As we, as a community, delve deeper into the multi-dimensional, we thought it wise to begin compiling a Golden Dolphin/S.T.A.R. Clinic lexicon of frequently used terminology to ensure we’re all on the same linguistic page. Information is flowing as our evolution is quickening, the following terms are new and are not included in Nina’s recently released (11-11-11) Glossary, which is also a recommended, handy, resource.

Age of the Golden Dolphin: The new age of alchemy in which it is safe to declare one’s human divinity

Alchemy, New Age of: The Age of the Golden Dolphin

All That Is: The substance of the reality that underlies all appearances and manifestations that are called Life, including matter, anti-matter, non-matter, energy and non-energy, thought and the absence of thought. And we tell you, there is that which exists even beyond this. (AA Metatron)

Ascension: The moment when the pain of separation from Source no longer exists. That is our work. That is what we are to focus on. That is who we are to become in the new paradigm. That is what will be resurrected in our awareness, the end of suffering the pain of separation from Source.

Ascension Codes: Mathmatical-geometrical instructions, which keep the form of all parts of the ascension mechanics and parts of the energy system within an individual consciousness of an incarnated human properly functioning, so the individual can be aligned with the portal system mechanics and can successfully ascend. Damage to the DNA means the alteration of ascension codes and not being able to ascend. Many star nations incarnated here on Earth and at the present time are looking for ascension codes within still ‘healthy’ genetic lineages to help their soul groups to ascend out of this planetary system and to be free once and for all. Otherwise, the individual’s soul-matrix is attached to the energy system of our physical reality, 3rd dimensional Earth, and is connected to the destiny of this realm, which in the long run is not scheduled for ascension. Therefore, all living beings are being held hostage by the limitation of this level of reality (its mechanics) with no possibility of becoming multi-dimensional star, galactic humans. (Vladimir Turek, 2011)

Avatar: A Hindu word meaning descent. The descent to or incarnation of a deity on earth love consciousness: A level of consciousness that is conducive for spiritual growth and kindness to others. The individual is awakened to a degree that they act from Goodness. This is a shift in collective consciousness.

Awareness: A state in which the quantum waves aren’t collapsed and all the possibilities are still there

Bliss: the wholeness of consciousness, the unlimited aspect that we experience

Christ (represented by the master number 33): The power within wom/man to know Source. The living, vitalizing essence of the One Consciousness within. The ideal of God. The pure self, living in each one of us. (unknown)

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the: A site also called the Church of the Resurrection by Eastern Christians, is a church within the walled Old City of Jerusalem. It is a few steps away from the Muristan. The site is venerated as Golgotha (the Hill of Calvary), where Jesus was crucified, and is said also to contain the place where Jesus was buried (the sepulchre). The church has been an important Christian pilgrimage destination since at least the 4th century, as the purported site of the resurrection of Jesus.

Circuit, Brain: A course within the brain which has evolved to extract (from the great complex flux of energies that course through space) a representation of the physical world that is realistic. Thus the brain creates a reasonable conception of reality to which the brain can behave in adaptive and creative ways.

Circuit, Love: The consciously created brain circuit allowing conscious light to flow into a reasonable conception of reality to which the brain can behave in adaptive and creative ways overriding the genetically created negative brain circuits.

Codes: light generated and embellished by the angelics of the Metatronic realm which inter-melds matter, antimatter, time and space. Unique mathematical and geometric instructions received within the quantum DNA field

Codes, New Wisdom: Three codes unlocked February 10, 2012 by a group of Earth Keepers in the King’s Chamber, Giza, Egypt.

  1. Doorway to the wisdom of the stars and the cosmos
  2. Doorway to the wisdom deep within Gaia
  3. Doorway to God and the wisdom from the consciousness of God.

Consciousness, Bliss: The only reality, which exists outside of matter.

Consciousness, Human:
The survival layer of awareness, which depends on one reacting to the outside world

Conscious Light:

Cosmic Tips: Wellness information received from the cosmic S.T.A.R. Clinic team

Divine Creator: The Supreme Being: the source of creation, the birthing force of creation, the love that sustains creation, and the inevitable return to the infinite silence of God that is the goal of all creation. Divine Creator is the Being beyond form and the fabric of created creation. Divine Creator is bliss consciousness, and the bliss consciousness that becomes love as soon as the bliss begins to move. Divine Creator is the supreme bliss beyond creation, and the supreme love playing in creation. Divine Creator is not a reference to masculine nor feminine, yin nor yang. It is both God beyond form and the created form of God. (Matthew Reifslager, 2011)

Divine Creator Blessing: Frequency of Divine Creator’s Love gifted to humanity

Essenes: A community of men and women who two thousand years ago separated themselves from others because of the illumination of their inner life and their knowledge of the hidden mysteries of nature unknown to others.

