Final How-To Video

How to Join with Others in Creating the New Earth

Why did we return to planet earth again? Why did we return from the stars at this moment in the evolution of human consciousness? The answer is: to create and anchor the new earth, the Golden Age of Divine Love.

Today’s final tool explains how the science of quantum physics makes this possible by means of coherent dreaming.

We are to come together to imagine how we collectively will choose the Golden Age of Divine Love to express and expand. This is why we returned to planet earth: to create the unknown as sovereign beings, in coherent thought, in community.

All of creation is bowing to you.

With Great Appreciation,


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  1. Tears streaming…. I went to several Golden Dolphin meetings in Santa Fe last year, and am now back in the UK feeling ‘stranded, alone, apart from those who are aware of the New Earth’. Seeing Nina again brings back all I loved about being in SF, on land that is so alive, with people who are consciously co-creating.

    Sending out warm thoughts to all, and a big YES to the Universe that I may pass as quickly as possible through all I am letting go here, and can re-join fellow creators……

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