How to Know One’s Self as Divine

Historically it’s not been safe to declare our human divinity. In the cellular memory of each one of us, there’s the residue of trauma from having done so. But we’re in a new era, a new paradigm, and it’s now safe to do so. We are to stand boldly in that safe space and proclaim our sovereignty.

Today’s tool gives you the answer to where that safe space can be found and how it will assist you to raise your frequency so that you can remember that you are a sovereign being.

We can only dream, anchor, nourish and grow the new earth as fully expressed divine humans. Our ego personality, in balance with our divinity, is how we will create the Golden Age of Divine Love together.

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  1. Hi Nina,

    i just took the survey and look forward to living in the New Earth we are building together. This is the first video in the series i have seen. i will look for and watch the others. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. You are an important part of my community as i haven’t yet found one locally. I’m sure its here just waiting for me to discover it. Meanwhile i continue to enjoy the company of my online family.

    Aloha and many blessings,

    • Diedra, Hi there Paradise Pilgrim. Such memories of our community over winter solstice. My dream is that we can discover a virtual community structure/technology with clues from the survey on how to navigate there. I am returning to the Big Island in March for the Cetacean Summit. Maybe we can spend time together while I am there the beginning of March. Aloha, Nina

  2. Amelia Joubert says

    Hi Nina, thank you very much for showing us how to accept our human divinity and teaching us how to live it. My pilgrimage to Egypt in Feb 2012 was the catalyst for many wonderful blessings coming into my life, and some of those blessings were meeting you and the Golden Dolphins.
    Lots of hugs, STAR*
    South Africa

    • Amelia, how lovely to hear from you. I remember fondly our meal together where all of this began in Egypt. Such a journey since then with you and the South African Pod. Perhaps you could advise me on how we might expand our sharing. I dream of S.T.A.R. Wisdom Circles as the next iteration of the Gathering of Golden Dolphins. This would reflect that we have moved from knowing to accepting our human divinity. What technology would we use for me to join your pod for an audio discussion? I have some ideas but wish to learn from you if this is even possible with South Africa.
      With appreciation, Nina

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