How to Find Support

As we enter the new paradigm, the next 26,000 year cycle, we are immersed in the unfolding energy of the new earth. As sovereign beings, we now know that we are the creators of that reality. However, we cannot manifest this new experience alone. It must be co-created, together, in community.

In today’s video, the tool that is being presented supports us in finding a community of like-minded divine humans.

When we in community hold a coherent thought, the creation and anchoring of the new earth, the multi-dimensional field responds in magical ways. This is how we will fulfill the contract for which we as starseeds returned to earth—the creation and anchoring of the Golden Age of Divine Love.

Did this video resonate with you? If you are so moved, share it with your friends. Let’s build our community—and the New Earth—together.

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