S.T.A.R. Wisdom: There is Nothing You Can Do Wrong

There is nothing you can do wrong.


That was not what I learned growing up. Drawing outside the lines was wrong. Laughing during church was wrong. Elbows on the table during dinner was wrong. So why would Dr. Eben Alexander, in his recent book Proof of Heaven* share that during his near-death experience in a place he refers to as the Gateway, he was told these life-changing words:

“You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.
You have nothing to fear.
There is nothing you can do wrong.”

How do we apply the third universal truth, which was shared with Dr. Alexander, to everyday life? Was it wrong when I chose a partner who turned out to be an abuser? Was it wrong when I started a business, which ended up being closed before it had a chance to grow? No. Each choice that I make as a sovereign being is perfect and just is. There can be no judgement of it in this new paradigm, or 26,000-year cycle, as we expand into yet unexplored dimensions of reality.

Everything that we do as divine humans is an experience, nothing more than that. When we accept our wholeness, the experience does not define us. It is the ego-personality, which is trying hard to protect it’s limited identity, that judges the events as wrong, but we no longer accept ourselves as just that ego personality. As we move into the new earth expression, we are leaving the dualistic concept of right vs wrong behind.

The choice that I made, at the time subconsciously, to be in relationship with someone who would ultimately hurt me with his powerful words, was a life experience. After going through it, I came out firmly grounded in self love and grateful to the man involved for providing me such an enormous growth opportunity. I came to know that he was not an abuser. That was how he was expressing. He is an enormous being of light, individuated consciousness, appearing in my chosen reality to gift me. On learning this, I was then free to make a different choice.

So how does the statement, “There is nothing you can do wrong” apply to putting our elbows on the table? This is an interesting point of discussion. Perhaps the answer is that we are collectively choosing to be a part of unique social units, which have established certain criteria. We can choose to remove ourselves from a particular social unit, for example choosing a different one that LOVES to see elbows on the table. In a state of mastery, using artful communication, our parents might ask, instead of command, to have elbows off the table, which then does not make the person wrong.

As the new earth unfolds, by means of our dreaming it into being, we can ponder different ways of thinking, speaking, listening and behaving. One of the most exciting new ways of thinking is to know that, as Dr. Alexander shares, there is nothing we can do wrong as we are experiencing our new reality. This truth contains one of the qualities of the new earth, “freedom.”


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*Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, Simon & Schuster, NY, NY, 2012, p. 41.

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