New Earth Codes Are Here!

We are right in the middle of the Wesak, full moon, lunar eclipse energy, which will be complete today, Monday, May 27, 2013, and which ends the triple eclipse cycle which began a month ago. As Celia Fenn (Starchild Global) writes, we have completed the 2012/2013 Transit and entered the new. Life will never be the same. In my truth, we can now actually see the new.

This morning, while vacationing in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, during the Memorial Day weekend, I saw the new codes. My destination this weekend was the Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa, which has been recently renovated to retain the early twentieth century charm and also add current amenities such as air conditioning and wifi. With a night’s stay, a half-hour soak in one of the Spa’s private pools, which rests upon a natural geothermal spring with waters that rise to temperatures up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, is included.

At eight thirty a.m., I was escorted to an outdoor bath, which was fenced in by typical New Mexico coyote fencing. The door was made from aspen branches. The cement bench had a towel, which I used to rest my head on while soaking. There was a plastic glass filled with ice water to help cool me down. Birds were chirping everywhere and the air was brisk, since the sun was still rising.

The large bath had steps leading down to allow me to enter. At the far end, excess water gushed over the side into a drain making a waterfall sound. I found a comfortable spot with a bit of the step to put my feet next to, since the water was so buoyant and floating would have been easier than sitting. My chosen spot allowed me to watch the sun rise over the fencing, while the rest of the area was in shade. Periodically, I submerged my head so that the minerals would flow through my hair and over my face.

While I was sitting facing the sun, I opened my eyes and tilted my head up to allow the sun’s rays to indirectly enter my eyes. There were drops of water on my eye lids. I noticed that the rainbow streaks from the sun were visible in each water drop. Then when my eye lids were half closed and the drops were in the middle of my vision, I saw what I now believe were codes in the streaming light.

What I saw looked like patterns in light. They made me think of what live blood looks like under a microscope. Then I thought of amoebas, shapeless unicellular organisms, in water. The shapes were fluid and delicate. Each one was filled with rainbow colors. When I blinked, all disappeared as I shook the drop of light-filled water from my eyelid. The display, of what I felt were new energy codes, was illusive and not easily viewed.

I went under the water again and again, hoping to hold drops of water on my lids. Whatever it was that I was experiencing was expansive and profound and allowed me to see into the mystery of life with new vision. What I know is that new codes are cascading on to the planet, filling our bodies consciously or subconsciously, allowing for the expression of a new reality, a new earth. In the mountains of New Mexico, in the warm geothermal mineral spring, in the early morning sun light, I saw the magic of creation and am forever changed.


  1. I hold my hands above and into the water of the small creek in the meadow which springs from a deep artesian well and the codes flow across my hands, the living rocks, my heart to be forever – in light.

    Thank you for your post ..namaste

    • Eva, I had a chance to look at your new orgone jewelry collection. “Codes flow across” the face of each piece illustrated. You are a master of codes!

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