S.T.A.R. Wisdom: My Stone Path As A Metaphor


New Mexico has been parched for months. Three fires having been burning: one in the northwest, one in the northeast and the other in the southeast of Santa Fe. Then the rain gods favored us and down it came! The empty rain barrels at the side of my house went from empty to one-third full over night. The ground the next morning was soft and pliable, which meant it was time to get to work. My stone path had not been weeded in two years and many of the stones were no longer visible.

One of the landscape designs in the southwest is to have a stone path built leading from the spot on the ground where the canales (southwestern adobe style flat roofed homes traditionally use canales instead of gutters) protrude to a good distance away from the foundation of the house. My stone path was beautiful when the house was built and again when I tended to it a few years afterwards, but it had been a few years since my time, energy and the wet soil were all in alignment for this needed project.

That conjunction occurred four days ago. I was overcome with a compulsion to sit on my garden stool bent over with trowel in hand for what must have been twenty-six hours over a three-day period, which ended yesterday. The weather was cooler because of the rain, but the sun still beat down on me as I sat hour after hour after hour. My municipal garbage bin, that was put our on the sidewalk on collection day, was almost full of weeds that had been extracted from the stone path.

As I reflect on the timing of this project, it feels as if the rain came exactly at the time when my personal life’s path was being cleared. Just as I physically dug up each stone, cleaned it off and placed it carefully in just the right spot, so too was I looking at old beliefs and systems that once served me well but no longer do. I was looking at ways of communicating or serving that needed to be dusted off and repositioned in a more efficient way in my life. The new energy that is pouring on to the planet in this 26,000-year cycle requires that we reexamine each aspect of our experiences to choose if they are being expressed in the old energy or the new energy.

To continue the metaphor of my stone path just as it will now carry, unobstructed by dirt or weeds, the vital force of water from my home out into the world so too is my personal path cleared of what no longer serves me. My vital force can flow with vigor out into the world in new, unimagined ways about which I am only just beginning to dream.


  1. Beautiful piece Nina — I resonate with the reexamination, clearing and flow of the new –thank you for sharing your path 🙂

    • Thank YOU, Ruby. As we have spent hours together discussing, this is the path that so many are currently taking. It gives me strength to know that others are reexamining, clearing and alloing the flow of the new. So fun!

  2. eileen rose says

    I did have a thought the other day about the 26,000 year cycle. The thought was that the last person of that age has passed on (I saw it as the energy my grandfather had…who pasted away in the 1980s).

    Which means people are now mainly of the new age (higher vibrations).

    In a way, it, this changeover, will determine much different outcomes (projections into a possible future manifestation) than we expect.

    For example, it is possible all war might end, as it might not be a high enough vibrational reality, any longer.

    Anyway, …fun topic.

    I don’t know if this cycle of time is exactly the right concept….as we don’t know what causes galactic wide frequencies changes (though we like too…and can speculate about it).

    Anyway….just a thought/and a perspective

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