Gathering of Golden Dolphins: Two or more people, in a safe space, embracing human divinity, self love and place within the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field

Generator: An object that brings into existence or originates

Generator, Source: The first object that brings into existence or originates

Gold Filaments, Auantum: Particles of zero-point gold in the golden matrix of the Quantum Golden Dolphin Field, which, with intention, can be directed and formed

Gold Matrix: A web of zero-point gold filaments within the Quantum Golden Dolphin Field used as a means of quantum communication
Golden Age: A period of primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity nourished by the Divine Creator’s Love

Golden Age of Divine Love: The gifting of the harmonics and activation codes of theDivine Creator’s love to humankind commencing on winter solstice, December 22, 2011

Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B: Ascended masters who emit an enormous auric field of pure golden crystalline light representing the beacon of pure unconditional love

Golden Dolphin Phi Vogel: A Vogel crystal with a triangular shaped first cut in fall of 2011 at the request of James Tyberonn

Golden Dolphin Quantum Field: Unified crystalline field created on June 5, 2011 in Santa Fe, NM at the request of the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B

Golden Dolphins, Planetary: One who calls to humankind to awaken the inner divinity of the true self. They speak to humanity of joy, and the innate freedom and spirit of unconditional love. The Golden Dolphins are
returning; the Golden Dolphin is YOU.

Golden Matrix: A golden grid within the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field

Golden Periapt of Dolphin, Generator: A physical or etheric large golden circular pendant with a three-dimensional relief symbol of a trinity of spiraling Golden Dolphins used as a conveyer of the return of the Golden Age of Divine Love

Golden Periapt of Dolphin, Source Generator:
A physical golden amulet manifested for Nina Brown to assist in the Return of the Golden Age of Divine Love

Golden Periapt of Dolphin, Transmitter: A physical or etheric golden amulet with a three-dimensional relief symbol of a trinity of spiraling Golden Dolphins used as a conveyer of the return of the Golden Age of Divine Love

Harmonic Tremors: Long lasting very rythmic signals whose origins are not well understood but is often associated with active volcanoes

Hierarchy, Single:
In quantum physics, the linear logic of the subject and object(s) allowing for limited possibilities within reality

Hierarchy, Tangled: In quantum physics, the circular logic of the dependent co-arising of the subject and object(s) allowing for more possibilities within reality

Holographic Field: The theory that all of matter is an illusion, a hologram perceived inside the brain as reality by means of electrical signals

Human, Being: Beings of Light, powerful spiritual consciousness, that are sparks of the Divine. The difference between Humanity and angels is that humans are an aspect of the Divine that evolves back into God expansion plurality, having chosen to experience free will and relearn creation through that magnanimous lens. Feeling the pain of separation from Source.

Image of the Divine Creator that is Life (many forms): Conscious light, love

Infinity (bliss) Consciousness: The awareness of pre-particle love which comes from the realm (if it is a realm) of nothingness. So we become nothing observing all. And we are both, the Divine Creator and creation. The One behind the one observing creation. A state of being in which one has no attachment to form, has a knowing of one’s wholeness and is an observer of the particles of creation. When one is aware of their wholeness, knows the truth of their human divinity then illness, suffering and evil become an illusion and loose the power to cause fear.

Innate: A cellular intelligence that you have inside, but that often stands apart from you, but which knows you. Innate is what you trust when you decide to do things such as muscle testing and kinesiology. Innate is that which lives in the field of the quantum DNA, which is intelligent. Innate is what talks to you and says,”You’ve been here before.”

Internal Alchemy: “When you first step onto the probationary path of ascension, the personality/ego becomes aware of the Soul’s nudgings and the battle for supremacy begins. Soul Fire or the invigorating, higher vibrational patterns begin to burn off the negative energy that rises to the surface to be addressed. The fires of purification eventually become the Light of Illumination as the process is repeated over and over until the multiple facets of the Higher Self begin to merge with the Soul and the process of ascension speeds up dramatically.” – The Hidden Secret of the Ages, Ronna Herman for Archangel Michael, 5/29/12

Ley Lines: Alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths. Their existence was suggested in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, whose book The Old Straight Track brought the alignments to the attention of the wider public.

Light: Information, codes and colors in a spectrum of varied oscillations which support the Earth and indeed, humanity.

