S.T.A.R. Wisdom: Was My Garage Door Really Broken?

Was my garage door really broken for four months? Yes and no, my garage door was appearing to be broken as a metaphor for a life lesson I was to learn: all of creation communicates, if only we would listen. What I have observed in fascination since the beginning of this year, when the automatic switch to my garage door would not work is the experience was a mirror of my personal journey.

At the beginning of the new 26,000-year cycle, which began on winter solstice, (12/21/12), I felt as if I had moved into a void. What I had previously focused my energy on was coming to completion and a new experience was emerging – I was stuck in limbo. The symbols of security around me began to fall away: I lost my cell phone, my accountant retired, I lost (temporarily) all of my email contacts. Then, the main entrance to my house, my sanctuary, closed down when my garage door would not open automatically. Something was definitely cooking.

The S.T.A.R. now state of being (surrender, trust, allow, receive) is how I now choose to live my life, so how was I to think and feel about all of these events? Fascinating! What was I creating? I upgraded my cell phone. I upgraded to a new accountant. I upgraded my computer systems, but my garage door continued to stump the experts that I called for assistance.

It would have been natural to have screamed at someone or something, since my car was covered in snow and ice early in the winter mornings when I wanted to race off to the gym before the morning traffic began. I chose, however, to be the fascinated observer.

Each week as I lifted the garage door by hand to move the garbage and recycled glass and paper to the curb side, I pondered where my life’s passion would next be expressed. I had completed two book. I had launched two major programs and sent them out into the world to be expanded by others. I had created a healing arts program, which was winding down. What was next? The major entrance to my house or symbolically to my life force was on hold. The four months, it seemed, was a period of gestation. I was integrating the new energy and abundant light from the sun, which was so strong that I was closed down until I could adjust to a new way of being.

Then, during this current period of triple eclipses (April 25, 2013 – March 25, 2013), clarity of purpose opened me up to a new direction. It began with a telephone call from my publisher at Gather Insight, who suggested that we develop a reader’s/facilitator’s guide and teaching course to accompany my newest book, S.T.A.R. A Now State of Being. That was it! Yes, I would love to do that, but how? My garage door and I were still closed.

A few days later, on a call with my branding and graphic design consultant. I mentioned to her that the repairman would be working on the garage door during our call, in case I found myself interrupted. She knew that I had been looking at this event in my life in
wonder, curious about what I was to learn.

I had definitely surrendered control of any outcome, trusted that all was right in all of creation, allowed the multi-dimensional field to expand in unknown ways and anticipated receiving what it was that I, as a divine human, was creating.

She was amazed, however, that so much time had transpired.

As we were exploring the next phase of development following the launch of my new website and archiving of the old site, Tim, the repair man came in from the garage with news. “It will not work even after I replaced the central unit (again). The company has me on hold.” I resumed my conversation, which immediately exploded in an amazing new direction. I discovered that one of my consultant’s gifts was the ability to design a reader’s/facilitator’s guide and also course development. She said that she even had the software to distribute both globally. Amazing!

We ended our conversation, and just as the emotions from my amazement rushed through my body, Tim reentered the room from the garage. He had a strange smile on his face, which puzzled me. “I feel so stupid. I have never had problems repairing garage doors before. I finally got through to the company and was advised to raise the light sensors on both sides of the door. Apparently, the beams were receiving too much light from the sun and could not process correctly. I moved them up a bit and now they are talking to each other.”

I too had been blasted by too much light from the sun and my circuits had not been talking smoothly to each other over the last four month until today, until that precise moment. As my next action steps came on line, so too did the functioning of my garage door. Was it really broken or was it acting up as a metaphor for the journey I was experiencing? All of creation talks, if only we would listen. I am listening and receiving in appreciation and gratitude a new direction and passion in my life, which is now opening up with ease and grace into my inner core just as my garage door is opening up with ease and grace into my home, my sanctuary.

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