S.T.A.R. Wisdom: Losing Innocence and Gaining Wisdom

“In losing our innocence, we can gain wisdom, and in the process of gaining wisdom, we gain a new innocence.”¹ What does Peter Levine mean by this statement and how does it relate to the S.T.A.R. now state of being? When I read the sentence while walking on the tread mill at the Any Time Gym in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I felt a surge of energy, which is usually a sign that a blog is about to appear.

Levine’s book, Waking The Tiger, is all about how the body naturally processes trauma. “The instinctual organism does not sit in judgement; it only does what it does. All you have to do is get out of the way.”² Getting out of the way is the “S” in S.T.A.R.: surrender. The point that Levine makes is that healing is an instinctual force, which can be interrupted by our intellect. Here is his next powerful statement. “The important thing to keep in mind is that we can only heal to the degree that we can become unattached from these symptoms.”³

He states that the miracle of healing suggests a higher form of wisdom and order. So my question is, “Why do we interrupt this natural law?” I would love your thoughts on this query. My first shot at an answer is that one of the four pillars discussed in my new book, S.T.A.R. A Now State of Being⁴ is not stable: self-love. Could it be that subconsciously we do not believe we deserve to receive the “miracle” of healing?

Losing our innocence, refers to the experience of a traumatic event. Gaining wisdom refers to the life lesson that experience showed up to teach.

When we surrender, or get out of the way, and let the natural law of healing flow, we gain a new innocence. That innocence is the acceptance of ourself as a sovereign being.

We have surrendered our ego personality to our human divinity. We have trusted in wholeness to “run the show.” We have allowed the natural law of healing to embrace us, and we then receive in appreciation and gratitude what the higher form of wisdom and order, that we are, has gifted.

Could it be as simple as seeing the challenging experiences in our life as a gift, from which we can move into the knowing and acceptance of ourselves as divine humans. Perhaps in this new paradigm, the shift is that we no longer need trauma and that we can awaken to our sovereignty by means of intention alone. That would be a real MIRACLE!

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