing in the illusion of life on Earth. As a master observer, I imagine that 2013 will be a time/no time of dreaming a reality in which I am in right relationship with self and my planetary, galactic and cosmic neighbors. I desire to place new energy into the field by means of my choice of words.

The words chosen will honor all of creation in the 2013 Dictionary.

*Acronym for surrender, trust, allow and receive.