Love: Bliss moving. A manifestation in relative creation of the essential bliss of being. (Matthew Reifslager, 2011); Conscious light

Material Consciousness: Gross substance that is used for making representations of the subtle; upon collapse this one we experience as sensing

Matrix: Something within or from which something else originates,develops, or takes form

Mental Consciousness:
Meaning substance; upon collapse this one we experience as thinking

Metaphysics: The inquiry into the possibilities of being, with a view to articulating the structure of reality as a whole, at its most fundamental level

Morphogenetic fields: Nonphysical and nonlocal fields residing outside space and time. (Rupert Sheldrake)

Oneness: Knowing thyself as God, God realization

Periapt: An amulet or talisman

Play: An esoteric, supramental state of infinity (bliss) consciousness which allows for the quantum leap of electrons to create possibilities that are outside of conditioned memory. These new possibilities are gifted by the Divine Creator, who is the only one, the One behind the one, who can gift new possibilities. Pure delight, abandonment. The most esoteric of all esoteric words. A state of being in the “Now.”

Pure Intent: That which is so pure you cannot go backwards once you’ve given it. It’s absolute. You’re going to co-create something with intent because the intent is all of you moving into an area where you’ve never been before. (Kryon via Lee Carroll)

Quanta (quantum pl.): Discrete units of energy that are always emitted or absorbed.

Quantum Physics: The science of consciousness. A branch of science that deals with discrete, indivisible units of energy called quanta as described by the Quantum Theory. There are five main ideas represented in Quantum Theory:

  1. Energy is not continuous, but comes in small but discrete units.
  2. The elementary particles behave both like particles and like waves.
  3. The movement of these particles is inherently random.
  4. It is physically impossible to know both the position and the momentum of a particle at the same time. The more precisely one is known, the less precise the measurement of the other is.
  5. The atomic world is nothing like the world we live in.

Quantum Possibilities of Consciousness (Goswami, 2004)

Quantum Wave Function: A probability amplitude describing the quantum state of a particle and how it behaves

Realm: Plane of existence that, despite its varying densities and vibrations, is not separated by space and distance

Religion: The form or system spirituality takes in civilization

Return of the Golden Age of Love: A realm or states of spirit matter in which humanity is bathed in Divine Creator’s Love. This love harmonic has been offered to Earth during other golden eras but has never been anchored

Sacred geometry: Platonic solids, the fabric of all reality.

Science: Knowledge attained through study or practice

Soul, old: One who has been on the planet more than 100 times or more. They carry energetic weight with their wisdom.

S.T.A.R. Clinic: A state of being, the knowledge of and belief in the principles of surrender, trust, allow and receive, in which one is receptive to the inter-galactic / multi-dimensional open portals for cosmic healing directed outside of the realm of individuated consciousness, by Divine Creator. This awareness causes expanded consciousness so that the illusion of illness is either removed or looses its power. It was evolved many millions of years ago, waiting until we were ready to do the work. Ancient and new wisdom will be presented to support this expansion of consciousness and the repair of our ascension codes.

Stargate: A multi-dimensional tool used to enter a portal or doorway. The doorway could lead to other realms, other dimensions, and star systems, or for accessing the higher form of our true star nature. Shamans, mystics, visionaries and the like have been using the later throughout the history of our planet. In turn, you can receive energy and assistance from the divine realm of the cosmos. It is about personal transformation. (James F. Jereb, Ph.D.)

Success: When one expresses through themselves the will of the divine Creator

Supramental Consciousness: Archetypes of meaning and biological functions which we experience when collapsed as intuition

Thought, Objects of: Waves of possibility

Transmitter: An object that sends or conveys from one object to another

Twelfth Wave of the Ascension: An extraordinary energy pulse of kinetic-crystalline frequencial into the planet earth. The 2012 influx of this dynamic Cosmic Wave is truly unprecedented. This period that begins with the New Moon of January 23 , 2012. It will exponentially increase in potency through December 21, 2012. It is initially received within the Pyramid. It is then instantly flash-transmitted to the primary Sun Discs and all power-nodes of the planet, circumnavigating and encompassing, enveloping the Earth and Omni-Earths. Just as occurred with the Cosmic Triggers of 2009, 2010 and 2011, the energy of the 12th Wave enters through the octahedronal geo-format, via Phi Pyramids and natural nodes octahedronal geometry. After the initial surge are additional coded wave influxes occurring on the equinoxes, eclipses, solstices and on the 12-12-12. The apex is reached on December 21, 2012. (“The Pyramid & 12th Wave of Ascension,” a message from Archangel Metatron channeled by Tyberonn Saturday, 6 August, 2011)

Unconditional Love: The frequency of the return of the Golden Age of Divine Love

Visibility: A frequency level of matter allowing one in a similar frequency level to process and distinguish form.

Vital Consciousness: Blueprint for biological form-making; upon collapse this one we experience as feeling